Chapter 02: Summons 02

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That’s right, there was only one person summoned in the game, but even if you ask me which one of us is the Saint, how would I know? We’re both normal people. While I thought enthusiastically to myself, Hime stood up vigorously and shouted, “It’s me! Because I know that person over there is High Priest Lin, that person is Top Notch Magician Polul, and of course, I know Prince Loire!”

Her words startled everyone who was present, and then they prostrated themselves on the spot. 

After all, a newly summoned person had suddenly guessed the name and status of the people who are present. 

It is indeed surprising.

I mean, what!? Just how much did she play that game? Why does she even remember the names and faces of mob characters?!

I thought, but come to think of it, can’t she see the names of everyone here? 

“Oh! Wonderful! You are the 『Saint of Prophecy』. We welcome you to our land. Please save our kingdom.”

“Oh my, gladly.”

The Prince didn’t even look at me, who was stunned. He kneeled in front of Hime and took her hand, then they left the room.

I’m shocked…

Yes, even if this is an incomprehensible other world, and even if we’re the only two who are acquainted, her attitude of easily abandoning her only acquaintance to gain an advantage for herself is even more refreshing. 

Well, that’s how she is. Yes, I knew that. 

Come to think of it, it’s like that though, isn’t it? If you’ve played this game from start to finish, you’ll know the future of this kingdom, since it’s the same in the basic scenario. Once you get through the story, you can get a general idea of how things will play out. 

In the game, this kingdom is in the middle of war with a neighbouring kingdom. The『Saint of Prophecy』is able to predict the circumstances of the enemy nation, and this kingdom will win the war thanks to her advice. 

She foretold things like who would die and when and what moves to make to win. Since it’s an otome game, the warfare situation wasn’t complicated and it’s a pretty simple story. 

After all, the main part of the game is the interaction between the main character, the『Saint of Prophecy』and her capture targets, who are wrapped around her fingers because of her abilities. The game ends when she leads her kingdom to victory and has a glamorous wedding with her capture target with the blessing of the nation. 

Hime concluded the current situation of this kingdom in a split second from her memories of the game and was first to announce herself as the 『Saint of Prophecy』; the Heroine. 

How strong-willed she is…

She snatched everything away while I was stunned…

“Excuse me… Who might you be?”

While people were moving out of the summoning room while feeling relieved that it was all over, the person who spoke to me as I sat paralyzed and forgotten was a young man who looked like a priest or magician apprentice, in any case, his position is clearly low. 

“Hmm, well… I wonder?”

My title of 『Saint of Prophecy』had been stolen. 

Even so, it seems that some officials have decided they couldn’t leave me alone, since I was also summoned, so I was sent to the 『Great Magician』.

Well, they clearly don’t need the genuine one. 

And yet, as I had suspected, I was notified that I couldn’t return to my original world. Well, my original world was also messed up because of that Hime, but I wanted to have a choice. I was troubled. Or, I wanted to be troubled? 

But how can they know how to summon us but not how to send us back? 

In the face of the kingdom’s crisis there may be thoughts of individual rights, but you know, I’m not someone from this kingdom. 

I have no obligations. 

Finally, can people stop looking at me with eyes that seem to say, “Oh, it’s the extra person who’s clinging to the Saint.”

But they couldn’t just throw me out since they had summoned me, and they thought I might have some unusual cheat ability, since I came from another world. Well, to put it bluntly, I got treated like an observation object, or a laboratory animal, or something like that.

Or maybe they’d rather protect and monitor me than just leave me be, to complain and act out. 

It looks like everyone in this world has some kind of magic and skill that matches their personality.  

However, things would go smoothly if there is someone here who could appraise other’s magic capabilities around, but, unfortunately, people who can do that are rare, and there is no one who can do that among the magicians in the castle, who are an elite group of magicians. 

It would be easier for me too if there was someone like that!

I was given simple clothes and a room in the corner of the castle and sent to the 『Great Magician』day after day to see if I can do this and that. I’ve been trying my best, but for some reason, I can’t do anything, and the handsome 『Great Magician』would glare coldly at me when he saw that. I’ve been living in a bed of nails. 

My heart is going to break. 

The『Great Magician』has high abilities, and thus, his pride was high too. 

Or rather, wasn’t he one of the game’s capture targets? He’s so capable, but he’s too prideful. Ah, he’s here, and he looks like this. 

Why do I have to take care of this piece of shit? His thoughts showed through his actions. This man probably likes high-levelled people. His eyes are saying “This is an unreasonable job. I have no use for small fry.” Yup.