Chapter 50: War of Different Races

Translator: Blushy
Editor: delishnoodles

We had a light strategy meeting after that, then both the Gotilova and Atururu tribes went into battle formation, but it was still unclear whether there would be a battle. 

The Ghafur army had originally planned to easily capture the Emperor, who would have been confused by their sudden attack. 

They should have given up and retreated once he escaped and joined up with friendly troops, but…

“The enemy seems very determined.”

“Salomon? You’ve shown up at a very opportune moment.”

I said and Salomon de Valverde bowed his head in silence. 

“Where are the maids?”

“I’ve ordered them to find Rosalia as her maids. I’m sure they should be in town right about now asking questions about where she may be.”

… I see. 

I’m glad that the negotiations with Genadieffe and Peter Pearl went well, and I’ve started to see things in a different light now that I’ve calmed down. 

“You said that the Ghafur cavalry number about 1000, but it looks like there’s twice as many. If you knew about this beforehand, then it should be easy to explain.”

“The Ghafur cavalry is classified as a heavy cavalry. The mounted lances they carry penetrate well but are easily broken, so they return to their own positions to receive new lances after each charge. So, they are accompanied by an attendant who holds their replacements.”

Salomon explained, not seeming discomposed at all. 

Well, I don’t have any evidence to blame him with, and he will just evade my accusations, and I have no intention of blaming him for this at all. 

By the way, Timona, who had come to his own conclusions, was glaring at Salomon. 

I should pull myself together and focus on the battle that is about to start right in front of me. 

The Ghafur army consisted of about 1000 cavalrymen and 1,500 attendants. They are forming a semi-circle around the hillside. 

In contrast, we have about 500 Atururu cavalrymen and 300 Gotilova soldiers. Of these, only the 300 Gotilova soldiers were on the hill, the Atururu cavalry were spread out on the plains facing the enemy’s left flank. 

“… Is it really alright with a plan like that, Your Majesty?”

“I don’t know their way of fighting or their best tactics. It would be better to leave it up to them.”

When we were discussing tactics before, I left everything to Genadieffe and Peter Pearl. As a result, it was decided that the Atururu cavalry will simply reduce the number of enemies and the Gotilovas will not be fighting on the foot of the hill, but a little higher where the trees were thicker to draw the enemy into the hill, their preferred battleground. It’s possible for an attack to fly up towards me with this strategy since I will be at the top of the hill… but I can stop them with Christel.

The two had said that they would never be beaten if they played to their strengths and I’m not a military expert, so I left everything to them.

“But the Atururu cavalry are far away from here. They might defect.”

“I understand your concern, Timona… but I think we’ll be fine this time. The person who thought up this plot seems to be quite brilliant. This battle will probably…”

… Saying we’ll win will be like raising a losing flag. I’ll stop there. 

“Hmm? The enemy’s moving. Huh… did they get off their horse?”

“That’s one of the reasons why people say the Ghafur army is strong. They are also trained as infantry.”

The hill where we were positioned was barely near the summit but the rest of the hill was covered with trees. The enemy concluded that it would be impossible to attack with a cavalry. 

“Your Majesty, the Atururu tribe has begun their assault on the enemy’s left flank.”

Only the soldiers on the centre and right flanks dismounted from their horses while the left flank was engaged with the Atururu tribe.

“Oh, the Atururu tribe has already started their retreat.”

According to the information provided by Peter Pearl, the Atururu cavalry attacked using bows. 

Bows still have a longer range than guns in this world. The bows the Atururu tribe use seem to be special and more superior to other bows. They probably used compound bows. 

The Ghafur army used close formation and charged in unison. The Atururu tribe, on the other hand, also maintained a high level of coordination as they continued to fire their bows while retreating. Both are elite cavalrymen who had been training for a long time. They are well coordinated. 

“It’s as if we’re watching art.”

It was a small-scale battle, but I felt as if I was witnessing the world’s greatest battle. 

“With the way they’re fighting, the enemy could split into two and be pushed to go around to the unprotected side of the hill.”

“You make a good point, Timona… but Genadieffe will deal with them if that happens.”

From what I can see, the Atururu cavalry also seemed to be separating to prevent the enemy’s left flank from falling back. Instead of retreating at the same speed, they were breaking the enemy’s formation little by little by retreating at different speeds, it was like they were a wave. 

Then a trumpet sounded simultaneously from the enemy. 

“The enemy infantry has begun to advance, Your Majesty. They have entered the hilly area.”

The enemy’s right flank and centre advanced and stopped in front of the slope, then those who looked like mages stepped forward. 

“Is that… magic?”

“It’s summoning magic. Most of them can only summon weak demons that will dissipate with a single bullet…”

“They’re using the summons to avoid the bullets, and in a battle like this, they could be used to locate the enemy.”

It reminded me that I was living in a fantasy world when I saw that magic was used in war. 

“The Gotilova soldiers are… quiet.”

They should be on this hill as well, but I haven’t seen or heard from them. 

The Ghafur army seemed to think that the enemy was few in number and resumed its advance, but…

“The summoned demons are gradually decreasing silently… that’s frightening.”

A full-scale battle began between the two armies but the Gotilova tribe, who were outnumbered, probably had the upper hand. The Gotilova tribe’s fighting style, however, wasn’t visible at all due to the trees. 

After that, I watched the battle while fending off enemy magic that came flying this way from time to time. 

It happened then. 

“Hmm? Isn’t the area behind the enemy’s right flank where the attendants are lining up collapsing?”

Some of the attendants in the right and centre flank were waiting in the line of battle and had not entered the hillside. They were probably reserves who were taking care of the horses that had been dismounted. Some of them suddenly collapsed. 

“Half of our troops were hidden in the woods behind the enemy’s right flank.”

Apparently, this was Salomon’s doing. Were the reports about the former child soldiers of the Belbe Kingdom having already experienced war… true? 

… Aren’t they collapsing too much even if it were? 

Upon closer inspection, I saw several swords were thrown from the forest. 

… There’s no doubt. The man in the butler’s uniform is here too.

“This might be your apology… but I don’t intend to blame you.”

I couldn’t help but let my true feelings slip out in a whisper. 

If he’s here, then the chaos will spread even further. 

“The enemy’s infantry unit seems a lot thinner too… The Gotilova’s are terrifying.”

What’s frightening was that the enemy commanders can’t see the damage and therefore can’t notice that they are being destroyed. When I look at them, all I can think is, “Hey, when did they lose so many soldiers?” The enemy wouldn’t understand what’s happening to them. 

The mountains are truly a garden to them. This may also be the first battle between the Gotilova tribe and the Ghafur army. The Ghafur army didn’t know how the Gotilova’s fought and the Golitova’s, whose enemies changed from a cavalry unit to an infantry unit. The difference between them was obvious. 

“The enemy’s left flank is crumbling.”

The Atururu cavalry was the winner because of their affinity. The heavy cavalry which emphasizes attacking with heavy armour and the light cavalry who mainly shoot from out of range and are fast on their feet. It was already a one-sided battle. 

“The battle situation is tilting in our favour. I think the enemy will retreat soon.”

I nodded at Salomon’s words. 

We had the advantage. The confusion in the rear of the enemy’s right flank was spreading and the enemy will soon give up on the Emperor and retreat. 

“It’s about time.”

“Your Majesty…”

Timona, who guessed what I was about to do, uttered in dismay.

The enemy will retreat with the current situation, but that won’t destroy them. 

If all goes well, this is a chance to eliminate 1000 elite forces from Ghafur Republic. I couldn’t let this chance pass as the Emperor of the Empire.

It doesn’t matter if those here know. The Gotilova and Atururu tribes will say nothing if there is no proof that I used magic. 

I manipulated my magic. I learnt that the range of magic was slightly longer than a gun and shorter than a bow while I was preventing the magic from earlier. 

I can expect a certain amount of damage from the range… Of course, rifles have the furthest range and damage. 

Well, anyway, the effective range of magic isn’t that far. The further away magic is from the mage who cast it, the more difficult it is to control, thus, the power of the magic decreases. 

“The commander is… that?”

“What if it’s only difficult to control for a second?”

“『Flama Lacus』”

The straight ray of light penetrated the enemy commander. 

I could have fired a few more times… but if someone who I didn’t want to know found out about this, it would be meaningless. So this much will do. 

“The enemy commander is dead… The Ghafur army is in chaos and will crumble. Prepare for pursuit.”

“… Hah?”

The Ghafur army lost nearly half their men in this battle and because of the pursuit that followed. The Gotilova and Atururu tribes didn’t suffer much. It was a one-sided battle after they found out who I truly am.