10th Supplementary Lesson

“Hey Professor, wake up.” Elsa woke up with her shoulders being shaken and stretched. Somehow, she’d fallen asleep at her desk. Sabina, who had woken her up, expressed her worries as she picked up the stacks of documents that had fallen onto the floor. “You’ve been falling asleep a lot lately. You should go to the doctors if you’re feeling sick.”

“No…… It’s not bad enough for me to see the doctor. Oh, sorry. Thank you.” Elsa thanked Sabina, who had passed her a neat pile of documents, and wore her spectacles.

“Even your spectacles fell off. You were in deep sleep, weren’t you……?”

“No, I only intended to take a short nap,” Elsa said and sighed. She really intended to take a short nap, but ended up sleeping for a long time.

“Well, I’ll head of to my lecture.”

“I understand, but please see a doctor when you’ve finished. You’re pale.”

“Must I ~? I’ll get better if I rest.”

“You say that but it’s been a month now!” Sabina rebuked but Elsa just shrugged. A month had really passed, she had tried every trick in the book but it didn’t seem like she was getting any better.

If you collapse, Professor, then Duke Inglacia would blame me, wouldn’t he?!”

“…… He’ll probably cry.” Luca appeared cool so he left a brute impression but he was actually a piece of junk. Elsa felt that she’d never seen him get angry. Even though, Elsa’s emotions didn’t fluctuate a lot, she felt that Luca was too calm.

“It doesn’t matter if he gets angry or cry, whichever is fine, but please go see a doctor.”

“Okay, okay.”

“Then I’ll call the doctor.”

“…… I’ll go myself.” She felt bad if a doctor was called here. Fillure University had a medical faculty, so there were doctors here, but it was a distance away. They would have to catch a carriage to get into the University.

Elsa taught for the time being. She finished her lecture through force of will. She entrusted Sabina with her study and left to go see the doctor. She returned to her study after her acquaintance doctor told her a shocking thing.

“Ah, welcome back Professor. Did you see the doctor?”

“Yeah. Yes. Well.”

“Do you have a cold?”

“No……” Elsa turned away and said. “I’m pregnant.”

“…… Mm.” Elsa was troubled over Sabina’s response. It was inevitable, Elsa herself didn’t know how to react.

“Th-that’s, congratulations……?”

“Thank you. She was really troubled with the response.

“Should I tell Luca?”

“You should! How many months along are you?”

“The doctor said about three months along.”

“…… A social season child.” Sabina said with a wry smile. She told Elsa, “Leave work aside for now and write the letter!” so Elsa wrote a letter addressed to Luca. Elsa was troubled at what to write so she wrote him a brief letter. He was at the Inglacia household in the Royal Capital so he should be getting the letter tomorrow.

“And if you’re not feeling well then go home! You don’t have any urgent business to attend to, right?!”

“I don’t.”

“Then I’ll take care of things here.” Sabina shooed Elsa away. Elsa objected, “No”.

“I’m not sick or anything.”

“It’s morning sickness. Your child will probably succeed the Inglacia household, Professor. I don’t want to be charged with lèse-majesté!”

“No, you’ll only get charged with lèse-majesté if you commit a crime against the Royal Family…… Ah, whatever. I get it.” Elsa gave in because Sabina was frantic. It was rare for her to do so. It was true that she wasn’t feeling well but she felt awful knowing that it was because of morning sickness.

Even if she was told to go home, she returned to the university dormitory. Elsa went to bed early after dinner and was back in her study the next morning. “…… Professor, what are you doing here?”

“Good morning, Sabina.”

“Good morning…… No! Are you fine with not resting?”

“I’m fine.” Elsa said. She did feel a little bad but they weren’t subjective symptoms, she just felt unpleasant. No, she did have subjective symptoms, she just wasn’t accepting that she was pregnant.

“Argh. I’ll get Duke Inglacia to take you home!” Sabina replied angrily.

“If so then I’ll take her home……” Silence fell then Elsa broke the silence.

“…… Why are you here?”

“I came because I got your message. A brief reply. The letter that was addressed to Duke Inglacia was sent by express delivery. Sabina spoke once again.

“Ah. I’ll teach in your place, Professor so take your time to talk with Duke Inglacia!”

Sabina said as she took the lecture materials and left the room. Luca let Sabina pass. She was being too considerate, there was still some time left before the lecture started. “…… She’s a very tactful child.”

“I feel she’s too effective.” Elsa countered back and sat down on the sofa. She left the lecture up to Sabina because she had left so enthusiastically. Luca put a blanket on top of Elsa. It was the blanket she used whenever she took naps.

“You’re really pregnant?” Luca said as he gave her the blanket. He acted on the basis that she was pregnant.

“…… Well, the doctor said so…… I’m around three months.”

“Whose child is it?!”

“Yours!” Elsa rebuked and Luca apologized, “I’m sorry, I wanted to try saying that once”. Really, this guy, he always looked serious so even she didn’t know when he was joking and when he wasn’t.

Luca sat down next to Elsa and hugged her. He wrapped his arms around her neck. “Thank you.”

“Hah?” Elsa said stupefied from within Luca’s arms. Luca looked like he was going to smile. “No. I just wanted to show you how happy I am.”

“Happy……” Elsa response was subtle. Elsa touched her stomach.

“It must be true because the doctor said so but…… There’s a child in here,” Elsa put her forehead onto Luca’s chest and said.

“I don’t know how to feel. It’s something concerning me but I don’t understand it well. I’m scared of changing.” She didn’t think she had changed but the people around her did, so she realised that she was changing. It was horrifying.

So she tried to act like she usually did, but now that would end.

“I can’t say anything intelligent.”

“I didn’t expect you to.” Elsa completely disregarded what Luca had said. He was shocked, but still said it.

“No matter what happens, Elsa is Elsa.”

“…… Yeah.” Elsa smiled at the Luca, who never changed. She had heard that women became sensitive when they were pregnant and she could understand that a little now.

She was glad that she got pregnant if Luca was happy about it. She just had to convince herself that. She tried to calm herself down a little and closed her eyes and then she was suddenly overwhelmed by nausea. She really felt sick.

“What’s wrong!?” Luca panicked when Elsa suddenly started groaning. Elsa covered her mouth and replied, “I don’t feel well……”

She ate too much at breakfast……

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Katsono

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