Extra 07: L’Mitedeau’s Revival 02

Translator: Blushy
Editor: delishnoodles

Fabio’s title of ‘the son of the Emperor’s vassal’ is a very useful title in many places but it wasn’t useful everywhere because the nations of this continent believe that the Empire is declining. 

The Hismaphe Kingdom… located in the northern part of this continent was one of those nations ‘that didn’t expect much from the Empire’. 

The leaders of the fleets from Hismaphe Kingdom accepted a meeting with Fabio because they were distressed about the political position of their kingdom. It would have caused no problems if they came up with a reason to refuse this meeting, but they didn’t have time to consult with their kingdom. If this meeting was important, then it would make the other party unhappy to have to wait. 

Both sides met at a high-class restaurant in the port town of the Belbe Kingdom. The establishment is famous for its private rooms which are useful for discussions. Fabio had recommended this establishment. 

(It’s a necessary expense, so I have to pay… I have to pay for it…)

Fabio uttered. He had been in hiding for a long time and hadn’t eaten much fine food, so he skipped breakfast and lunch for this dinner. 

He will do his job, but his job and appetite were two separate matters; this was the argument in Fabio’s mind… A guard dressed as a maid, who was standing next to him, looked at him in exasperation, but he didn’t care as he waited for the fleet captains. 

A waiter ushered three sailors into the room. The first one had a wholesome smile on his face. He bowed his head in a soft demeanor and said, “Hello.” His name is Herbert Paani and is vice-captain of the fleet. 

The second man was an elderly man named Raymond Lampugnani. He is the captain of the Patroclaris flagship… but his facial features were like those of a pirate captain. The countless scars on his face allowed people to surmise that he has been through numerous fierce battles. 

And the third and final person to enter the room is the fleet’s commander, Ugolino di Bio, the second son of Count Bio. 

Fabio was astonished to see him. 

He was a giant man with a majestic appearance and demeanour. His appearance was so majestic that it would have been alright to call him a hero or a supreme ruler. His unmoving expression reminded Fabio of the solidity of steel. 

(He might be a tough opponent…)

“Please have a seat.”

Fabio was ready to talk with them after regaining his composure. 



After introducing themselves to each other, they chatted amicably and tucked into the course meal that was being served. 

However, only the vice-captain, Herbert, was talking to Fabio. The captain, Raymond, was uninterested and focused on his meal and the fleet commander, Ugolino, was as iron faced as ever. 

Fabio had confirmed the purpose and actions of the fleet before coming to this meeting. The purpose and actions of the fleet was so interesting, that Fabio didn’t just simply contact them, he also set up a place for them to talk. 

Their goal is to have a round-the-world trip… In other words, they were travelling to prove that the world is round. 

“By the way… why did you want to meet with us today?”

Herbert asked as dessert was being served. He was the diplomatic representative of the fleet. 

“I heard that you were planning on a round-the-world expedition, and I wanted to talk to you about it.”

“Ah, so you knew about it. I’ll tell you as much as I can.”

Herbert smiled gently and Fabio cut to the chase. 

“I only know about the northern continent and the ‘old continent’ that is written in the holy scriptures… but it seems like you have discovered other continents as well.”

“Yes, we found a continent to the east, and the people in the central continent call this the ‘western continent’.”

“Oh… could you tell me more about it?”

“Of course.”

Five continents have been discovered in this world. The ‘old continent’ which is the origin of the Holy One Church, is called the central continent, and there are four other continents located to the east, west, south and north of the central continent. 

Of those, the northern continent is an extremely cold place where magic beasts still roam while many people settled to the east due to the vast land that stretched eastward. 

The central continent is referred to as the ‘old continent’ in the holy scriptures, and they had superior technology than the east in those times, countless nations have risen and fallen due to countless wars, and they are now in a waning state. 

The southern continent is mostly covered with dense forests and is inhabited by a race called beastmen. 

The western continent is the only continent that is almost unknown. 

“Our goal includes exploring this western continent.”

“Oh! That’s great! You’re close to making history.”

(He’s talking about this too easily… is it a trap? No, there’s no point in setting a trap with this kind of information.)

There was still no change in the fleet commander or captain. Fabio concluded that it was impossible to tell what they were thinking from their expressions. 

“I’m sure His Majesty would be interested in this as well… so, will you be heading to the western continent first?”

“No, we plan to head to the central continent first, then we’ll head to the west through the northern continent. It’s unfortunate, but it’s an order from above.”

Herbert’s words made Fabio’s head turn. 

(What the fuck is the Hismaphe Kingdom thinking? … No, it’s not my place to judge them. More importantly, why is he telling me this? Is it not… a state secret?)

“I see. How long are you planning on travelling for?”

“We haven’t decided yet… since we don’t know how big the western continent is. But why are you asking?”

“To tell you the truth… His Majesty is interested in the holy scriptures, since he seems to have doubts about the world being round. Would you be… able to come to the imperial capital after you’ve successfully completed your expedition? We would be delighted to welcome you.”

This a decision that he had made on his own, but this was because he concluded that this round-the-world trip would take several years and believed that Carmine might be in control by then. 

Carmine would surely want them if they were good enough to successfully complete a round-the-world trip. It was never too early to start persuading them now. 

“Thanks for the invitation. I’ll think about it.”

“It’s alright. If you don’t mind… There’s something I’d like to ask you. Have you heard of the ‘Golden Fleece’?”

This was the first time that Captain Raymond’s eyebrows twitched. 

“Well… We don’t know much about them, but it seems that our kingdom treats them as an imaginary enemy. We should investigate them immediately.”

Fabio asked him about the association, but Herbert suddenly started talking about ‘his kingdom’. So, they know that the ‘Golden Fleece’ are behind the Theanabe Union independence. 

Then, Raymond suddenly spoke. 

“I’d like to order a drink. Would you like one?”

Raymond knew that Fabio is a child, so he was implying that it was time to call it a night. 

Fabio looked at the three. All three of them still had the same expressions on their faces. Fabio concluded that he couldn’t get any more information out of them, so he refused and stood up. 

“No, I have to refuse since I’m still only 13. I’ll leave you all to it… What’s wrong?”

Fabio looked up and Herbert’s eyes were opened wide in surprise. 

“Eh, you’re 13?”

They knew that Fabio was a child, but they didn’t think he was that young. 

“Yes, oh, I didn’t tell you my age, but don’t let appearances deceive you. Now then, please take your time.”



The room was quiet for a while after Fabio left. 

The first to speak was Captain Raymond.

“He told us… not to be deceived by appearances? Kuku, he’s right. Ain’t that right, Commander?”


The fleet commander, Ugolion… muttered weakly in a trembling voice. 

This man, who looked like a hero or a supreme ruler, has never been in a fight before and can’t even use a sword. He didn’t join the conversation because he was too scared to speak up, not because he was agitated. 

“I was concentrating on my meal, so I wouldn’t make a mistake, and it worked… Waah, that was close.”

Herbert started talking as soon as dessert was served and answered Fabio’s questions without reservation because he sensed that Ugolino, who was sitting close to him, was on the verge of breaking. 

“So? Was it alright for you to easily give away secrets like that?”

“It’s fine, since we’re also being used. We need to connect with a lot of different places or else we can’t return.”

Herbert shrugged his shoulders. 

“I’m fine with not returning though. Well, it’ll also be fun to watch the Empire fall.”

“Our captain has vulgar tastes… but well, I wonder if it will really fall. The Empire might make a surprising recovery.”

Herbert whispered that last sentence before quietly sipping his tea.