5th Supplementary Lesson


A low familiar voice called out to her and she turned around. Luca, her childhood friend since primary school, ran towards her at full speed.

Elsa didn’t know when she should retort so she flatly asked:

“…… What’s wrong?”

Luca, who had been running towards her, took a deep breath.

“…… Nothing, I just couldn’t see you.”


She wondered about the situation but for the time being, decided to just look up at Luca.

Fillure University, the university that they had just entered was said to be, 『A town within a university』. Therefore, it was possible to live within the university. The university was located near the Royal Capital so all of the enrolled students probably lived in the dormitory.

Both Elsa and Luca were also staying at the university. Incidentally, Elsa would end up living at the dorms, she was currently in, for more than 10 years. This was something that neither her 18 year old self nor Luca knew.

“Elsa, you’re majoring in history, right?”

“Well, yeah. People would just turn a cold shoulder if a woman did politics or the like.”

Elsa said. It was fine until high school but when they got to university, the number of girls attending university suddenly decreased. Everyone got married when they were around Elsa’s age and then they would enter their spouse’s household.

Elsa, who everyone considered to be at a marriageable age, did not intend to get married. That’s why she had entered university. She loved to study and she had the drive to study for her whole life.

Elsa did feel some inkling of wanting to get married but she wasn’t bothered by such feelings since the annulment of her engagement at age 16.

Elsa walked in long strides unlike the other aristocrat ladies while looking up at Luca, who was next to her. When she was with Luca she felt the most at ease.

“What will you study, Luca?”

“…… I haven’t decided but maybe politics? Or would sociology be better……?”

He said as he pondered. They were just deciding the general direction they’d like their studies to take and weren’t specialising in anything yet so there was still time for them to decide. It was rare for someone to decide on their speciality straight away like Elsa had.

“Well, best regards for the next four years. We’ve been close for 10 years already so let’s continue……”

“I’m happy I’m with you again.”

Luca said to Elsa, who was speaking in a light tone and she smiled.

“You, don’t you have gynophobia?”

This guy was scared of woman because he was attacked by a senior in high school. However, he could talk with Elsa, who he had known for a long time, normally. Elsa couldn’t understand this very well.

“Yeah, I do.”

Luca nodded firmly and Elsa was shocked.

“Luca, you know that I’m female, don’t you?”

“Of course I know. But, Elsa is Elsa, right?”

“…… Luca. Don’t you have something you want to say to me?”

Elsa asked Luca because he didn’t see her as a woman. He looked a little worried and said, “Yes”.

“I look forward to being with you again.”


Well that was true, but that wasn’t what she wanted to hear.


“Hey Elsa.”

Since there were only a few female students at the university, Elsa immediately became friends with them. She didn’t know what would happen in the future so it was more accurate to say that, she『hung out with them』.

“What is it?”

“Elsa, you’re often with Luca. Is he your lover?”

Ever since she entered university, she had been plagued with this question often. Even the seniors asked her the same question and Elsa’s answer was always the same.

“We’re not.”

If she had to define their relationship she would say that they were childhood friends or that they were inseparable. The female student tilted her head in doubt and said, “Hmph”.

“You two are really intimate, aren’t you?”

“We don’t have to be reserved with each other because we’ve known each other for a long time, that’s all.”

Elsa answered nonchalantly. Yes, they didn’t hold back at all.

“Then, can I confess to Luca?”

“Go ahead. I want to see what kind of reaction a gynophobe like him would have.”

“…… How boring!”

She said as she pulled out the chair next to Elsa and sat down. Elsa, who was silently writing her report, glanced at the girl. At this point in time, Elsa had not needed her spectacles yet.

“You two are intimate so your relationship would be more…… bittersweet!”

“If we did become like that then that would be a sight.”

“Elsa, that’s all you say!”

The female student said sulkily and the topic suddenly changed.

“Come to think of it, who was the top student on the entrance exams?”

“It was Luca.”

“Then, you got second place, Elsa.”

“That’s what it means.”

Elsa finished the report and signed it. The female student sitting next to her peeked at her report.

“You’re already finished. Hey, are you annoyed?”

Elsa thought for just a second when she was asked that question.

“…… A little. But Luca is the smarter one after all.”

Perhaps, Luca would answer, “Elsa is the smarter one”, if he was asked the same question. These are two people who resembled each other in the oddest places.

“…… You two seem more like a middle aged married couple than lovers or people who are about to date.”

Is that related to this? Most the females who attended university were very frank. Elsa stared at her.

“Martina, why are you going to university?”

“Hey, Elsa. Are you interested in me?”

The female student…… Martina smiled, leaned forward, and said:

“I’m really smart, aren’t I?”

“…… Well, yeah.”

Woman had a harder time passing the 『difficult』university exam because they didn’t have a high education like the aristocratic males did. Even though she wasn’t on Elsa’s level, Martina also passed the entrance exam 『easily』.

“So that’s why, I’m searching for someone that can compete with my brain.”

Martina was also an aristocrat. A woman of such status would surely get 『married』. In Martina’s opinion, if she had to get married then she might as well marry someone educated, someone who could follow what she was saying. It probably wasn’t just Elsa who thought that Martina’s thoughts weren’t very aristocrat like.

Incidentally, Martina got married to an international student and left the kingdom.

“Why are you going to university Elsa? You had a fiancé, didn’t you?”

Martina asked in return and Elsa was flabbergasted for a second. She nodded, “Yes”.

“You’re talking about Mark, huh? Well, we broke off the engagement two years ago.”

“He’s also a horrible person, isn’t he? Running to another woman when he has a fiancée.”

“I was the one who broke it off though, you know.”

“Elsa, you’re not a sentimental person, are you?”

Well, it was true that her former fiancé didn’t act like a fiancé. The engagement was broken because those feelings weren’t there in the first place. Elsa’s household was a Duke household, so the other side probably wouldn’t act in an oppressive manner. Well, Elsa left everything to her parents so she only knew the basic facts.

“So you entered university after that?”

“…… It’s not completely like that.”

Elsa thought a little. She hadn’t entered university for any reason in particular, she just thought that university was the best place to use her intellect and she was interested in history. If she had to say it then it was a process of elimination.

“…… Well, just having Luca here was also fine.”

“…… That’s bragging.”

Elsa tilted her head at the half-open eyed Martina and asked, “About what?” Martina sighed.

“Well, fine. Hey Elsa. Won’t you help me if you’re finished with your report?”

“…… But, I still have things to do.”

Elsa said as she helped Martina.

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