Chapter 01: Summons 01

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『Won’t you save us? YES or NO』

What should I do if I’m on my way home one day and I see a display like that in front of me?

No, something like this wouldn’t normally appear in front of people. I know. 

Of course, I’ve never seen something like this before either. 

But one day I saw it in front of me. 

While returning home tired in the dark of the night, those letters floated in front of me. The display was blindingly bright and flickering, as if they were telling me to look at me. 

As a lower-middle class citizen who has lived a normal and steady life up to that point, the thought of dismissing the ‘save us?’ and running away didn’t occur to me. 

Because wouldn’t people normally think, “What would you like me to do?”

Eh, people normally wouldn’t think that? But, I did. 

I did think that this was unusual, but I was tired, and my judgement was apparently impaired, and those floating letters were clearly speaking to me, so I couldn’t help but say, “Hm, with what…?”

Then, a light enveloped my body at that moment, and I fell head first. ―――


――― Is it heart-warming to see old men cheering while jumping up and down? 

“The summoning for the『Saint of Prophecy』is successful!” I can see an old man proclaim this with his chest sticking out proudly. 

He was wearing the strangest and most portentous clothing I’ve ever seen, along with pompous-looking ornaments.

Sum… mon? Sum… ‘Summoning’!?


When I was stunned by this overwhelming fact, the old men noticed this, and their cheering gradually died down. 

The man wearing the most important looking robes stepped forward and spoke, “And, which one of you is the 『Saint of Prophecy』?”

Excuse me? Which one?

I couldn’t help but follow the man’s line of sight, and to my surprise, a familiar face was sitting behind me, still as stunned as I was.

Hime… You too!? Why did she follow me at a time like this too?!

My control barely suppressed the urge to shout that. 

What a sad fate to be accompanied by the person I wanted to stay away from the most in this situation…

Honestly, the fact that I still had to be with her was more shocking than the sudden scene change. 

After all, this girl was a nuisance. She followed me around for a long time, approached my family and friends in an overly-friendly way. Then, she would slander me, even though we weren’t close, and took everything away from me. She still pretends that we’re best friends even though she isolated me. 

Because of her, I’ve been mistreated by most of my friends, and I’ve become estranged from my family and was on the verge of neurosis. 

Why the hell has she been persistently clinging to me no matter how much I try to avoid her, protest, dislike her, run away, and never pay attention to her? 

I can’t believe that she followed me in this sudden situation. 

I can only say that her strange tenacity is admirable. Scary. 

As soon as her eyes met with mine, she jumped up to me and whispered in my ear in the same friendly way she always treats me. 

“Hey! Isn’t this the world of 『Saviour’s Garden』? This 『Saint of Prophecy』is the Heroine in it, right? Even the man who just spoke is a 『high priest』! Didn’t we just get isekai’d into another world? Wait, why were you summoned? Omg, this is amazing! Yay! I’m glad I followed you!”


Followed me? You…

But come to think of it, there was a game like that… Yes, an otome game? I found it at a second-hand store last year and bought it out of curiosity. Then, I lost it sometime after I’d played through the Prince route. Why does Hime know about an old game that was sold cheaply at a second-hand store? 

“Ah, look, it says over there that that man is the『Top Notch Magician, Polul』. Besides, doesn’t this place look exactly like the『Saint of Prophecy’s』summoning scene?!” Although, Hime was talking excitedly. 

“Eeh, name? Where is it written? Was there a scene like this? I have no idea…”

I only have dim memories of such a scene, and I have no recollection of the name of such an obviously unimportant person…

“Hah? It’s above his head. It’s like a nameplate. You can’t see it?”

“Nope, not at all.”

“What? No way…”

Unfortunately, I don’t see that kind of nameplate anywhere. No, everyone’s normal. 

Why is she the only person who can see it? Can she really see something like that? 

However, the『Saint of Prophecy』… As I recall, she’s a saint in the game who can catch glimpses of the future. She used her foresight and healing powers to lead the kingdom to prosperity. 

With those cheats, in such a convenient world, it was a game where the Saint Heroine captured good-looking men such as the Prince, the High Priest’s son, the Head Magician and the Captain’s son. I remember that this game was set up in a way that even those who weren’t captured would pamper the Heroine. Anyhow, it was a dull and opportunistic game. Thanks to that, I enjoyed the ‘who should I capture’ reverse harem situation at first, but well, the game was too dull, and I got bored of it. 

But she knew about this game even though it wasn’t popular and was old. Did she steal this game from me too? When? And she even played it a lot. But seriously? She talked about it as if it was nothing. I don’t get her…

“Oh, the Prince.” Hime’s eyes suddenly sparkled. I looked in front of me and, come to think of it, he does have a face like that. My first capture target was also the Prince of this Kingdom. 

As expected of a capture target in an otome game, he looks sparkly and handsome. But in the game, he was generally a narcissist. 

The Prince stopped in front of us and said with a beautiful smile, “Welcome 『Saint of Prophecy』. We warmly welcome you to our land. So, which one of you is the Saint?”