9th Supplementary Lesson

The social season ended and Elsa returned to the university. She attended the Philosopher’s Conference and the reconstruction plans progressed without any problems.

“Good afternoon.”

“Welcome…… Huh? Oh, it’s Elsa-Jouchan?”

She was inside the spectacles shop located in the university premises. Elsa smiled wryly at the shop owner who always called her 『jou-chan』, “You’re the only one who calls me 『jou-chan』even though I’m 30 at the end of this year.”

“Even so, 『jou-chan』is『jou-chan』,” The shop owner didn’t budge.

“So, what is it? Do you need to adjust your spectacles?”

“Yes, the frames are a bit loose,” Elsa said as she took off her spectacles and handed it to the shop owner. It wasn’t that she couldn’t use them anymore but they slipped often, so she came to get them repaired.

Elsa sat down on the chair while the shop owner was adjusting her glasses. She looked at his hands while resting her chin on her own hands.

“It’s unusual for you to bend your frames.”

“Well…… I probably fell asleep with my spectacles on.”

“I see. You also damaged the lens, Jou-chan.”

“No, my husband crushed it that time.”

The lens broke because the spectacles fell onto the bed when Elsa was sleeping, while the frames loosened because Luca had suddenly pushed her onto the bed. She had to attend the philosopher’s conference with her loose spectacles because of that. Usually, she would have had a spare pair with her but she carelessly forgot them at the university dormitory.

“Come to think of it, you married that lad, didn’t you? Congrats.”

“…… Hahaha. Thanks.” Come to think of it, was this the first time I’ve meet him since I’ve gotten married? Elsa and Luca got married this spring. She was still in the middle of the previous semester but she didn’t visit the spectacles shop because she didn’t need to.

“Well, it feels like everything has fit into its place.”

“…… Everyone’s been saying that.”

“I would think so,” The shop owner agreed but Elsa didn’t find it amusing. Why did everyone reach that conclusion?

“It’s not like we’ve been sweethearts this whole time, so it’s not like that.”

“That’s not the issue,” The shop owner said seriously. “No one could intrude on what you and the lad had. From the beginning, there was no space for other people to wedge themselves in between you two.”

“…… I see. That’s easy to understand.” Elsa had been told many things by Alesia and Rebecca but the shop owner’s explanation was the easiest to understand. No one could come between Elsa and Luca, that’s why 『everything fitted into place』when the two had gotten married.

“Is the lad treating you well?”

“…… Well, I think he has a lot more tolerance than other men, ” Elsa answered and the shop owner said, that’s not what I meant.

“You’re more feminine than before.”

“…… Isn’t that because I wasn’t feminine at all before?” Elsa used to be unfashionable before, but today she was wearing a calm green dress picked out by Luca. Elsa suited any colour she wore, so it was easy to pick out clothes for her, though she left the choice up to other people so she didn’t know this well by herself.

“There’s that but…… Did the lad pick that for you?”

“How perceptive of you.” In short, the shop owner probably said that because he didn’t think the clothes suited Elsa’s tastes. The shop owner, who knew Luca well, said, “He must have happily picked it out for you”.

“The clothes, or rather, you’ve gotten rounder”

“Are you saying I’m getting fat?”

“In a way, but I’m saying that your body looks more feminine.”

“…… No, I was also in the wrong. I would hit you if you weren’t the shop owner.” It was close to sexual harassment, but Elsa, presuming things, was also in the wrong.

“Here, I fixed it. Try it on.”

“Thanks.” Elsa took the spectacles and put them on her ears. There was no incline, it fitted just right.

“Yup. It’s fine.”

“That’s good. The cost is my wedding gift, I’ll give you a discount.”

“But you still charge me…….” It didn’t seem like he would give it to her for free as a wedding gift. She had intended to pay even if he hadn’t said that, so it was probably better for him to give her a discount.

“Well then, do get along with your husband.”

“I will. Thank you.” Elsa waved at the shop owner and left the shop. Since she was already here, she thought about getting a dolce before returning to her dormitory.


“Professor Elsa?” A voice called out to her as she was walking through the school building. Rosalia, who was finally in her fourth year this semester, looked relieved when she saw Elsa turn back.

“I’m glad it really is you, Professor. I thought I had made a mistake because your vibe is different from normal.”

Elsa tilted her head at Rosalia. “What’s wrong?”

“Well, you look prettier than usual, Professor.”

“…… That wasn’t what I was asking. Did you need something from me?” She said to Rosalia, who was avoiding the topic and Rosalia choked on her words, “Oof”.

“…… I haven’t finished the assignment. Please give me another week.”

“Being honest is good.” It was good that Rosalia didn’t make any excuses. Elsa extended Rosalia’s deadline and told her that she would assign extra work if Rosalia didn’t finish within a week’s time.

It would have been good for students to bravely tell her upfront but there were some who made up excuses, so she decided to assign them extra work.

Rosalia was a fourth year student so she knew Elsa’s personality well and thus informed her in advance.

“Ah, I’m so glad. I wondered what I would do if you had retired, Professor.” One of the female students had told her. That student attended Elsa’s lectures but wasn’t part of the research group. There weren’t many female professors so the female students tended to stick to Elsa. Another reason they could be sticking to her was because she was closest to them in age.

“We can’t eat like this otherwise.” The girl who wasn’t from Elsa’s research group said even though she was eating the sweets and drinking tea.

“Eating is fine but, you girls, have you finished your assignment?”

“Of course!”

“I haven’t finished!” Someone declared energetically. There was a storm of retorts for the girl who had declared that she hadn’t finished.

“Hey, can you just laze around like this even though you’re not finished with your assignment?”

“That’s right. Rosalia said she hadn’t finished, so she’s doing her report at the library right now.”

“Hmph.” The girl, who received the retorts, sulked.

“Professor, you’re a newly-wed but you’re lazing around here, aren’t you!?”

“Even so, I’m busy.” Elsa was working on the side while the female students were eating, she wasn’t lazing around.

“But we’re certainly glad to have you as our professor, but how does your husband feel about this?”

“You two aren’t lovey dovey?”

“Didn’t you ask this before?” Elsa rebuked.

“Don’t ask weird things. Is it fun to ask me about these things?”

“Yes, it’s fun.”

“We want to hear you talk about your husband!” The female students said. Elsa, who was a responsible adult, didn’t answer their questions.

“Listen up, you girls go talk over there. And hand your assignments in on time.”

“Yees.” Only their reply was good. The female students were all fourth year students and had to prepare for their graduation exam and thesis. Elsa could understand why they wanted to enjoy themselves for now but she narrowed her eyes at the students who were once again talking about trivial things.

Elsa felt a little sad because they would be leaving in a year. Elsa liked these noisy children after all.

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Editor: Katsono

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