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— TN: I’m not translating the Japanese in the map since that will require me to open PS, and they’re quite small even for me… but will name some places… the maps should give you a general idea of the geography…

『Eastern Continent』

Note: Bolded text is the Heavenly Mountains, the big landmass to the left is the Bungdalto Empire and on the right is Teiwa.

The fiefs that the Empire ceded to the Rocourt Kingdom (under Bungdalto on the right next to the Heavenly Mountain) and the Aplada Kingdom (under Bungdalto on the left) was quite vast, but most of the land ceded to the Rocourt Kingdom was close to the Heavenly Mountains and most of the land is mountainous. The land ceded to the Aplada Kingdom is also home to many former Aquicurl aristocrats, and they are constantly rebelling against the Aplada Kingdom.

『Faction Power』

Blue: Direct fief of Duke Carl du van Raul (Chancellor) – minus the fief under his direct control.

Orange: Direct fief of Duke Philipe de Gade Aquicurl (the Chief of the Ministry of Ceremonies) – minus the fief under his direct control.

Purple: Aristocrats from Chancellor’s faction.

Light yellow: Aristocrats from the Regent faction.

Red: Fief under the direct control of the Emperor (supposedly)

Green: Neutral Aristocrats.

Lord Raul’s fief was vast mostly because when his father, Jean (not the Crown Prince), was appointed as Lord Raul, he went to war with Ghafur Republic and due to the short sightedness of the 6th Emperor, Edward III, the eastern part of his fief was mountainous and didn’t have many open fields.

『Area around the Empire』

Red from right to left: Aplada Kingdom, Venima Kingdom, Rocourt Kingdom.

Green: Belbe Kingdom, Tomis Ashinaqui, Eri Kingdom, Gayuhi Kingdom

Purple Line: Ghafur Republic

A simplified map of the Empire. The Belbe Kingdom has had its borders pushed back quite a bit.

『Empire Lords』

1. Lower Duke Raul    22. Count Newnbal

2. Marquis Etrusal    23. Marquis Lathario

3. Marquis Lufini    24. Count Zelfin

4. Marquis Arndal    25. Count Mayomlal

5. Count Vadpo    26. Count Etaek

6. Count Beria     27. Count Odameyom

7. Count Voddi    28. Count Copardwall

8. Marquis L’Mitedeau   29. Count Vigne

9. Count Bunra    30. Marquis Aquicurl Diederich

10. Duke Aphora    31. Count Aquicurl Sei

11. Count Pecsar    32. Count Kalkus

12. Count Dinka    33. Marquis Sagon

13. Count Nummecht    34. Count Chamneaux

14. Count Pildy    35. Marquis Aquicurl Nove

15. Marquis Emassache   36. Marquis Aquicurl Torre

16. Marquis Dzran    37. Duke Adkal

17. Duke Warung    38. Marquis Haido Nove

18. Count Bailer Torre    39. Marquis Haido Terre

19. Marquis Maldorsa    40. Count Point

20. Count Bailer Nove    41. Self-governing Gotilova

21. Count Kushad

I’m sorry if it’s difficult to look at the map. The status goes: Duke > Marquis > Count.

Please note that 36-40 currently don’t belong to the Empire and parts of 15 and 16 are now part of the Aplada Kingdom.

The Chancellor’s official name is ‘Carl du van Raul, Lord Raul, Marquis Lufini, Marquis Etrusal’.

The official title of the Chief of the Ministry of Ceremonies is ‘Phillip du Garde Aquicurl, Lord Aquicurl, Marquis Sagon, Count Vigne.”

Marquis Lufini fief and Marquis Etrusal fief have combined to become Lower Duke Raul fief. This was where the name ‘Both Lord Raul’ came from.

The smaller fiefs with higher titles were those with mineral resources and great grain-production. On the other hand, the larger fiefs with lower titles are relatively undeveloped.

The fiefs are still developing differently and need reorganisation.

『Bungdalto Family Tree』

Siblings are listed from right to left in order of the earliest birth, but the birth order is different for Charles II and Edward IV’s children.

Charles II’s children are Edward III > Charles Petre > Jean > Phillip.

Edward IV’s children are Jean > Ys > Maria.

Edward IV’s daughter Ys renounced her right to succession when she married.

Incidentally, Lord Aquicurl can take the name ‘Gade’ (or not if he chose not to) because he was the son of the 5th Emperor. His children would have the name van Aquicurl. Lord Aquicurl is quite old at this point. He was born In 389, so (if the author’s calculations are correct), he will be 79 years old at the time of the coronation ceremony.

『Relationship between the Royal Family』

I’m sorry if it’s difficult to see.

People with red crosses on their names have been murdered. Blue circled means they are imprisoned.

Lothar and Bungdalto law states that Lord Aquicurl has a higher chance of inheriting.

So, Lord Raul tried to bend the laws and nominated Marquis Aquicurl Diederich’s wife, Eleanor, for the position of Emperor (with the promise that her position would be temporary and that her son would immediately inherit the throne.

It was impossible to claim that Lord Phillip Aquicurl had no claim to the throne at all since he was a son born by a concubine and was the half-brother of the traitor Charles Petre.

Lord Aquicurl also followed suit and nominated Marguerite, the wife of Marquis L’Mitedeau and that was the beginning of the ‘Three Families Rebellion’.