Chapter 08: Lost Village 02

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

Father Austin and a cat lived in the church where I am living.

She’s probably still a kitten. She’s small, black, and blind. She has a large scar across her eyes and couldn’t see at all. 

She was probably picked up by Father Austin like I was.

Father Austin called her Lolo, so I call her Lolo too. 

Lolo is blind, so she usually stayed in Father Austin’s room, but she would wander out once in a while. 

Lolo couldn’t speak and she quickly became a comforting presence to me. I must have been  a little tired. 

When I held out snacks for her, she would sniff it and then eat it, which made me happy. Lolo was wary of me at first, but I persistently bothered her every day, so she gradually got used to me.

“Lolo… Do you want to be able to see?” I asked Lolo several times when no one was around. 

Of course, Lolo couldn’t understand my words, but she always meowed sweetly whenever I spoke as if she was spoiled. 

When I lightly ‘examined’ her, it seems that her eyes are the only place that was injured. They were completely damaged.

But I can probably heal her.

However, this change would be visible. Everyone will wonder how she was healed. 

I know that I will use my healing magic one day. No, I plan on using it. 

However, this power is a double-edged sword. 

If I use my healing powers, the people around me will probably recognise me as the Saint, or I’ll be hunted down as an imposter. Whichever it turns out to be would depend on how well I charm people. 

However, I mustn’t forget that the more commotion I cause in either case, the greater the risk of Hime finding out about my survival. 

I don’t want to be caught, tormented or attacked anymore. 

I have to figure out the best way possible. 

What should I do? 

Would Father know the best thing to do? 

I’ve recently begun to believe that Father Austin would believe me. 

“Are you spending time with Lolo again? It’s rare to see her get attached to someone,” the priest said as I was sitting down with Lolo in my arms.

“Is it?”

I listened to him while patting Lolo. Lolo is very submissive. 

“She doesn’t usually open up to people. She’s wary of people since she can’t see. But she’s allowing you to touch her now, probably because you live here.”

“I see. Feeding her every day has paid off!”


My days are so peaceful. 

When I’m really tired, there are moments when I think it’s a good idea to forget about everything and continue to live a peaceful life. 

But the world doesn’t work like that. Yup. 

Because I know the future. 

This place will become a battlefield in the future. 

There will be a lot of people here who I can heal.

It’s currently a period of truce since they had taken the advice of the 『Saint of Prophecy』. But I’m sure that this is just like the game scenario and things were just waiting for winter, when the enemy’s general dies. I’m sure they’re hoarding assets behind the scene. 

When winter comes, this kingdom will start an all-out war with its neighbour. 

And this kingdom will win the war in winter. 

But that didn’t mean that this kingdom didn’t suffer any damage at all. This kingdom will be exhausted by the war, and thus the 『Saint of Prophecy』will travel around and heal people. Well, I said heal, but I meant that she will only heal people in the centre of the kingdom. 

Even so, her popularity will skyrocket, and the whole kingdom will bless her wedding, no matter who she chooses to marry. 

If a lot of people had been injured in the middle of the kingdom, then those near the border wouldn’t stand a chance. I’m sure spring won’t come to this village again. 

Just as I was seriously thinking about this, I suddenly heard that the Crown Prince and 『Saint of Prophecy』were going to be married. 


This is different from the scenario. Isn’t it too soon?

The wedding happened at the end of the game, right? That was the goal of the game, wasn’t it? 

What about the fortune-telling, war, and capturing the target? Moreover, the 『Saint of Prophecy』isn’t renown through the kingdom until after the war!


Erm, it’s suddenly the Prince route’s ending all of a sudden? She’ll be the future queen of this kingdom. 

Did she want the best? If she wanted the best, then she would aim for the Prince, and had the King been single, then she would have aimed for the King. 

She skipped all the unnecessary parts and suddenly aimed for the goal? 

So she used her skills and knowledge of the game to capture the Prince as quickly as she could?

Even so, she did it too fast.

I was sincerely surprised when I heard this while running an errand in the village.