Extra 08: Setting 01

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◊ Empire

【The Former Giorus Dynasty of Lothar Empire】Year 101 before the new calendar ~ Year 248 on the solar calendar (including when it was a kingdom)

The capital was Odunau. It lasted for about 20 generations. In its golden age, it was a dominant power on the Eastern Continent and had influence throughout the continent.


【Accepting the Holy One Teachings】 Year 53

At this time, the Lothar Kingdom, which believed in the same polytheistic religion as the ‘Great Monarchy Kalnaan’, located to the south of the Empire, was in a peculiar situation where it was superior to the Great Monarchy Kalnaan in terms of power, but the Lothar Kingdom had to pay homage to them in terms of religion. Then, Lothar Kingdom succeeded in escaping from the political interference of the Great Monarchy Kalnaan by accepting the Holy One Teachings which had spread far and wide to the east of the Heavenly Mountain Range. From this point, the Lothar Kingdom took its name from the legendary ‘Hyperion empire’ and changed its name to Lothar Empire.


【Collapse of the Eastern Gate】Year 222

A rebellion broke out in the year 220 due to the tyranny of the Chancellor. The Chancellor fled when he couldn’t suppress the rebellion. The capital Odunau fell to the small group of rebels. This was called the ‘Collapse of the Eastern Gate’ because they broke into the capital through the Eastern Gate.

This rebellion damaged the Empire’s influence causing more rebellions and vassal states to frequently declare their independence.

Civil war (234-239) also broke out during this period due to religious conflicts. As a result, the ‘Great Schism Period’ began.

Year 248. Ghafur mercenaries, Grakion, kidnapped the last Emperor (it was said that he was killed on route), and the city was destroyed.


【The Great Schism】Year 245


Aquicurl Kingdom declared its independence which led to other lords declaring their independence. It was said that nearly 20 nations were established at its peak.


『Three Dynasties』

The three nations which called themselves Empires during The Great Schism are called the Three Dynasties.


【Phetail Dynasty of the Lothar Empire】Year 249 – 282

The Chancellor, who had escaped the capital just before the fall of the Empire, with a set of treasures used by successive emperors, ascended to the throne as the successor of the Lothar Empire in the fortified city of Haulow, and his line continued for three generations.


【Later Giorus Dynasty of Lothar Empire’】Year 252-309

The dynasty founded by a distant relative of the Former Giorus Dynasty. The Phetail Dynasty finally fell after three generations, but the political situation was a mess since they tried to revive the political system of the Former Giorus Dynasty and made the frontier city ‘Odunau’ their capital. ‘Hakurea’s Folly’ was the final blow, and this dynasty was destroyed in four generations.


『Hakurea’s Folly』

When the Third Emperor died, he had no children, so the legitimate heir to the throne was Cardinal Bungdalto, the son of the only sister of the Second Emperor, but Empress Hakurea didn’t like the idea of a barbarian becoming emperor, so she adopted her brother’s son and made him the Fourth Emperor. Many aristocrats abandoned the Fourth Emperor and he failed to suppress the survivors of the Phetail Dynasty. The Later Giorus Dynasty was destroyed by the Seldonal Dynasty that the survivors from the Phetail Dynasty created.


【Seldonal Dynasty of Lothar Empire】Year 299-312

Founded as the successor to the Phetail Dynasty. The capital was Haulow. They were destroyed by Emperor Cardinal in only two generations even though they had destroyed the Later Giorus Dynasty.