Chapter 06: Exile 04

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

I desperately tried to think of a way to save my life.

Think, think!

I can’t use offensive magic. I only have healing magic.

… What if I do the opposite?

The only thing I could think of in my desperation was that. 

It’s the first time I’m examining so many people at once, but of course, you can’t solve a problem without making some sacrifice. 

I desperately examined everyone at once. 

Oh, I can see a lot of bad spots on them. Bandits must live really unhealthily. Everyone has… black spots on them. Every last one of them are in poor condition and have pitch black spots everywhere. This was convenient for me.  

I’m also new at this, but I was desperate at any rate, so I tried to amplify the black disorders. I agitated those parts with all my strength in my mind. 

Burn, burn, burn! Flare away!

Immediately, the bandits around me looked as if they were in anguish. 

They were all kneeling and thrashing around on the ground in agony. 

I didn’t incapacitate them, but at least there’s no one left with the energy to assault or kill me…

Oh, there is. 

The boss, no, he’s probably a soldier from the castle! He’s healthy?!

As expected of someone who was raised well and trained since young. Apparently, he didn’t have many disorders in his body. 

He was stunned by the bandits’ agonised cries for a moment, then he suddenly realised what had happened and glared at me. 

“You false Saint! Are you the devil!? Only the devil can do such horrible things without touching the target or casting a spell! What the Saint said about you is correct after all! Perish!” The soldier shouted. Then, he immediately drew his sword from his waist and slashed me without hesitation. 

I collapsed after being slashed from my neck to my flank. 

Eeh~ aren’t you too hot-headed~? Ah, but you were going to kill me in the first place. 

As I watched the world spin around me, I couldn’t help but feel calm even though this was a critical situation. 

The bandits saw my body and quickly scuttled since their job was done. I also saw comrades carrying those who couldn’t walk to help them escape. This scene would have been beautiful had it not been for the circumstances. 

The soldier didn’t pay any attention to the bandits. He cut off a tuft of my hair, which was probably covered in blood, then rode off alone on his horse. 

I was left lying on the ground alone covered in blood. 

Don’t just abandon me in such an empty place~ argh. 

Oh, this is bad. It’s getting dark in front of me. 

It didn’t hurt much yet, but there was a lot of blood. 

This is probably a life threatening situation.

But you know what? 

I made sure that there was no one around me and immediately used all I had practice thus far to heal my body. 

Uoah, the wound is a lot deeper than I thought it would be. 

However, the most vulnerable place that had been slashed, my carotid artery area, had been healed as soon as it was cut, so most of the bleeding should be from other areas. 

Well, it was already repaired on instinct. Humans are unexpectedly durable. Their instincts awaken when they’re on the verge of death, and they use all the abilities they have on hand to survive. I’m really glad I practiced healing. Otherwise, I would have bled out and would have been cold by now for sure. As expected of a soldier from the castle, he has the skill to kill someone in a single blow. 

I eventually stood up slowly. 

I’m covered in my own blood, but my wounds have all healed. 

I waited a bit longer since it would be dangerous if the soldier and the bandits found out I was still alive after they left, but I guess I lost a bit too much blood because of that. 

Hmm, I’m dizzy. My body feels heavy. 

But I managed to save my life.

I’m glad it’s warm right now. I can control my stamina. 

But I didn’t expect to be assassinated. 

And the mastermind behind it all was Hime. 

I felt a surge of anger rise from the bottom of my heart. 

――― What the Saint said about you is correct after all!

I’m certain he shouted that. 

Heh, said? 


So Hime thinks of me as this much of a nuisance.

She doesn’t want anyone else becoming the Saint. 

She wants to get rid of me just for that? 

Hmm… Then, I’ll disappear for her. 

For now, that is. 

I’m sure that soldier will report my death. If anything, those bandits saw me suffer a fatal blow that people normally wouldn’t survive from. 

So, let her assume that I’m dead for now. 

Assassins will come for me again if she knows I’m alive anyway. It’s a pain to come back to life every single time. 

And I’ll do what I want when I want. 

I have no obligations towards a kingdom that summoned me, then threw me out as soon as they deemed me unnecessary. 

And of course, I have no compassion for my former acquaintance, who hogs everything and tries to eliminate me when I was a nuisance. 

I’ve made up my mind. 

I’m not going to cry myself to sleep! 

I clenched my fist in front of me. 

There wasn’t anyone here earlier, but to my surprise, a laid-back voice suddenly came from behind me, “Oh, that’s a lot of blood. Are you okay?”

I turned around in surprise to find an old man with white hair and beard, riding a horse. 

There was no one there moments ago. Where the heck did he come from? 

But maybe this is a good thing? 

I had been standing alone covered in blood. I lowered my raised fist and smiled as cutely as I could, then said, “Yes, I’m fine. Thank you for your concern. Do you know a place nearby where I can wash off this blood?”