Chapter 03: Exile 01

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

What the hell was that “Won’t you save us?” display that I saw in the beginning? 

Was it a message for Hime, who might have been nearby at that time? 

I seriously thought that that message was for me. 

I guess I got dragged along because I accidentally reacted to it. 

I’ve tried so many skills every day to the point that I’m impressed by how many different skills there are in this world…

I’m sorry! I can’t do what I can’t do, even if you look at me with those eyes!

I’ve never been able to do anything in my life! So why do you have to look at me with such reproachful eyes?

According to the rumours, the summoned 『Saint of Prophecy』is living deep in the castle, having all her needs tended to by the handsome prince. She’s also giving magnificent divinations. 

How nice. She gets to eat good food and wear good clothes. 

I can tell divinations too, you know. 

“Now is not the time. Wait for half a year. In a cold winter’s day, opportunity will suddenly present itself.”

Or something like that. 

Yes, the famous strategist from the enemy nation will die on a winter day. With that prophecy from the Saint, this kingdom, which has never bested the enemy nation because of their strategist, was able to preserve their strength. She also succeeded in predicting the last plan the strategist made before his death, thus this kingdom was able to strike in a single, yet effective attack. This turned the tide of the war and brought victory to this kingdom. Well, it was a unique opportunity since it was a game. 

As persistent as this may sound, the main part of the game was a love story between the Saint, who was upset when she saw the death of the strategist, with the young and handsome Prince, Prime Minister’s son, or Great Magicians, who comforted and worried about her. They also listened to her tale while analysing and counselling her on the enemy’s strategy. 

But it’s nice to live comfortably and be surrounded by good-looking people. 

Well, everyone had some kind of strong personality and I was content from just playing the narcissistic Prince’s route and abandoned the other routes half-way through. I didn’t go after the lolicon, yandere, muscle head or otaku. Their personalities were too strong, and the opportunistic nature of the story didn’t work for me. 

I learnt from the game that even if you are in a reverse harem situation, they’ll all just be annoying henchmen if you don’t like them. It’s no wonder that game never got popular. 

But now this problem is real, and I’m surrounded by people who look at me with eyes that said, “What the hell can you really do? You’re a useless, incompetent freeloader,” I’d rather be surrounded by good-looking people who are kind to me. 

So, as I was escaping from the Great Magician’s cold gaze and was sitting in a small garden at the very end of the castle, but closest to the section where the royal magicians were located, I suddenly had this idea. 

Wouldn’t it be better if there were two 『Saints of Prophecy』?

There was only one in the game, but two people were summoned. 

I can also make prophecies of the same magnitude. 

The Saint should be able to cast healing magic since her title is Saint. Maybe I can use it? 

Come to think of it, everyone thinks that I’m not the Saint and that she was over there, so they haven’t asked me to use healing magic yet. 

But I learnt how to use magic, even if it didn’t work, because they made me try all sorts of magic up to this point. 

I just need to hold out my hands and think. 

However, each time I was taught the appropriate spells, I couldn’t remember them at all since I didn’t know what they meant. But if I’m a Saint from another world, then I must have a great cheat, so maybe I can cast the spell without a chant? 

At least something small might happen even if I don’t chant? 

Yeah, I’m sure I can do it even without the chant! I’m convinced that I’m the Saint!

With that kind of hope and desire, or rather with a little desperation that I decided to experiment. 

Yes, it’s totally on a whim. 

But people can try whatever they want in life. At least there’s no harm in trying. Anyhow. 

I don’t want to live like this anymore!

It’s tough living on a bed of nails. 

I immediately crouched down in an empty corner of the garden. 

After all, this is a place where a lot of magicians are. They are usually very prideful since they’re elites. Therefore, there are those who mock people with inferior abilities, and I don’t want them to find me and laugh at my failure again. 

That’s why I decided to do this kind of thing only in secret. 

Thus, I plucked a flower in the garden while apologising to it. 

The flower is drooping down. 

I held my hand over the flower and concentrated, then I felt something uncomfortable in my palm, so I tried to concentrate on that uncomfortable feeling and wished it well. 

I didn’t know what to do with that uncomfortable feeling at first, but after thinking a lot, I felt that uncomfortable feeling shake with a little bit of tempo. 

Huh? It’s working. How? Like this? 

I try sending the image I’ve been thinking about in my head through my hand. 

Eventually, I imaged the broken stem straightening in my mind and sent it to my hand… I tore off the source of the uncomfortable feeling. 

Yes, I tore it off and the flower came back to life; from the droopy position to a straight one. 

The drooping flower turned upward in a flash and returned to its original form, before I broke it.