Chapter 05: Exile 03

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Editor: SenjiQ

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Well, being sent to the national border while in the midst of war is the same as telling me to go die. 

In the best case, I’ll be confined for life, and in the worst, I’ll die. 

I don’t know who initiated this. 

Are the people from this kingdom stupid? 

No, maybe it was just a game with a soft setting to begin with, but the people of this world are alive now.

I thought everyone was working in unseen places with no relations to the game, but in the centre of the kingdom, the heads of various fields all got together and reverently lifted up this Saint who had suddenly appeared from another world, and whose origins they don’t know. I can’t help but think that everyone has already gone stupid. 

『Won’t you save us? YES or NO』

I remembered the words I had first seen. 

Of course, I’d answer it as fast as I can if I saw it again.


I have no reason to help them after they treated me like that. 

I would have taken the name of the Saint and told them the future had they treated me politely, but I no longer feel obliged to do so. 

Rather, a kingdom controlled by that Hime should be destroyed!

I made up my mind in the rattling carriage.

I’ll do whatever I want from now on. 

I don’t know if I’m the Saint or not, but I have some kind of healing ability, so I’ll break free from this fate and survive. Then I’ll strike back at her. 

I had a plan in mind. 

I’m not going to stay still, shaking in my boots being scared to death!

Once I made that decision, I started secretly appraising people who I met on the road from the side. 

Sorry for appraising you without your permission!

But I figured that I’d need a job to survive on my own. I have to produce something to sell to earn an income. 

The only decent work I can think of to make a living with, right now, is through ‘healing magic’. 

If that’s the case, then I need to know the limits and capabilities of what I can do, and also practice. 

I began learning how to ‘examine’ when there were people around like when I stayed at the lousy inn and when carriages occasionally passed us.  

I secretly held my hand out, but I got the hang of ‘examining’ without having to move my hand after doing it a few times. I also knew the origin of the discomfort a little better. 

Finally, I quickly grasped the discomfort of others and began to practice healing them secretly. 

I’m sorry for treating you without permission!

One time I was happy that I had healed an old man who had a pitch-black stain on his head from behind, and his posture suddenly improved. Then, he started cheering while his eyes sparkled. 

Yup, isn’t it a good ability? 

I might be able to work as a healer with this. It feels good to do a job that makes people happy. 

When I had high hopes for the future, the coachman, or should I say the escort, said that we would be arriving at our destination soon. Just when I thought that it was about time to make a deal with the coachman to let me escape secretly. 

The convoy I was riding in was suddenly attacked. 

The carriage I was on stopped, surrounded by a large group of people who looked like bandits. Then, I was dragged out of the carriage after the door was violently opened. I could see the coachman fleeing from the corner of my eyes. 

It seems like I was the only one who was caught. 

This is bad. Very bad. 

I had no magic or skills related to attack and defence, so I had no way of countering these bandits. 

Cold sweat ran down my back. 

The bandits surrounded me in a circle with vulgar smiles on their faces. 

One of the bandits said, “They won’t know if we have a little fun with her before we off her, right?”

Wait! Has it already been decided that they’ll kill me?!

“Do what you want. But make it quick. I have to go back and report,” a man who seems to be their boss said. But this guy is the only one who is dressed elegantly and spoke normally. He also seems more like a soldier… than a bandit? Where are you going back to and who are you reporting to?

No, I don’t have the time to think about that right now.

What should I do? What should I do!? Stall? But will someone save me if I stall for time?

But why would they attack a penniless criminal? Even the carriage looks crude, and if you look at it carefully, wouldn’t you know that it’s a convoy carriage? 

I thought, and a possibility came to my mind. 

“Who will you report to once you get back?” I asked the person who looks like a soldier and is in charge. 

The soldier snickered and replied, “That’s none of your business. A sinful person who impersonates the Saint deserves to die, that’s all. It’s preposterous of you to make the Saint cry.”

Hohoh… I see, I knew it. 

So, they didn’t attack me because I was passing by. I was targeted. 

I’m ashamed that I hadn’t seen this coming. But I didn’t know that sending me to a remote region wasn’t enough for her. 

I’m surprised that you even try to kill me, Hime. 

Of course, I don’t know if Hime gave the order herself, but if she hadn’t, then one of her cronies did. But I don’t think those dimwits who worship the Saint would do something that would make her sad. So, if they had ordered this, then it’s because it’s something that Saint Hime wanted. Or else it wouldn’t have turned out like this. 

My eyes glassed over. 

I’m a good person who doesn’t want to hurt others. 

But I can’t afford to give them lip service when my chastity and life are in danger.