Chapter 09: Lost Village 03

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

“Oba-chan, is that true? It’s not just a rumour? Is it possible for a royal to marry someone whose identity is unknown, and who is not a noble?” I unconsciously asked the Oba-san at the general store. 

But gossipy oba-chans knew everything. 

“Looks like it? Since there’s a notice in the newspaper today about the marriage between the Prince and the Saint. It seems like they haven’t gotten married yet, but they’re already engaged. That’s why it was announced in the paper. The Prince is so in love with the Saint that he wants to marry her as soon as possible. Of course, I’ve asked my relatives who live in the capital for confirmation. It seems like information about them has been spreading around the capital for a while.” Oba-chan prided herself on being a well-informed person and never forgot to back up her claims.

“So in love…”

“Is the Saint a really beautiful woman? Well, she is the precious saint. If I was a saint who can use fancy healing magic instead of this kind of organising magic, then I could live comfortably in the castle! Hahaha~.”

“No, the duster you have with your organisation magic is incredibly useful! You’re always helping me out! It just flutters for a little bit and everything is cleaned up nicely!”

Yes! Magic, banzai! Oba-chan’s duster is a favourite of mine right now. It’s a good world. 

I’m not very good at cleaning, so I’m grateful to her. 

However, a beautiful woman…?

No, I think she’s more of a shrewd cutie instead of a beauty…

So, in love. Oh yes, so in love. Yeah, you could say that. 

… Oh well. 

Hime must be very satisfied with having people blindly worship her and do whatever she wants. 

I’m too poor to buy a newspaper, but the oba-chan was kind enough to read the part of the newspaper which announced the news. 

I see, their official engagement is tomorrow. And they will be travelling to other kingdoms in the name of goodwill after they marry…?! They’re visiting an allied kingdom, eh, for a month? 


Well, hope you have a nice trip. 

You’re away for a month, right? 

Seriously! Bye! Have a good trip! 

I won’t let this opportunity pass me by. My time has come.

My natural enemy is leaving the kingdom! 

I decided to act quickly. 

I quickly returned to the church and went to see if Father Austin was alone. 

I cut to the chase and told him that I needed to talk to him. 

The Priest saw the unusual (?) serious look on my face and invited me into the room where he usually worked. 

I was a little nervous as I observed his expression, but I boldly told him the truth, “I’ve actually kept this from you until now, but I can use healing magic.”

Father Austin seemed flabbergasted at first, but he listened to what I had to say. As expected of an old man, he must have had various experiences. He didn’t call me a liar straight away. 

“Tell me,” that’s all he said, and then he quietly listened to what I had to say. 

I was grateful for that. 

After all, I’ve had some very painful experiences in the past. 

I was a little relieved and explained briefly how I came to be here. 

I told him how I was suddenly summoned here, the person who came with me was suddenly named the Saint, and as a result, I was treated as an incompetent person. I told him that when I told them that I could use healing magic, they banished me and finally about how I was nearly assassinated. 

I’m sure it would sound unnatural if I hid things half-way through telling my story, so I gave him a quick, abridged version. 

I wanted him to know that I can use ‘healing magic’ and that I didn’t want the castle to know about this. Only those two things. 

And I will prove my abilities. 

“For example, I can see that you feel pain in your right shoulder, left arm and waist. Your body is out of balance because you’re using an artificial leg in place of the leg you lost. Excuse me for a moment,” I said, then held my hand over Father Austin’s body. 

Of course, I can heal him without doing this, but I thought being formal would be more convincing in a situation like this, so I did it on purpose.

Using the hand in my mind, I erased the uncomfortable pain in his shoulder, arm and waist in turn; just like before I burnt the black spots. 

Tear and throw, tear and throw. 

Yes, I just tear and throw it away. Yup, I toss it away. 

“Ooh…?” Father Austin let out a sound in surprise. 

“Huh? Priest… Could it be you have bad eyesight as well? I’ll heal it. Ah, after looking closely, your stomach is a little upset too.”

I could see other places that weren’t well on a closer look, so I healed everything to gain his favour. 

I guess I have to do this much so that he’ll believe me…

I let my impulse take over and looked at his feet, then I could see a vague shadow of a leg there that shouldn’t be there for the first time.

Perhaps this…

I silently held my hand over Father Austin’s missing leg. 

Focus. I knew that this shade should materialise. 

Eventually, the prosthetic leg that he was wearing came off, and then, a few moments later, Father Austin’s missing leg was regrown along with a dazzling light. 

It’s back! I did it! 

I looked at the Priest’s face with excitement, surprise and joy. 

The Priest widened his eyes in surprise and stared at his leg. 

“Oh… What a surprise. Thank you, Anise. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this young, and… I can see my leg again after a decade. I can’t believe this is possible…!” Father Austin said with a trembling voice, then he stood up as if he was afraid and walked slowly around the room. 

“Oh my, it really is my own leg. I can’t believe this is real.”

“Do you believe me now?”

“Of course, I do. It’s a miracle…”

“Maybe I’m being pursued because of this ability. But I don’t want to hide this ability anymore. Would you be willing to help me put this ability to good use?” I asked him frankly.