6th Supplementary Lesson

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An interesting thing happened a while after Elsa and Luca had entered university.

“Someone confessed to me.”

Elsa said to Luca, who looked amused.

“I’m surprised that all you have to say is “that’s interesting”, Elsa.”

“It’s not that surprising.”

They both retorted. There was a fancy café in Fillure University, which is said have a town within its premises. Elsa and Luca were spending their day off there.

“So then, who confessed to you?”

“A second grade senior in the law department. I go in and out of the law department sometimes because I have business there.”

Someone observed her there and fell in love. It was an interesting thing.

“It’s because you’re beautiful. How did you reply? Did you accept it?”

“Luca, you’re like a girl.”

Elsa thought that sometimes Luca’s girl power was higher than her own. Elsa, who had just been thoroughly questioned by Martina, looked coolly at the man in front of her and said.

“Of course I rejected him.”

“I see.”

Luca laughed a little and replied. She didn’t know whether she should laugh along with him or get angry at him. By the way, Martina said, “That’s not interesting!” What the heck did she expect from Elsa?

“It’s just like you Elsa.”

“…… You’re definitely not praising me.”

Elsa said then sighed and sipped her tea. She cut a piece of cheesecake with her fork and ate it.

“Yup, delicious.”

“I’m glad. My senior told me about this place.”

Luca eventually studied political science. Elsa also dabbled in political history, this was probably due to Luca’s choice.

“…… Luca. By the way, how did you ask that senior of yours about this?”

“If I recall correctly…… Where would be a good place to bring my female friend?”

“…… You’re straight forward as usual.”

Luca was a serious person and he was always straightforward. That’s why Elsa knew that her friendship with him was genuine so she would never ask anything like that. Even if she did, nothing would be fixed and it was pointless to try.

However, thanks to that, she felt like she understood the reason why they were at this face. In other words, it was a fancy café that girls liked to visit. From the outside, it looked like a cute café with a fairytale theme but the interior had a cute girly design to it. Although, Elsa and Luca didn’t mind those things.

His senior probably thought that Luca was bringing the girl he liked to the café. There was no way that he would bring someone that was just a friend to a place like this.

“…… This place is cute, but I like places with a more classic feel to them.”

“Then I’ll ask my senior if there’s a place like that here.”


Elsa went to town on her days off, in other words, she spent her most of her days off inside of the university premises, so she would find shops she liked if she wandered around, but it was better to ask someone else after all. Information differed depending on the person. Even if someone said that a place was good, someone else might not like it.

“Come to think of it, nothing like that has happened to you, Luca?’

“Nothing like that?”

“I’m talking about someone confessing to you.”

“Of course not.”

He immediately answered. Well, it’s Luca so he probably didn’t notice. Elsa replied, “I see”.

“How are your studies going?”

“It’s really different from the things we’d learnt up until high school, but I’m still fine at this point.”

“Me too.”

Elsa and Luca, both were adaptable. Elsa placed an additional order with the waitress who happened to pass by.

“Excuse me. I want a Zucotto.”

“…… You’re still eating?”

Luca said in a slightly shocked tone.


I feel like my eyesight has gotten worse recently, Elsa thought as she read the assigned book.

Therefore, she decided to go buy a pair of spectacles on her day off. Woman didn’t usually wear spectacles but one couldn’t escape the inevitable.

“Elsa, where are you going?”

A familiar voice called out to her and she turned around. She squinted her eyes as she looked at the tall figure walking towards her.

“…… Ah, it’s you Luca.”

“What’s wrong with you? Your eyesight seems bad.”

Luca frowned and said. Elsa answered honestly:

“It seems like my eyesight has worsened. I can’t see very far.”

“I see. Are you going to buy spectacles?”


Elsa said and nodded. Luca followed her as she was walking down the stairs.

“What? Are you coming with me?”

“You can’t see so it’s dangerous.”

It seemed like he was being considerate towards her. Elsa laughed and replied, “I’m fine”.

“I can walk on the street just fine.”

She couldn’t see the letters on the signboards a bit further away from her though. However, she could mostly tell which shops were where. She hadn’t lived in this place for three years just for show. It was still her first time going to an optometrist though.

“Isn’t it because you read too many books?”

“I don’t know but I can’t deny that.”

Was it because I read books in the dark? The possibility was high. Martina and the others laughed and told her to go to bed early but she ignored them.

“It’s here.”

Luca said as he opened the front door and ushered Elsa in. The bell attached to the door made a noise when he opened it.


A man, who looked like the shopkeeper, came out from the back. The man compared Luca and Elsa with his eyes.

“You wish to purchase a pair of spectacles?”

“Ah, yes. I want my spectacles made.”

Elsa said and the shopkeeper seemed a little surprised, “Hoh”.

“So it’s you, Ojou-chan. How rare. People your age usually take great care in their appearance and hate to wear spectacles.”

“Young lady……”

Luca glanced at Elsa and muttered. No, she also caught onto that word.

“I don’t mind things like that.”

This was influenced by Elsa’s bad fashion sense. However, her fashion sense still wasn’t that bad at this time. Even so, she only wore simple blouses and dresses. But she knew which colours didn’t fit well together so she didn’t match them together. It was a relief that Elsa suited any colour she wore.

“Anything’s fine as long as I can see.”

“…… At least select the frame.”

Luca rebuked. She let him choose the frames since he came with her.

“Then choose.”

“…… Oh, so you two are sweethearts.”

“We’re not.”

The two immediately denied. The store owner sighed.

“I see. Well, let’s measure your eye power, Ojou-chan. What’s your name, Ojou-chan?”


She answered honestly when asked. She felt a little uncomfortable at being called Ojou-chan so she wanted him to call her by her name.

“Then please sit here, Elsa Ojou-san.”

The shop owner beckoned at Elsa. He wouldn’t stop calling her 『Ojou-chan』after all.

“Go choose some frames from over there, Lad. There’s a catalogue there.”

“…… My name’s Luca.”

Luca told his name in a serious tone. The shop owner replied crudely, “Is that so?”

“It’ll finish quickly.”

She didn’t feel like arguing any further.

Luca picked out a pair of frames while her eye power was being measured by the shop owner. Elsa noticed that he was picking out the frames quite diligently.

“If it’s for Elsa then maybe silver-rimmed……?”

“You, what are you doing while looking at other people’s faces?”

Elsa rebuked at once. The shop owner sat down opposite to Luca and said, “You two get along well”. Elsa sat down next to Luca.

“I roughly understand your eye power. After that, you just need the design.”

“I’ll leave it to Luca.”

It was something that she would use but she felt that it was better to let Luca choose the design.

“Then, let’s go with this.”

Luca pointed at a design. The lenses were wide and thin. Elsa didn’t have any particular complaints about it so she nodded her head, “That’s fine”.

“It will be ready in a month’s time. Please pay when you receive the goods. This is the rough amount.”

The shop owner showed them the price. The price was within her budget so Elsa nodded, “I understand”.

“Well then, we hope to receive your continued patronage in the future.”

The shop owner waved at Elsa and Luca, who were leaving. After they left the shop, Elsa said:

“What a strange shop owner.”

“Yeah, he didn’t call my name at all……”

“He also called me Ojou-chan.”

It was somewhat exhausting. The two went to a restaurant to have dinner.

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