9th Lecture

Well then, the evening party that Elsa and Luca were attending tonight was held at the royal palace. Therefore a lot of people were invited. Which meant that there was a high possibility that they would meet people they knew. Actually, Luca’s older sister and Elsa’s siblings were also attending the party.

“Long time no see. What kind of natural disaster is this for Elsa to attend a high society function?”

“Is the rumour about you two going out true? It feels as if it was something waiting to happen so it’s a bit boring.”

A husband and wife pair said as they liked. A woman with dark blonde hair and a man with flaxen coloured hair. Both around the age of 30. Or rather, they were the same age. They were classmates.

“…… Long time no see.”

“You’re still as intimate as ever.”

Elsa and Luca replied and the couple smiled.

This couple is Marquis Toraetta and his wife. His wife Rebecca was from Earl Grande’s household. Her husband is Marquis Toraetta, Gaius. Both were Elsa and Luca’s classmates.

They married as soon as they graduated from senior high school. They were a well-known couple in school. Elsa was on good terms with Rebecca so Luca and Gaius were also included in the package. Those four hung out a lot. Was Elsa going out with Luca from that time……?

“It really does feel like a long time. I’ve seen Luca a couple of times but Elsa, you only come to the royal capital for the academic conference.”

“Because it’s troublesome.”

Elsa smiled bitterly at Rebecca’s words. Elsa couldn’t actually see her face clearly but from her voice and the person next to her, Elsa concluded that it was Rebecca.

“Elsa. Where’s your spectacles?”

Rebecca touched her own eyes and asked Elsa what happened to her spectacles. Elsa and her spectacles were a set.

“Thanks to that I can’t even see your face, Rebecca.”

Elsa said with a bitter smile and Rebecca turned to face Luca with tremendous force.

“Luca. Escort her properly.”

“…… I already intended to do so.”

Luca’s phobia of woman acted up and he slightly withdrew from Rebecca who was urging him strongly. Even so, he was fine with Rebecca. If another cute young lady did the same thing, he’d break out in goose bumps. Although, he was fine with Elsa. He was a man of bad taste.

“Leaving aside Luca, it’s been a long time Elsa. That appearance suits you.”

The unfortunate Gaius. He was different from Luca who was firmly raising his thumb. However since he praised her, she thanked him in return.

“Thanks for that. It’s been a long time, Gaius.”

Elsa was wearing a dark purple dress. It was a slender dress so she wasn’t wearing a lot of panniers (TL: The things you wear to puff dresses). Although Elsa couldn’t walk, she also simply didn’t suit the dress.

In addition, Luca was also wearing a dark purple suit. This wasn’t planned. It just happened.

“You know, when I returned to the royal capital I was really surprised to hear the rumours. Well it sounded right so I thought it was fine.”

Rebecca said with a champagne glass in one hand. The four moved to the wall to catch up. The two men were holding wine glasses and the woman held champagne glasses.

“Oh yeah, I heard that you had a lovey-dovey date at the royal capital. I can’t image you two flirting though.”

Gaius shared. These guys have known each other for a long time so they didn’t hold back. Elsa and Luca exchanged glances.

“…… We weren’t flirting.”

“Well, someone witnessed it.”

Luca was unusually impressed. Elsa took a sip of her champagne and said:

“That’s probably true. You, you stand out too much.”

“Elsa’s identity was also leaked.”


Luca stood out so she’d thought that the witness had saw him but it turned out that they’d also seen her too.

“I haven’t seen you dolled up in a while Elsa. You’re beautiful if you dressed up properly.”

“In other words, she doesn’t doll up properly.”

“Well sorry for being unfashionable.”

Elsa lightly trampled on Luca’s foot when she was told something unbelievable and skulled her champagne. Rebecca laughed at their unchanged interactions.

“That kind of thing is secondary to Elsa, isn’t that right?”

“There are things more important than that.”

Elsa answered calmly. Elsa researched in her spare time but fashion was secondary and the reason for that was:

“I have no sense.”


Marquis Toraetta and his wife said in understanding. It was something that Elsa herself had said but she was a little angry.

“Don’t look like that. Ah, if you’re free tomorrow then shall we all go out? You’ll be in the royal capital during the season, right?”

Elsa waited a while after Rebecca’s invitation and said:

“No, I can’t tomorrow. The academic conference is in three days.”

“Academic conference?”

Rebecca and Gaius said together.

“Eh, are you leaving Luca behind to go?”

“I’m going. It’s only natural for me to go as a staff of the University.”

“Even if you say that… Are you fine with that Luca?”

“I don’t mind.”

Rebecca asked Elsa and Gaius asked Luca. The two calmly replied. Marquis Toraetta and his wife faced each other.

“That’s certainly like you, Elsa but you might break up because of that.”

“I don’t care. I’ll just go back to how I was.”

Rebecca was amazed. Elsa’s response wasn’t cool, it was more like an indifferent response. Luca also spoke.

“If she stops researching then she won’t be Elsa anymore. I like Elsa as she is now, so it’s fine.”

Marquis Toraetta and his wife raised their voice in admiration at Luca’s reply, “Oh”. She thought about it sometimes but Luca’s words always seem like he liked her so she was perplexed.

“Luca’s totally into Elsa.”

“There’s no room for anyone else.”

Gaius and Rebecca said. And Elsa? Well, her personality was like that so in the first place, going out with the opposite sex wasn’t even a concept to her.

“Well, anyway let’s go out together after Elsa’s conference has ended. We can go shopping or go on a picnic.”

Rebecca cheerfully planned. The academic conference was held several times during the season, but Elsa only needed to attend two of them; the conference in three days and the last conference. Therefore she probably had free time.

“…… If it’s possible, pick something that I’d like.”

Elsa said and Rebecca was surprised.

“I can’t believe you said something like that, Elsa! Then let’s go shopping.”

“Ah ~, Rebecca. Do we have to come too?”

Gaius said worriedly because he knew that women took a long time to shop. Surely, Rebecca also took a long time.

“Of course. Luca’s coming too. It’s a double date.”

“Rebecca, Gaius, you guys are married aren’t you?”

Luca calmly pointed out but Rebecca insisted, “Humour me!” Rebecca then sternly pointed at Luca.

“It’s a chance for you to dress Elsa as you like, Luca!”

“No, I have a feeling Luca’s tastes won’t suit me.”

“You have bad taste that’s why you’re rejecting it unconditionally.”

It was completely useless.

Oh well, a responsible adult wouldn’t have such foolish conversations but she was at the high society so she needed to socialise for the time being. Elsa also greeted the people who would be attending the academic conference.

Meanwhile, Luca was caught by a lady, no a girl in her late teens. On his other side was a beautiful voluptuous woman in her early twenties so he was probably tied up with them. Luca had an incomprehensible expression on his face but he was impatient.

It was interesting so Elsa decided to watch. While she was watching with her hand covering her mouth, a voice called out to her.

“Oh, Elsa. Where’s Duke Inglacia?”

Her mother, Palmyra had called out to her. Her father, Dino was also there. Elsa looked at them and then at Luca, who was tied up with the women. The women had once again increased. Was it alright for him to dance with one more person?

“He’s over there.”

“Oh my…… Is it alright for you not to stop them!?”

Palmyra frowned. The reaction she’d given was normal but Elsa calmly said.

“It’ll just get more complicated if I go. Well, if Luca seems useless then I’ll interfere, but…… It’s interesting.”

“You, who do you resemble?”

Dino said in shock. Elsa shrugged, she herself was aware that she was a bit of a sadist.

“See, Duke Inglacia is watching you. Go and help him out.”

Dino said pitying him and Elsa headed to Luca’s rescue. But she was bad at dealing with such things.


“Ah, Elsa.”

He faced showed that he was relieved at finally being saved. Elsa tilted her head and said.

“I think I’ll head home soon. I want to prepare for the academic conference.”

“A-ah, that’s right. I’ll send you home.”


She wondered if she dealt with it smoothly. Elsa decided to do what she had just said. She told her parents that she was going home first and left the reception hall.

“Ah…… That was scary. I tried my best, didn’t I?”

As soon as they left the hall, Luca pressed his head against Elsa’s shoulders from behind and said. He was completely exhausted so she gently patted his head.

“Yes, yes. Good work.”

“I wanted you to help me out a little earlier……”

“I’m sorry. It was amusing to watch you.”


She confessed and he hugged her from behind. No, it was like a hug but she felt a strong pressure around her abdomen.

“Wa-, Luca. I’m sorry! I’ll properly help you out next time.”

“…… It’s a promise.”

She wanted to say, just how bad are you with women?

By the way, it seemed that Elsa’s parents secretly peeked at this scene.

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