Chapter 04: Exile 02

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

Hmmm? Didn’t I just do it~? This can be called ‘healing’ magic, right? 

I can use healing magic~.

I was happy that I could finally use magic like other people, and was it healing magic? Or restoration magic? 

Yes! I’ve finally done it! I’ve found my aptitude! I can do it if I try!

I tried it a few times with other plants just to be sure, and my magic worked on all of them.

I also feel like I can use it on animals as well. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any weak animals or humans to try it on, but for some reason, I could imagine that I would be able to use it the same way, with this feeling. 

I happily returned to the room I was usually in and reported to this to the Great Magician enthusiastically. 

“I fixed a flower! I can use healing magic!”

The moment the Great Magician heard this, he turned pale, widened his eyes in astonishment and then shouted, “Are you mocking the Saint?! That is magic that only the Saint can cast! The 『Saint of Prophecy』is someone else! You spout lies, even though you know this! Unforgivable! Blasphemy!”


What happened after that? 

I got banished to some remote place. 

I later learnt that only the 『Saint』can use such great healing magic, and that since a long time ago, there has only been one Saint at a time. In addition, they couldn’t find her anywhere this time, so they spent a lot of effort to summon a Saint. After going through all that effort, they finally managed to find their precious ‘Saint’, but there couldn’t possibly be two Saints. 

But, but you know. I’m also a summoned otherworlder, so I might be the Saint, you know? 

I can’t see name plates like that Hime, but I was summoned from the same world as her, so our abilities might be the same. 

What’s with them calling me a liar without having me prove my claimed abilities? 

I’ve been thinking this lately, but aren’t the people from the castle a bit too hard-headed?

Isn’t it fine to have two Saints? I wanted people to be a bit nicer to me too. That’s all I wanted. 

Apparently, it turned out that I had proclaimed myself to be the Saint. This was heard by 『Saint Hime』, and this is how it turned out. 

“She’s saying such nonsense because she wants to pull us apart! I’m sure she thinks that I don’t deserve happiness. It’s always been like this. Even though I’ve always thought of her as a friend… How sad! The malice I always feel must have come from her. She resents me because I’m the Saint and not her. Even though it’s not my fault that she’s not the Saint… I’m sure she’ll continue lying about being the Saint as long as she’s in the castle. What will happen to this kingdom if people start believing her lies? I just want to protect you and this kingdom,” she said things like that while clinging to that Prince. 

When I heard that through the grapevine, I was disgusted that she was acting like that again. 

How many people has she kept away from me by spouting such outrageous lies like that? 

I didn’t think that she would do that here too. 

What malice did you feel? I was only thinking about living a good life and being surrounded by handsome men. 

She can see people’s name plates, so she must have some kind of ability, so she might be able to heal as well. So, I didn’t find it suspicious for her to live as the Saint. 

But while I was spending my idle days testing magic that I couldn’t use, she seemed to have completely gained the trust of that Prince and the people in the castle. I was falsely accused of ‘insulting the precious Saint’ and happily exiled in the blink of an eye. 

What’s with that? How can they do this to me when I come from another world? 

Or rather, isn’t everything just too simple?

I was suddenly convicted without a trial? Everyone is an adult, yet they believe everything Hime said and didn’t listen to a single word I say? 

I thought about this in agony for a while.

――― Ah! I know!

I suddenly had an epiphany and understood the reason behind this. 

This is an otome game. 

The scenario with Hime as the Heroine is already in motion. 

It’s no wonder that the Prince, a capture target, the Great Magician, my caretaker, and everyone else is on her side. I didn’t expect that the game’s reverse-harem setting would come to life in this way.

Everything is moving in Hime’s favour. 

The capture targets are influential people, but they’ve already begun to blindly worship the Heroine. 

This must be the opportunist setting and correction for the Heroine. 

Well, it’s crazy to see it up close… 

It’s just like a new religion, and the founder is her. 

But if that’s the case, then this development is understandable. All of them believe Hime, without giving me a trial, and I was convicted straight away. 

I see. 

As I am being escorted to a monastery located near the national borders, where war is currently taking place, I hit my knees with my fist.