2nd Supplementary Lesson

More often than not, there is the advantage of the opponent not being able to read your hand. In that way, Elsa who didn’t show emotions on her face had the advantage when playing this sort of game “Alright, it’s my win.”

“What?!” Rebecca, who was sitting across from Elsa, slammed the table with a bang. She seemed to disagree with what Elsa was saying. “Why do you draw all the good cards Elsa?!”

Well, even if it was a card game they were only playing cards without betting or anything like that “It’s not like they’re gathering at my hand, it’s all just a matter of knowledge and probability.”

“…… Elsa, aren’t you a historian?”

“I am,” Elsa shrugged and casted aside her playing hand. Gaius saw her hand and complained.

“These are all bad cards, aren’t they!?”

“But she gave in first so it’s my win,” Elsa laughed boldly. These kind of games had been her strong point since long ago.

“Hey Luca, control your wife!”

“That’s impossible,” he immediately replied. Luca, who was sitting next to Elsa and opposite of Gaius, also put his cards on the table and immediately replied. Rebecca sighed.

“I know that this is that kind of game but it pisses me off when I lose.”

“Oi Luca, your wife’s a genius swindler. Aren’t you being tricked?” Rebecca and Gaius’s words were harsh but they were always like this.

“Elsa is certainly smart, but she won’t do something like that. And I’m the one who proposed so I’m not being tricked or anything.”

“……” The three were silent. Luca was as honest and straightforward as ever, they were shocked at first but they had already gotten used to it and thus were able to ignore it. Her expression didn’t give away the fact that she was shocked in the first place.

“…… I can’t read you either.” Gaius said bitterly to Luca. He established that he couldn’t read the expressions of Duke Inglacia and his wife.

They tried different games afterwards but Elsa had complete victory in all the games that required the use of their brain. Games that required luck were outside of Elsa’s calculations.

Elsa and Luca were both geniuses who fought over the top position at their school, however Elsa thought that Luca was too honest and was 『Easy to read』.

Luca, on the other hand, thought that Elsa was 『Hard to read』and because of the information gap, she ended up winning. They didn’t know what would happen if they had to compete using their intellect.

“Hey Elsa, is there anything you’re not good at?”


“No, I don’t mean things like that,” Rebecca retorted. Elsa knew that wasn’t what Rebecca was asking her about.

“…… I wonder. I don’t know because I haven’t done anything that I’m bad at. I probably can’t do jury service.”

“Ah, yeah. You don’t seem like you could do that.” Gaius strangely agreed and nodded. If it was like that then it was also her weak point as a Duchess, but she had already married Luca so it couldn’t be helped, he probably wouldn’t ask her to do something like that.

“Elsa, you’re not very good at chess, right?” Luca said something like that but it was only true when she was being compared with Luca.

“You’re talking about tactical simulation games, right? I can’t compare to you in that area, Luca,” Elsa rebuked. Elsa didn’t need to deal with tactics so she certainly wasn’t good at them, while Luca desired such abilities and so he was trained.

That’s why Luca had a high chance of beating her in the game called chess. If Elsa had to calculate, he had an 80% chance of beating her.

But by no means was Elsa bad at chess, there were just people who were better than her at it. She could win in a normal game, however she acknowledged that Luca was a bad match for her in the game.

“What’s with this high-spec couple?”

“Well, both of them did graduate from university……” Gaius was shocked at his unruly wife and concluded. The two looked distant and crestfallen.

Rebecca, however, didn’t acknowledge that fact and still insisted on a handicap.

“Even if you want a handicap… Isn’t that hard to do in a card game?” Elsa rebuked and Rebecca said, then how about…

“The person who wins drinks a cup of alcohol?”

“I see,” Elsa immediately agreed because she was a heavy drinker. She did have a limit but she could drink quite a lot of alcohol although her thoughts would certainly become hazy.

“…… That would put me at a disadvantage, wouldn’t it?” Luca pointed out. He wasn’t weak to alcohol but he wasn’t that strong either, he was average.

If Elsa drank alcohol and got drunk then Luca would win, that would mean that it would be Luca’s turn to drink. Elsa can handle her alcohol but Luca would quickly pass out.

“It’s fine. I’m not that good with alcohol either.”

Rebecca, who had proposed this idea, laughed and said. Gaius wasn’t that strong with alcohol either but these two had nothing to do with the competition. Nonetheless, Luca brought out the alcohol. It was a bit late to say this but they were at the Inglacia household.

He poured the alcohol into a shot glass when Elsa suddenly remembered something and asked, “Come to think of it, there’s a chess game that uses shot glasses right? You drink the shot glass when you take the piece. Luca, do you want to try it next time?”

Her idea was the same as Rebecca’s and this way she might be able to win.

“…… I’ll think about it,” Luca replied half-heartedly. Elsa shrugged and picked up the hand the Rebecca dealt her.

Elsa won ten consecutive rounds even with alcohol in her, but she had drunk ten shots in a row and her thoughts were getting hazy so she began losing. Then it was Luca’s turn to drink the shots.

Unlike Elsa who had 10 shots, Luca went down with two. Then once again, it was Elsa’s turn to drink. She drank for five more rounds but she was at her limit and the drinking role was passed onto Rebecca. She and Gaius both had good games to begin with so they took turns drinking……

Thus, all four became drunk. The most composed one was Rebecca, who drank the same amount as Gaius but she might be stronger with alcohol than him.

Luca was in a daze even though he only had two shots while Elsa had fifteen. Elsa was also a little unsteady and tapped Luca’s shoulder, “Are you okay?”

“I’m not okay……” The drink of choice had been too strong, but Luca was the one who had chosen it himself so it was like he was paying for his own mistakes.

“Luca’s like that but so is Elsa. You guys are so strong……” Gaius said. Elsa didn’t seem drunk but she was.

“Luca ~. Can we stay here for the night?”

“You intended to do that from the start, didn’t you……?” Luca firmly rebuked at Rebecca’s request. Duke Toraetta and his wife Rebecca were invited to dinner at their friend, Duke Inglacia’s mansion and then they became interested in games.

“What are you all doing? You’re all already……” Clarissa was surprised and retorted. The other maids smiled wryly as they cleaned up. Rebecca and Gaius were guided to the guest room, Luca was stretched out on the coach and Elsa picked up the cards and helped clean up.

“Ah! We’re fine over here, Ma’am so please do something about that over there.” Katya took the cards from Elsa. As expected, Elsa’s head was dazed from the alcohol and the cards were taken from her.

Then Katya said, “That”, and looked over to where Luca was stretched out on the couch. Elsa went to Luca’s side and sat down where his feet were.

“Luca. Wake up. We’re going to our room.” She didn’t want to shake him so she hit his shoulder. Luca opened his eyes a little and she thought, something like this happened before, didn’t it? While pinching Luca’s cheeks because he wasn’t waking up.

“Hey. You can do it. It’s bad for you to sleep in a place like this.”

“Yeah……” She was relieved that he got up by himself but then he hugged her and it looked like she was sitting on his lap.

“Hey! Clarissa!” Elsa wanted help from Clarissa but she just glanced their way and said, “…… You guys get along really well, don’t you?” She had no intentions of helping Elsa.

Elsa was overwhelmed by alcohol and slumped over on top of Luca just like that. There was a blanket on her when she woke up the next morning. In addition, her body was sore because she slept in a weird position. None of the servants had woken her up……

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