13th Supplementary Lesson

Elsa thought that her physical condition would be bad since she had a difficult delivery, but that wasn’t the case and she recovered just fine. The baby was also doing fine. He drank well and slept well. It was still too early to tell who he resembled more but he was a good looking child. But that could be because she was being an idiot of a parent.

He was also loved by the servants and Elsa was worried that he might become a useless good-for-nothing in the future.

Elsa had recovered enough to return to the university but she didn’t. She wasn’t in top shape yet and she didn’t want to separate from her child. She did regret that she wouldn’t be able to see Rosalia and the others graduate……

“How cute ~. How tiny.”

“He’s already handsome, as expected of the Professor and Duke’s son.”

Rosalia and Ilaria were looking at the crib. They were visiting the Inglacia household. Elsa, who had nothing to do, had invited them in. She did get Luca’s approval first before doing so.

Even so, these two didn’t come alone. They had brought their juniors and even her brother, Daniele. They had used their intelligence at a weird place and dragged Elsa’s brother along! They probably thought that they wouldn’t be sent away if they had the Duchess’s brother with them.

“Professor~. What was your son’s name again?”

Rosalia asked and Elsa answered.

“It’s Ronne…… Did you two submit your graduation thesis?”

“Ronne-chan! It’s fine. We turned it in.”

“We’re just waiting for the results of the graduation exam.”

The two had easily dealt with all the things they needed in order to graduate. It had been a month since Elsa had given birth so the deadline for the graduation thesis and the graduation exams would have finished.

“I have my exams next month though……”

Daniele said while smiling wryly. Elsa sat on the sofa across her brother and faced him.

“You’ll…… Be fine.”

“Well, probably……”

Daniele, who was smiling wryly, was a second year student. His classes would soon get harder but he had achieved excellent scores so far. People said, as expected of Elsa’s brother, and he smiled wryly.

“But I never thought that you would become a parent, Elsa……”

“I guess things like this happen when you get married.”

Elsa shrugged at Daniele’s words. Understanding and thinking were two different things.

Ronne started crying weakly. His way of crying was cute and the four smiled.

“How cuteeeeeeeeeeee!”

“I’m melting……”

The two girls smiled broadly. He was cute. Daniele said while laughing, “Hey mother, he’s crying”. Elsa stood up and approached the crib.

“Hey, Ronne. What’s wrong?”

She lifted him up and tightly patted his back. Ronne, who continued crying, was definitely cute. She was aware that she was being an idiot as a parent.

She had fed him before Daniele and the others came so he wasn’t hungry and his bottom was alright as well. He was probably nervous because he was being stared at by strangers.

Elsa knew that, as she was a mother. Ronne stopped crying while being held by Elsa and started drifting off to sleep. Elsa patted Ronne’s back and returned him to the crib. The two girls raised their voices, “Oooh”.

“You’re really a mother.”

“I’ve become a mother?”

“…… Well, I often soothed Daniele in the past.”

“Huh, really?”

Elsa had disclosed that so nonchalantly and Daniele was surprised. He knew that there was a big age difference between them. A ten year difference was enough for her to take care of him.
Elsa could finally take a breather now that Ronne was asleep and she made tea for the guests. It was actually Katya who made the tea.

“He’s really cute. He resembles the Duke right now?”

“His hair colour is closer to yours, Professor.”

Rosalia and Iliria said. Children’s hair were light when they were younger and there was a high possibility that it would get darker.

“Which reminds me, is it true that Luca-san was really upset because you had a difficult birth?”
Daniele asked. Who was leaking out such information?

“Well…… I only heard about it after it had happened so I don’t know what happened exactly. It seemed that he was useless even if he was at work so they told him to go home.”

The topic changed to Luca while he wasn’t there. The cause of his disturbance had been Elsa so she couldn’t speak of it.

“Even Luca-san gets upset……”

“He’s basically a piece of junk.”

Elsa said and most people would reply with, “You can only say that because you’re Elsa”. It was similar to Daniele and the girls’ reactions.

“We can’t imagine him acting like that if we judged him based on his appearance.”

“It means you’re really loved, Professor.”

Rosalia and Iliria said amusingly. Daniele smiled wryly.

“But you’re joking with such a serious look on your face, Elsa. I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.”

They said things like that. They were being as rude as always. There were problems with Elsa’s personality too.

“How’s the university?”

“They’re being noisy because you got married and then you got pregnant.”

“Actually, there seemed to be people who are aiming at you, Professor.”

Rosalia and Iliria said amusingly. Elsa could only say, “Is that so……?”

“Some people came to get information out of me…… Ah, this cake is delicious.”

Daniele moved at his own pace.

“But, we can’t graduate with our professor.”

“It’s a bit disappointing, isn’t it?”

The two girls said and Elsa apologised, “I’m sorry about that”.

“I would have been with you until the end if I could.”

“Ah, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

“That’s right. It’s a good thing.”

Rosalia and Iliria laughed. Elsa was eight years older than the girls but she thought they were good children.

She thought that she should at least go to their graduation ceremony. She felt like she would collapse if she attended the ceremony because her strength was getting weaker. There was still a month and a half left till the ceremony…… It was probably alright. Luca would accompany her if she felt like she couldn’t go. He would probably tag along by himself.

For the time being, Elsa decided to regain her physical strength. Elsa was still 30 years old even though she got married late. She still hadn’t had children at that point and was sorry for having a difficult birth.

“Iliria, were you getting married after you graduated? Have you decided what you would do Rosalia?”

The number of female students at the university was overwhelmingly small and most of them got married as soon as they graduated. Some even got married while they were still students.

The next most common thing for them to do was become a court bureaucrat. It was more advantageous for females to graduate from university if they wanted to become bureaucrats. There weren’t any jobs for woman in external affairs but there were some in internal affairs.

“I’m going to stay at the university to continue my research.”

Rosalia laughed and looked at Elsa.

“And I want to be your assistant when you return, Professor~. Can I?”

“…… That way of asking is unfair.”

Elsa sighed and picked up her teacup. Ronne started crying again.

“His crying is so cute ~.”

Iliria smiled. Daniele said humbly to Elsa, who had picked up Ronne.

“I know it’s not the time to be saying this but…… I want to hold him too.”

“…… It’s fine but I need to change him first.”

He was already a 20 year old young man but Elsa thought that he was definitely the youngest when he acted like this.

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