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I snuck out from behind the partition screen to find the person I was looking for and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Matty, Matty.”

He turned around shivering like a small animal from where he was pondering over something on the desk.

“Aime? Wh-what’s up?”

“Well, you know. How are you?”

I took a few moments to ask how he was before asking my question. Matty smiled timidly and whispered, “I’m doing ok. How are you?”

“I’m just getting started, Say, are there any magic stones that aren’t being used here? Oh, and of course, ones that aren’t black.”

“Huh? What do you mean by that?”

“Like ones that are no longer used for research because they have too little mana left in them.”


“I’d like you to give them to my department.”

“Hmm, well, that’s…”

“What are you two doing?”

A displeased voice came from behind me when I was just about to get Matty to fold. Tsk.

I turned around and sure enough, it was Cliff.

“Hey Cliff, how’re you?”

I greeted him with a smile, but his fastidious face didn’t smile back.

Matty and Cliff were both assigned to the Spell Development Department. They weren’t in the same group, but Cliff just happened to pass by.

Matty sat in a chair and thought about spell compositions while Cliff tested the actual spells to see if they would work as designed, if there were any unexpected side effects and if they would be comfortable and convenient to use.

“What did you come here for?”

“I just came to chat.”

“What were you talking about?”

Cliff… isn’t flexible.

But I had no choice but to tell him since he had caught me here.

I told him that I wanted magic stones.

“I need them to develop magic tools. Can’t you ask your superiors to give me some?”

“I have already calculated all the mana in advance and have used up all the magic stones.”

His answer was completely opposite of what I had expected.

“Oh, you did?”

The biggest and only problem with making the lighting fixtures and other magic tools that Master and I have planned was securing the magic stones needed to power them.

I came here because the most reasonable way to convince those at the top, who would be displeased with reducing military force, was to re-use magic stones that would be of little use to them. I was wrong.

“Alright. Sorry to bother you.”


I was about to leave since I was done with my business, but Cliff stopped me.

“Are you up to no good again?”

Rude. Don’t look at me with eyes full of suspicion.

“I’m planning something good.”

Cliff snorted.

“I hope you don’t end up withering by the window.”

He always says hateful things, but his words always motivate me. It was like he was telling me to do my best.

Matty stood up.

“Ah, hmm, I probably won’t be of much use, but I’d like to help. I owe you.”

“Did I do something to make you owe me?”

“I recently heard from someone that the reason I was hired was because they liked that I had flown with you all, so I’m grateful to both you and His Highness for letting me participate in that project.”

Heh, I’m glad to see that that risky act didn’t have a negative impact on him. I’m glad that I was able to help him show his talent.

Then, Cliff muttered as if he remembered something.

“Oh yeah, I remember some people saying that they wanted you in their department.”

“Really? They’re probably giving me too much credit.”

I couldn’t believe that I had become such a hot topic. I appreciate it but your departments aren’t appealing to me.

“It’d be wise of you to ask for a transfer while you can if you want to move up in the world.”

“Thanks for the advice, but I want to succeed in life by doing the things I want to do.”

“How cocky of you.”

“Just so you know, you’re pretty cocky yourself.”

You’ve been talking about making people kneel and what not.

Well, it’s good to be competitive.

“Thanks again, Matty and Cliff. I’ll be counting on you two again if I need anything else.”

I thanked them for their friendship and immediately ran to my next destination.


“I’m back~.”

I returned from the blacksmith and opened the door to the workshop. Master and Konrad-san who were altering magic stones both turned to look at me.

“Hey, how’d it go?”

“Not well.”

Konrad-san asked, and I shook my head. I spread the magic stone shavings which were in a cloth onto the workbench.

“It didn’t melt at all even at the furnace’s highest heat.”

“Things aren’t going well.”

Based on the premise of re-using unneeded items, we wondered if it was possible to collect the shaved fragments of the magic stones that are produced from processing magic stones and melting them to form a new magic stone, but they didn’t melt at all. I don’t know if it needed more heat to melt or if magic stones just can’t become liquids in the first place.

“But this thought occurred to me while I was testing this. Wouldn’t the opening and sealing spells get all mixed up if we collect fragments from various magic stones and mix them all together?”

The opening and sealing spells are the same for two magic stones if the stone gets broken into two pieces, so wouldn’t it be the same even if they’re broken into fragments?

I’m just guessing, but wouldn’t it be complicated to have to chant so many spells to activate and deactivate magic from a magic stone that was created from multiple different fragments? It seems like it would get confusing.

Master seemed to have realised this too and his mouth formed an ‘Ah’ shape.

“… Well, I guess so.”

“Does this mean you’re giving up?”

Konrad-san, who didn’t like our plan from the start, was quick to throw in the towel.

Well, I don’t care if that’s his stance. He doesn’t actively oppose me, and he’s being cooperative, so that’s good enough for me.

“We’ll just have to ask him to let us use the stones for the magic swords.”

“That would be difficult, that’s why you were thinking of re-using the shavings, right?”

Konrad-san was right.

Traus Kingdom buys up all the magic stones which have been mined and it wasn’t possible to get them from another source.

They were so expensive that the common people couldn’t buy them, and even if someone does manage to obtain a magic stone, it would be pointless as mages are sheltered by the palace. Also, the export of magic stones is prohibited.

“I’m going to push through the idea that it’s useless to use them for weapons at this point. It’ll all work out if we can make our idea profitable.”

Candles made mainly from honeycomb are used for lighting in homes.

Although there are oil lamps, oil is commonly used for cooking and is a precious material, so it is considered a waste to use it as a combustible material. This place is the opposite of Japan in the olden days.

“I found out that the ordinary candles burnt out in 24 hours when I experimented. It costs 2,000 beles for a single candle, so it will cost 90,000 beles a year if people save it and use it for only three hours a day. Taverns and other establishments that open at night probably spend more on candles. At its lowest price, a magic stone costs 200,000, so if we can make a lamp that lasts for two and a half years then using our lamps would be better value than using candles. Of course, it can’t be sold at cost if we want to make a profit.”

“It can easily last 10 years with my design, but who would pay that kind of money for a light? We’ll have to make it cheaper even if it can only be used for a short amount of time.”

“Then, let’s break it up. If we divide it into four pieces, then each piece will cost 50,000. Or we can target nobles and other wealthy people at first. We can sell it at a high price to them and then a lower price to the public. If we decorate the lights, then rich people may buy it even if we sell it for more.”

It was a bit of a scam though.

If this becomes a hit and is mass produced, then it would free up the magic stones in the treasury and the nation will get more mage technicians.

“I’ll put all these things together in a proposal for now.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?”

Konrad-san muttered.

“I’m always serious.”

I immediately got to work on the proposal using the free time I had.


There was a man at the back by the window who was always staring at documents with a grim expression on his face in a room full of offices.

The Director of the Royal Institute of Magic seemed oblivious to the heated discussions going on around him. His back was straight as if he were a mechanical doll, and he was doing his work without moving a muscle except for those in his hands and arms.

“Excuse me.”

There was no door, so I just knocked on the partitioning screen.

The sharp, soldierly gaze of my boss quickly turned towards me and I took on a combat stance.

I strode over to his desk and placed a stack of papers on top of the documents.

“Here is a proposal for the development of a new magic tool. Please take a look at it.”

Director Theobold’s eyebrow twitched slightly.

I had compiled an easy-to-understand outline of the lighting fixture development project, its intended use and a blueprint of the design over the course of three days.

The King would be required to approve this proposal since it would completely change the way magic stones are used, but we had to get it past this person first.

Director Theobold continued to stare at me, so I began my explanation.

“The magic swords currently being maintained by the Magic Tool Development Department have become almost meaningless objects that only adorn soldiers’ waists. They continue to output mana even though they aren’t used for anything but training. Therefore, we propose that we reduce the number of magic swords and use the excess magic stones to power lighting fixtures and other daily necessities and sell them to the public. Also…”

“Shut up.”

I was interrupted by a strong tone.

The Director tossed the proposal to the side and his eyes had already moved on to the documents below.

“Tell me what your job is.”

“To develop magic tools, so I’ve made a proposal to develop a magic tool.”

I wasn’t intimidated by the threat, instead I stepped forward and put my hand on his desk.

“Director, this proposal will enrich this kingdom. This magic tool can light up just by touch and fires won’t break out since it only emits light. Wouldn’t this magic tool be perfect for wooden houses?”

“The nation will never distribute magic stones to commoners.”

“How about to nobles then?”


The discussion had already come to a standstill even before cost became an issue.

“I am not saying that we should distribute them all, but we should be at peace for a few more decades. The magic swords we have now probably won’t last until the next war. We don’t need to rely on magic to deal with bandits. The strong soldiers in Traus Kingdom can handle them. We’re just wasting magic stones right now.”

“Our mission is national defence.”

Director said in a stronger and harsher tone.

“There is no room for discussion. Back off. Don’t spend your work hours thinking up foolish things.”

“This is about the future of our nation.”


An arm appeared behind me and pulled me away from the desk.

I turned around to see a beautiful woman.

She wasn’t wearing a robe, but a tight white jacket and a long skirt, and her chestnut hair was pulled back at the nape of her neck.

She had a mole under her left eye. Her red lips curved up beautifully, forming an extremely perfect smile.

“I’m sorry, but the director has a lot of work to do. He has little time to deal with an enthusiastic newcomer.”


Her thin arms circled around my neck and held me firmly in place. She was probably wearing perfume since she smelled faintly like sweet flowers.

“Hello, I’m Irena Bergmund. From now on, please check the director’s schedule with me before you bring him a project.”

She wasn’t a particularly large woman, but she was unexpectedly strong, and it was difficult to escape from her grasp. She tossed me out onto the other side of the partitioning screen.

She also threw the proposal back at me.

“You must first work hard at your current job if you want to start something new.”

She blocked the entrance with a beautiful smile on her face.

“Could you at least get him to look over the proposal?”

“The director is very busy.”

She didn’t want him to waste time reading the proposal.

But I had to give him the proposal before I left.


I distracted her by pointing off into the distance and twisted my body to get through the gap ―――, but before I could get through, my vision spun, and my back was pushed against the floor.

My breath got caught in my throat from the impact.

She probably tripped me up but what the hell is wrong with her?!

“Go back to work.”

She grabbed me by the collar and dragged me against the floor. I couldn’t move my hands or feet.

“Why is a secretary this strong…?”

“To protect Master from pushy people like you.”

Isn’t a secretary’s job to organise paperwork and schedules? Does their work also include being a bodyguard? That’s too versatile. Share the work with other people.

I was taken back to the workshop in the end and Irena-san waved at the startled Master and Konrad-san before closing the door behind her.

“Ah… I haven’t seen Irena-san in a long time.”

“She’s always so sexy~.”

Master and Konrad-san were busy commenting on the beautiful secretary and didn’t even help me up at all.

Master let out a sigh as I got up on my own and picked up all the scattered papers.

“It doesn’t look like it went well.”

“I didn’t expect the secretary to throw me onto the ground.”

“Oh. That’s happened to me before too.”

Master frowned as Konrad-san pointed at himself while looking pleased for some reason.

“Why were you thrown to the ground?”

“She got mad at me when I kept asking her to have dinner with me.”

“You really like doing things like that, huh.”

“Well, haha, I just got a bit cocky since I had just become a mage…”

Konrad-san reminisced.

Did he lose his motivation and confidence after getting chastised? I wish he wouldn’t give up and try a little harder.

“I really think you should give up. It’s even difficult for a soldier to get through her.”

“Why does a secretary have to be that strong? Why is she that strong?”

“No idea. She isn’t a noble nor a mage. She was originally a servant at the director’s house, and no one knows what her background is.”

She’s a mystery.

Well, I don’t really care about her past. I have more obstacles now even though it’s difficult just to get approval.

This isn’t enough to get me to give up.

“I’ll do better next time. My motto is nonviolent disobedience!”

“It’s not okay for someone who works in the palace to disobey.”

I pretend I didn’t hear Konrad-san’s jab.