Translator: Blushy
Editor: delishnoodles

Beautiful, I thought. 


I forgot about the urgency of the situation. 

The green eyes were simply beautiful.  


Strangely enough, it was right where the boy’s left eye should have been, but unlike most eyes, it had no white part. 

It had a shine that made it look like a well-polished emerald. 


As I absentmindedly thought about this while lying on the ground, the back of my collar was suddenly grabbed, and my neck clicked. 

“Go hide!”

I listened to the boy’s instructions as he stood behind me. His voice hadn’t cracked yet. 

I was violently thrown out of the way and stumbled in front of Rille-nee.


I fell down and my crying sister hugged me, then I finally remembered our situation. 

“Rille-nee, are you alright?!”

But she didn’t answer me and hugged me tightly as if to protect me. There weren’t any blood stains on her clothes, so she didn’t appear to be heavily injured. 

I managed to move my head and looked around where the sounds of shouting and swords clanging together echoed. 

We were sitting at the back of the wagon. This place had been packed with bandits earlier, but now all I can see beside us were men in the same armour. 

They were holding down and tying up the bandits who had attacked the carriage. 

I looked around for the boy and saw that he was with the other armoured men, chasing after the rest of the bandits. 

He was smaller than the rest of the men, but he wasn’t inferior to them. 

He dodged the machete by shifting half of his body and without pause, he jumped closer to the bandit and struck him in the jaw with the hilt of his sword. 

The bandit’s head flew up with so much force that I thought his head would fly off. His entire body fell backwards, and he became motionless. 

There were battles like this all around us, and then ―――


All the fighting sounds disappeared and all that was left was the boy and the men in armour.