The Characters

【Elsa Lombardini】
28 years old. The second daughter of Duke Lombardini, who missed her chance at marriage. Her older sister and three younger sisters were all married. Her youngest brother is unmarried.

She is an eccentric person who wasn’t normal in the slightest. Although she is indifferent, she is also gentle and kind.  She is sharp tongued but half the time it’s to hide her embarrassment.

She is a researcher who is studying history at the National University of Fillure. Associate professor. School girls like her because she is candid. She was also familiar with law, sociology, folklore studies and mathematics, which were necessary when learning history.

In the past, her fiancé got another woman pregnant so she was discouraged from marrying dukes but the primary cause is that she was too eccentric.

She had grey eyes covered by her chestnut-coloured lashes which gave her an intellectual aura. She wore spectacles. She had a mole at the corner of her left eye. She was not a gorgeous beautiful woman but a quiet beauty, or at least when she remained silent she was beautiful. Her birthday is at the end of the year and she is around six months older than Luca.

Height: 168 cm.


【Luca Inglacia】
28 years old. The young unmarried Duke Inglacia. He has had an inseparable relationship with Elsa since primary school and they fought over the top student position but their relationship was a rather good one.

His father handed over his duke position to him three years ago and was living quietly and comfortably with his wife at their territory. He had an older sister who was married.

He suggested the crazy idea of pretending to be sweethearts to Elsa. She agreed on the condition that he fund her research. He is really a good for nothing guy. He has recently been called, “a piece of junk”.

He was currently working as a court official and is often in the royal capital even on off seasons. Long ago, he was assaulted by a woman and developed gynophobia because of it. But he was fine with Elsa. He had many things he should apologise to Elsa for.

He was a good-looking man with black hair and clear ice blue eyes. Likewise, when he remained silent, he was a handsome man. His birthday is six months after Elsa’s, in spring.

Height: 188cm


【Alesia Marquisio】
27 years old. Elsa’s younger sister and the third daughter of Duke Lombardini. Mother of three. She was born within a year of Elsa so they were very close.

She is secretly worried about Elsa, who hasn’t married yet. She’s in high-spirits whenever Elsa consults her with things. By the way, she got married to her husband anyway even if it was a political marriage. Everyone probably thought the same as her.

She enunciates her words and will say what is on her mind.

Her amber eyes are covered by chestnut hair, which is lighter than Elsa’s. Her eyes are big and beautiful so she looks more beautiful than Elsa.

Height: 162 cm


【Teresa Aquafresca】
30 years old. Duchess Aquafresca. Eldest daughter of Duke Lombardini, which meant that she was Elsa’s sister. Mother of two. Since her Duke husband is the King’s younger brother, she was also a princess.

A level-headed person who is reckless at times. She had good taste and liked to doll them up.

The type who straightforwardly tells people bitter things with a smile on her face.

She is a beautiful woman with light brown hair and grey eyes, she had refined aura.

Height: 164 cm


【Dino Lombardini】
52 years old. Duke Lombardini. Elsa’s father. On good terms with his wife. He’s worried about his 28 year old unmarried daughter but couldn’t say so because her ex-fiancé conceived a baby with another woman. But his daughter is cute.

Weak against his wife and children. Usually in his territory in off-seasons. The King’s advisor.

He has blonde hair and grey eyes. When he was younger he was quite a good-looking man.

Height: 183 cm


【Palmyra Lombardini】
50 years old. Duchess Lombardini. Elsa’s mother. A woman with a gentle aura. Loves pranks. She thinks that it’s better to let Elsa do whatever she wants. But Elsa should make use of her pretend sweetheart because it’s fun.

Usually at her territory with her husband in off-season.

A woman with light brown hair and blue eyes.
Height: 160 cm


【Daniele Lombardini】
18 years old. The youngest son of Duke Lombardini. He has five older sisters. Just graduated from boarding school and is currently studying economics at the University of Fillure. A boy with light brown hair and sky-blue eyes. Has a bright personality and is quite frank.

Height: 180 cm


【Lionelo Aquafresca】
34 years old. Duke Aquafresca. Prince. Teresa’s husband. He had a gentle personality but there are times when he is wise and stubborn. It seems as if he’s twisted around his wife’s finger but in reality, he holds all the power in the relationship.

A handsome man with light brown hair and clear light blue eyes. Father of two.

Height: 182 cm


【Raymond Marquisio】
32 years old. Marquis Marquisio. Alesia’s husband. Everyone agrees that he is 『Insensitive』. It wasn’t as if he was an idiot, but he said whatever came to mind. Husband and wife are similar to each other. Incidentally, his marriage is a political one.

A man with brown hair and green eyes. He looked more strong than handsome.

Height: 188 cm


【Rebecca Toraetta】
28 years old. Marchioness Toraetta. Originally from Earl Grande’s household. Elsa’s classmate from high school. One of her few friends. Decisive, somewhat like an older sister type. By the way, she is in a political marriage with her husband, Gaius, who also happened to be her former classmate.

A woman with dark blonde hair and violet eyes.

Height: 158 cm

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