Chapter 02: Baby Emperor Likes Being Outside

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ and delishnoodles

“Your Majesty, we will go play in the garden today,” one of the nannies said to me and I’m a little excited. I could see the garden, but I’ve never been out there.

Well, by the standards of my previous life, it’s more like a ‘park’ than a garden… The closest thing I could think of is a botanical garden. It’s that big. Anyway, it’s huge.

I got a little excited since it’s that big. I’d like to explore it when I’m able to walk by myself.

Anyway, I was told that I would be playing in nature, so I’m looking forward to something for the first time since I’ve reincarnated. It would be nice to just lie down on the grass.

But well… They put me in a chair at the edge of the garden and just had me sit there.

Look up the meaning of ‘play’ and try again. Is it like that? You think it’s outrageous to make the Emperor lie down on the ground?

Hah, my excitement is gone.

But even so, it’s hot. I mean, I understand why they dressed me up in luxurious clothes, but they’re just too unbreathable.

I wish the wind would blow. I wish I could imagine the wind blowing and use magic.

“Au~, ah~.” (Wind, blow) I said, then the wind blew for a moment.

… Huh? Did I just succeed…? No, no, but it didn’t work last time.

… Alright, no one is looking at me. I’ll imagine using my magic to collect the moisture in the atmosphere…

“Au~, ah~.” (Water, come out)

――― PASHA.

A lump of water floated in the air for a moment and then fell…

Hey, hey, hey… What’s going on? I’ve been using magic for a while now… Huh? So, why couldn’t I use it last time?


I’ll start with my conclusion. I can use magic in the garden. I can’t use magic in my room. But, this may have been obvious had I thought about it.

This is a world where people can use magic (though not necessarily all of them). Of course, it can be used for assassination. If magic can be used inside the castle, then assassinations can be carried out at any time.

The only way to prevent that was to make it impossible to use magic inside of the castle.

It’s safe to assume that there’s something working indoors that prevents the use of magic, though I don’t know if it’s a spell or a magic tool.

However, magic tools still worked. What’s the difference…?

Well, let’s leave that aside for now. First of all, I can use magic. It’s delightful.

After that, I tried to use magic a few times behind the maids’ back.  I think I was able to grasp the feeling of manipulating magic to a certain degree.

However, that doesn’t mean I can use it naturally. I had to concentrate to finally be able to use magic.

And one more thing. I found out something important.

While I was using magic, I realised that… there’s magic inside of my body too.

It’s really easy to use magic if I use the magic in my body to control the flow of magic in the air. It’s like using a magnet to collect iron sand. It’s easy to gather magic and control it that way.

I don’t know if it’s possible to directly use the magic in the air… It’s hard to control and isn’t suitable for practicing in secret. I think I’ll practice by using the magic in my body.

By the way, you can’t activate magic using only the magic in your body. I wonder if I’ll be able to do it if I get the hang of it.


I’ve been wanting to use magic since the first day I could.

Light novels about magic have something called ‘MP’ and the more you use magic, the more it increases, so I thought I should use magic every day. Well, it doesn’t seem like I can see my status in this world, so I can’t confirm if it does increase or not.

Maybe I’m getting impatient.

But I have to go out to the garden to use magic. I mean, I have to get them to let me out, so I can use magic.

That’s why I complain every day. I didn’t care if the maids or nannies rocked me, I kept crying. Then, I stopped crying when they took me out to the garden.

This made them think that I would stop crying if they let me out into the garden, so they let me out every time I get upset.

… Well, there are times when I cried hard from impatience.

I would also regularly fall asleep whenever the nannies rock me. They’re really good at it. I used to fall asleep as soon as I got onto a vehicle in my past life, so rocking is effective against me.

Well, they’ve been letting me out nearly every day.

Naturally, I went to the garden today as well, and they put me on a chair.

As I expected, there was no one nearby. It’s like this every time I go to the garden. It was convenient for me.

It seems the only people who are allowed to directly touch me are my nannies, and the maids help them. Also, listening to the conversation between the nannies and the maids (I haven’t completely understood the language yet), it seems that my nannies are upper nobles and my maids are junior nobles.

When I go out to the garden, my nanny goes back into her room. Frankly, I just sit in the same place. It’s break time if there’s nothing to do. Well, I guess they’ll call her if I get upset.

The maids who don’t touch me keep their distance… or rather than wait at a distance they slack off instead. Well, it’s probably boring to watch me sit in one place.

Therefore, they won’t notice if I use magic. I’m careful about the magic I use though, since they might find out I can use magic if I use something flashy like fire.

So, I’ve done some research on magic. I think it’s time I draw some conclusions.

First, let’s talk about MP. I can’t tell if my MP increases every time I use magic.

Perhaps, the magic in my body doesn’t decrease even if I use it to cast spells.

This is based on my intuition, so it’s not accurate… but it didn’t decrease when I used it a few times. Well, I am using the magic in my body as a medium though.

So, I’ve concluded that I don’t have to worry about MP right now.

Now, let’s talk about magic. I’ve been able to use magic based on my imagination, but it appears quite deep.

The magic I’m using now, for example, making water balls, is very easy to use after it has rained. On sunny days, it takes a little longer to activate.

This is probably because I know that there is moisture in the air and I unconsciously collect that moisture to make a water ball. In other words, it’s affected by the humidity.

On the other hand, I can now use magic to create ice. The temperature, humidity and the presence of water had nothing to do with creating ice. I could create it out of nothing. I imagined this magic as it was portrayed in anime and games, and then I was able to create it easily. Perhaps, creating ice only required using magic.

Based on this, I tried creating water by only using magic and imagined it as depicted in games, but that didn’t go well. It was still affected by the humidity. In other words, even if I tried to change the image, my brain still thought about converting water vapour into water. I guess it’s deeply rooted in my subconscious.

Of course, I might be able to change this with time… but for now, I should increase the magic I can use as much as possible.

At any rate, I don’t have much time. I have to become strong enough to survive before the people who are keeping me alive change their minds…