Chapter 17: If I Can Stop It, Then I’ll Try Stop It

Translator: Blushy
Editor: delishnoodles

I have a memory of my young niece in my memories of my previous life which was becoming fainter day by day. 

Whenever she didn’t like something, she would clearly say, “No”, and when her parents tried to reason with her, she would sulk and say “No,” to everything. When that happened, there was nothing anyone could do. 

Until she fell asleep, exhausted from throwing a tantrum, my sister (her mother) and I would try to calm her down.

She would throw a tantrum and say, “No” even when my sister told her to go outside to reflect or that she would take away her food. She was a tomboy who couldn’t be reasoned with. 

I’m sorry, I can’t remember your name anymore, but I’m going to borrow your strategy. 

This was the only thing I could do now. It was shameful, but I could do this since I was a child. 

Now, who can stop a child who can’t be stopped by reasoning when the Emperor does it?  



It has been a long week. I haven’t heard of any news of Baron Renan being killed yet, which meant that he was still alive. 

It was finally time for my language class. The teacher, of course, was someone else. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty. I am Carlos le Vadpo, Count Vadpo. I will be in charge of your language classes starting today.”

As I recall, he was from the Regent Faction, and was an aristocrat who held the newly created position of the Emperor’s aide-de-camp, or something. I remember him, but first, I had to get a testimony from this man. 

“Who are you? More importantly, where’s Baron Renan? Bring him to me as soon as possible.”

The Count’s face twisted.

“No, I will be your language teacher from today on.”

“I don’t need you, just bring me Baron Renan.”

Aristocrats are a prideful bunch. He wouldn’t like being told that by a child. It was easy to fish for words to say. 

“I’m sorry, but the Baron is in prison. It would be absurd to bring a heretic like him before Your Majesty.”

It worked. 

“What? Prison…?”

Now I know that the Baron was being held in prison.

I don’t need to hold back anymore. 

“I never heard about this. Who did such a selfish thing? Get him out here.”

“Your Majesty, I can’t do that.”

“You can’t?”

A well-educated child would accept this even if they don’t understand, but I wasn’t educated like that. 

“Are you telling me you won’t listen to what I, the Emperor, am telling you what to do?!?!”

“Ha? No, but…”

“Then, did you do it?! Guards! Kill this man! For disrespect!!”

“No! It wasn’t me!!”

My words may have been unreasonable. But then again, I was never taught reasoning!

“Shut up! Kill him now! What are you doing, Guards?! You’re traitors?!”

From that point on, I just persisted that they kill him. 

It was the Emperor’s madness. Naturally, they called someone who could stop me. 

Then, I threw a tantrum at the Chancellor and Chief of the Ministry of Ceremonies who came in a hurry. 

“You put my favourite teacher in jail without permission!”

“I wasn’t told anything.”

“You’re ignoring the Emperor!”

I also threatened them of being ‘traitors’. Those who don’t listen to me are traitors and are trying to kill the Emperor, so I have to kill them. 

“Kill the one who did it!!”

That was what you were teaching me!!

Although, this was only a tantrum. Of course, no one would be killed. 

The two of them said, “We’ll look into it”, and ran off. There was nothing the two of you didn’t know. Incidentally, the Count also fled during the confusion. 

Things were going according to the plan up to this point. 

The problem started from here… 

I ran out of the room. No one stopped me as if they were trying not to wake a sleeping lion. 

I ran straight to the building where the Regent was. 



“Your Majesty. Don’t trust Lord Raul. He’s definitely up to no good.”

This was what the Regent once said. Perhaps, she was hostile towards the Chancellor. 

However, she has been kept out of politics for a long time by the Chancellor, who doesn’t want her to interfere, and the Chief of the Ministry of Ceremonies, who wanted her to refrain from doing what she wanted even though she was his daughter. The Chief of the Ministry of Ceremonies may not want two leaders. It may be called the ‘Regent Faction’, but he may believe that he was the faction’s only representative. 

Therefore, I needed to drag the Regent out… which was something they both didn’t want. 

“Mother, Mother. Please help me.”

I shook off the maids who were trying to stop me and entered the Regent’s bedroom with tears welling up in my eyes. 

 Oh, I created the tears with magic. 

“Oh my, Your Majesty. What’s wrong?”

… Yes! I’m glad she wasn’t in the middle of having an affair with her lover. Honestly, that was my biggest concern. 

I told her what had happened. But… I was a child, so my explanation was inadequate and somewhat different from the facts, but that was fine. 

“The Chancellor put Timona Renan, whom Mother gave to me, and Baron Frederic Renan, my favourite teacher, in jail.”

Timona Renan had nothing to do with this and the slight difference was that (part of) the Chancellor Faction had put Frederic in jail (with the Chief of the Ministry of Ceremonies consent).


“But they don’t listen to me at all. I just asked them to release the Baron but… they ignored me… and I’m sure they’re planning on taking over this nation. They’re going to kill me!”

Of course, they won’t listen to me if I tell them to ‘kill’, and I only asked them to release the Baron once, and they included the Chief of the Ministry of Ceremonies, but those were just small discrepancies. 

“It’s alright now. I’m going to help you.”

“Really…? I can believe you…?”

I acted weak and confirmed. I had said that myself, but it was lame for an Emperor to cling to his mother and cry. 

But it was natural for a child to cry to his mother. So even if I, the Emperor, were to cry to my mother, the Regent, it would be overlooked as a ‘child’s act’ even if the two factions split in half and become four factions. 

“Yes, of course. I’ll make sure you get what you want.”

“Thanks… Thank you very much… The only one I can rely on is you, Mother.”

I gave her a hug for good measure. 

The Regent will soon learn that this matter had been approved by the Chief of the Ministry of Ceremonies. 

But she ran the risk of being hated by me if she didn’t act. There was a good chance that I would rely on her if she acted, and she would be able to return to politics. 

The Chief of the Ministry of Ceremonies might act arrogant in front of his daughter, but more than that, he can attack the Chancellor’s faction. He received rights for handing the Baron over. He won’t have to lose the things he had received with a single sentence of ‘things have changed’. In fact, he would be the person who benefits the most. 

If this happens, then the Chancellor will definitely ‘cut his losses’. He could also tell me that ‘my brother did it’. 

George V was the leader of the western sect. He won’t be dismissed no matter what I say or how much the Regent protests, but he would lose face. 

The Regent can interfere with politics by relying on me, and the Regent Faction will have ‘two leaders’. George V and the others who were forced to take responsibility will be dissatisfied and the Chancellor Faction will become like a ticking bomb. 

They can destroy each other with their suspicions. 

Reduce the power of both factions without being detected. That was my original goal. 

Well, as far as I was concerned, I have nothing to say if the Baron is released. 

The only matter left was if I made it in time or not.