14th Supplementary Lesson

“Welcome home, Luca.”

“Yeah, I’m home. Oh, it seems like we had visitors.”

Luca, who had come back from court, went to see his son’s face first. Elsa, who was standing next to the crib, smiled wryly when she saw that. Luca loved his son too, so it couldn’t be helped. The two were both idiot parents.

“Yeah, two of the girls I taught came,  and Daniele.”

Elsa replied and he nodded, “Is that so?” Luca picked Ronne up while saying, “Ay, ay.”

“Were you a good boy?”

“That’s not something you say with a serious look on your face!”

Luca talked seriously even to a child. Using baby talk might make Elsa and Luca feel uncomfortable.

Ronne was an easy child to take care of. He barely cried at night and he was healthy. The servants said, “He’s going to be very handsome and smart when he grows up”. They also loved Ronne.

“Father and mother said that they would like to come see Ronne if you’re feeling well enough.”

“Ah…… Yeah. Okay. My parents might come too.”

Elsa also felt that her sisters would intrude too, but she wasn’t sure so she didn’t say it.

“Then I’ll send them a letter telling them it’s okay.”


She really wanted to show Ronne to Lorena, who had given her advice during her pregnancy. Elsa poked Ronne’s cheeks as he was peacefully sleeping in his father’s arms and she smiled. It was peaceful.

Luca usually hugged Ronne like this after work until dinner time. Should I be thankful to have a husband who helps with childcare? But he stepped in too late. He wasn’t clumsy but his hands wouldn’t stop shaking. He was scared of hurting the child.

It wasn’t like she couldn’t understand his feelings but he got upset when milk spilt on Ronne’s clothes. Luca became so despondent that she accidentally burst out laughing. The servants, who saw this scene, were charmed. Luca was usually a piece of junk and Elsa acted too cool.

“I was surprised when the girl I taught told me that she would become an assistant!”

“…… Isn’t it fine? It just means you’re good at teaching.”

“That would be so if you were looking at things positively.”

Elsa admired Luca’s unexpected positive thinking.

“It would be good if she doesn’t marry late like I did.”

But Elsa concluded that Rosalia was beautiful so it would be fine. In Elsa’s case, she didn’t want to get married and now that she thought about it, Luca had been such a big part of her life, there was no room for anyone else. It was different from Rosalia.

Elsa’s worry was completely off-point. She also didn’t expect that her brother and student would marry later.

“You’re as energetic as always~. Yoshi, Yoshi.”

The servants looked after Ronne while his parents had dinner. Katya had the privilege today and she was playing with Ronne. She held Ronne while rocking him and he gurgled.

“…… You look like you’re having fun, Katya.”

“Yes! Ronne-sama is cute.”

Katya laughed without care. How old was she this year? 17? Elsa felt like she was taking care of her younger brother. Katya and Ronne didn’t look like “Mother and Child”, but Elsa probably didn’t either.

“Thank you, Katya.”

“To receive thanks for the Master! Ah~. But It’s hard to separate from Ronne-sama……”

“You’re staying in the same residence as him, aren’t you……?”

Elsa retorted at the conversation that the serious natural airhead Luca and carefree Katya was having and took Ronne from Katya.

“Here, Ronne. Good night~.”

Elsa took Ronne’s hand and waved it slightly at Katya. Katya replied, “Goodnight”, while waving her hands and smiling. Her personality changed too fast.

“…… She’s really energetic.”

“I want her to give me some of it.”

That exchange was already like the ones old people had. They, who had reached 30 years, were jealous of the energy of a 20 year old. How old was Katya? They didn’t know.

They slept in the same room but Ronne slept in the crib and Elsa and Luca slept on the double bed. They were afraid of crushing the baby.

“…… Hey, Luca. I thought about going to the graduation ceremony.”

“Ah…… Isn’t it fine? Should I come with you?”

“I thought you’d say that.”

She told him she would go beforehand, and if she felt fine on graduation day then she would go.

Luca laid Ronne, who was sleeping, onto the crib. Ronne didn’t cry much at night but he did wake up often. Sometimes Elsa didn’t wake up and Luca looked after him.


Lorena and Giotto came to visit and spoil Ronne before the graduation ceremony. Elsa’s sisters and Luca’s sister, Fiona also came to visit and everyone said the same thing, “No matter who he resembles, he’s going to be handsome and smart”.

Two months had passed and Elsa had mostly recovered. Therefore she attended Rosalia’s and Iliria’s graduation ceremony. They must have been lucky because the weather was good on that day. Elsa covered her eyes as she looked up at the sky and narrowed her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

She thought that the only one who would ask that frankly was Luca.

“No, I’m just glad that it’s sunny.”


Luca narrowed his eyes and looked up at the sky. The weird Duke Inglacia and his wife were alike and were both looking up at the sky, but because they were both Duke and Duchesses, no one said anything.


She heard a cheerful voice and all the female students gathered around. There were only 10 people. Luca was startled.

“Don’t separate if you can.”

It was necessary for them to be surrounded by females. She proposed to Luca, but the student’s families had also come to attend the graduation ceremony. Young ladies were here to see the graduating males or they were here to see the gallant figures of their graduating sisters. Luca would be surrounded by the kids that Elsa taught if he stuck close to her but he wouldn’t be caught by young ladies who say, “It’s fine even if I’m your lover”.

Luca decided to be surrounded by Elsa and her students rather than be caught by young ladies after he weighed his options. Instead he put his hands around Elsa’s shoulders.

“Kyah~. You’re so lovey dovey~~.”

Who said such a thing so suddenly? She couldn’t tell, there were too many people around. It was probably some kid from another laboratory.

“This is just an accessory so don’t mind it. Everyone, congratulations on your graduation. I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you until the end.”

“That’s fine. Where’s the baby?”

“Of course we left him at home.”

Lorena and Giotto was at the residence, so they asked them to take care of Ronne. They would return before the day was over so it was fine. Probably.

“Ehh ~. I wanted to see your cute child, Professor……”

A female student pouted and said. Elsa smiled wryly. She was happy that she was so adored and felt bad that she couldn’t be with them until the end. She felt guilty.

“We’ll still come to visit you even if we’ve graduation.”

“You are coming back, aren’t you Professor?”

“Well, that’s the plan.”

She was planning to come back once she gave birth. After all, Elsa missed her research. Elsa was writing her thesis during her maternity leave but she felt like she couldn’t concentrate.

“Hey, you guys! It’s time for the president’s speech!”


The female students walked noisy towards the male student, who had called out to them. Luca relaxed when they went away.

“You haven’t cured your gynophobia?”

“Even so, it’s much better than before……”

“Well, you seem fine even though you were surrounded by girls.”

“Because you were there.”

No one could get in between the two who were flirting so naturally. The girls earlier were an exception.



“…… I love you.”

The Elsa from before would probably have said, “What are you saying?” to those sudden words. But now she smiled and put her face on his shoulders.

“Me too.”

That’s the last chapter. Thank you so much for reading!

Translator: Blushy

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