Chapter 07: Lost Village 01

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ


In the end, I was picked up by this kind old man, and he took me back to a small desolated church called Lost Church, which is located in Lost Village. The old man, who had picked me up, is a priest of this church. 

Thank god for the church. This is a refugee for those who have no relatives. Thank you, God. Thanks, Priest. 

Apparently, this place is also close to the so-called frontline, where it is regularly used as a battlefield. 

Thanks to this, as a priest of this church, he told me that he’s busy dealing with injured people and burials every time there is a battle with the neighbouring kingdom. That was probably why he wasn’t fazed by my bloody appearance. 

“I’m sure there’ll be another battle soon, so you should be prepared for it,” the priest who said this quietly is Father Austin. 

He’s a priest, but he had one leg missing from the knee down, a large scar on his face and is another old man with other areas that weren’t doing well. 

He told me that he had fought in the war and was injured then. 

Just how long has this war been going on? Or was it from a different war? 

Still, I’m very grateful that he had picked me up when I was clueless about everything and had helped me live in this church. 

Everything in this world was different from my own, and it was all very confusing for me. 

I couldn’t even eat with the knowledge I have of my old world. I couldn’t even make a single fried egg, which is the easiest thing to cook in this world. 

First of all, I didn’t know how to start a fire. 

There is no water supply, gas or electricity in this world either. 

But I had to get used to life here first, after being thrown out of the castle where my daily necessities had been prepared for me.

I had to learn how to draw water from the well and start a fire with magic stones for cooking. Father Austin gave me some old clothes and a bed from somewhere. I’m really grateful to him. 

I slowly got used to living here… I guess.

I suppose life on the frontier is like this. I’m thankful that I can sleep on a clean bed at night and can eat eggs and a little bit of meat. 

Even though this place is close to the battlefield, it’s still functioning somehow as a small village, so it worked out. As expected, it’s impossible for me to set up a camp. 

This is a world where all kinds of magic is used, so once I got used to it, it wasn’t actually as inconvenient as I initially thought it would be. 

Starting fires, laundry and cleaning; things like this can all be done with stones or tools that contain magic. 

Well, it’s easy. This is fine. As long as I have the tools, I can work like a professional housewife.

Still, I had to get used to my new lifestyle for a while, so I kept quiet and acted like my naturally shy self, but I gradually got used to my surroundings, in less than a month, and began to understand what is going on. 

First, at first glance, this priest was wounded everywhere and feeble, but he is a carefree and hardworking man with one real leg and one prosthetic leg, and he went around talking to everyone. Also, the people in this village are all gusty and good people, since they stayed here despite it being so close to the battlefield. 

After all, they treated me, who has no relatives and whose identity is unknown, normally and without discrimination. 

I was introduced to the villagers as an amnesiac person with no relatives, who had been picked up by Father Austin since I didn’t tell him anything about my past. 

I didn’t tell him about the summoning, the Saint, nor my name. 

The reason was simple; I didn’t want the castle to know that I was alive. 

Well, no one could win against the impact of me standing there covered in blood. 

I’m sure they must have forgotten because of the shock, and their sympathies towards me were warm. 

So, the first thing Father Austin did for me was give me a new name. 

“Well, let’s just call you Anise for now. Look, it’s the name of this plant,” he pointed at the grass, no herb, that was in front of us while saying this. 

And that’s how I became Anise. 

Anise Logfoll. 

I received my last name from him as well. 

I will live using this name. 

I feel bad for deceiving the good priest, but he also didn’t ask me much since he told me, “Something must have happened to you.” As expected of a priest, he’s an adult and my elder in life. He’s broad-minded. 

I tried my best to be an adult by doing the cooking and laundry, no, I did my best by doing the laundry and cleaning. I hope that living with me has made things easier for him. 

But cooking… Well, I don’t have a repertoire of recipes… yes…

I didn’t know the ingredients, and people here used salt and herbs for seasoning. I only know about a few types of herbs, and they all looked like grass to me at first. I’m sure the traditional food I usually eat here is probably the best in terms of climate and cost, but I don’t know. 

I learnt it from the priest. 

Father Austin is good at cooking and makes a lot of delicious food. 

Thanks to him, I was able to learn a few local dishes as well. I’m happy. 

The basics are cereal, eggs and a little bit of meat. Vegetables are added to dishes as well. 

Even though distribution wasn’t that well developed here, magic was used to preserve the freshness of food, so it was a pleasant surprise to find fresh ingredients even this far inland. 

Anyway, I must live for now. I need to learn how to blend in so that I don’t look like I’m from another world. 

With that in mind, I got used to my life here and got used to the village. 

With luck on my side, it seems that I have succeeded in starting a new life.