Chapter 10: Lost Village 04

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ


Lolo came into the room because she felt people’s presence while I was talking to the Priest. 

Lolo might be a lonely cat since she’s always on her guard. 

“Lolo,” I called, and she cautiously walked towards me. I picked her up. 

“Are you going to heal Lolo too, Anise?” the Priest asked me when he saw me pick her up. 

“Yes. I believe that Lolo will be more comfortable and happier if she can see.” I answered honestly when he asked. 

I actually wanted to heal her much sooner. I’m sure Lolo’s world would expand when she can see. 

But when Father Austin heard my answer, he warned me, “Her wound is deep. But you might be able to heal it. But you probably won’t be able to continue your current lifestyle if you heal her eyes. You’re living quietly in this village right now, and you can even go somewhere to be a healer under my recommendation. I believe you’ll be very popular. But your life would be far from peaceful if you heal Lolo’s eyes. Do you still want to heal them?” 

What is with that disturbing forecast?

I flinched a bit. 

But I looked down at the purring Lolo in my arms.

She rubbed her face against my arm and looked like she was complaining about something. 

You want me to heal your eyes don’t you Lolo?

“Lolo is already like family to me. I want to do what I can to make Lolo happy. I’d like to live a peaceful life, but there are important things I want to do. Thus, I must act. If I do, then I surely won’t lead a peaceful life. It has nothing to do with Lolo.”

That’s right. I have something I want to do. 

To achieve this, I have to become somewhat famous as a precious healer. 

I don’t have to be called the saint, but I have to somehow make it known in the neighbouring kingdom that I can heal. For that, I will heal a lot of people. Of course, I was prepared for my current lifestyle to change. 

“I’ll heal her,” I said before putting my hand over Lolo’s eyes. 

Until now, I tried not to touch them much in case I accidentally healed them. 

But I was surprised when I looked at it carefully for the first time. It was a pretty deep wound. Her eyes had been thoroughly crushed. This couldn’t have been just an accident. Poor thing. 

I clutched all of the black lumps I felt in Lolo’s eyes with the hand in my mind, pulled them out and threw them away. 

It was pretty big and heavy. 

Huh… is this… magic…?

It was the first ‘weight’ I had ever felt. I’ve never touched it directly before. But I knew this feeling. It’s the ‘weight’ of the feeling of magic. 

Had Lolo’s eyes been crushed by magic?”

“Meow~,” Lolo purred happily and looked up at me. 

At first, her eyes were closed but the previous scar was gone, but then she slowly opened her eyes. 

To my surprise, her eyes were a beautiful gold colour when she opened them. 

Sharp and beautiful gold. Gold eyes on a black body. 

I felt as if I had been pierced by those eyes then, “Meow.”『Thanks, Master.』The sound of her voice overlapped. 

Excuse me?

She spoke…?

“Meow, meow.” 『You healed my eyes, so you’re my Master. I’ve always been faithful to my promise. I will stay by your side till death do us part.』

Lolo continued to stare at me as I turned my face towards Father Austin. 

I felt as if my neck had made creaking sounds. 

Seeing me like that, Father Austin said with a wry smile, “Lolo is a magic beast. Lolo was quite a powerful beast and she caused a ruckus in many places. She was so powerful, yet she caused many problems for the humans, so a great magician destroyed her eyes and sealed them. That magician made Lolo promise him that when the time came when someone healed her eyes, and lifted the curse, she would become that person’s familiar, and be obedient towards them while they’re alive. Now that Lolo has a Master, she won’t be able to do bad things for a while. That’s good, that’s good.”

You sound very pleased by this. 

“Why didn’t you explain something as important as that beforehand?!”

He has to properly explain something as important as that beforehand or I’ll be troubled!

“Well, there have been many people who sought Lolo’s power and have tried to catch her and undo her seal. However, they abused her out of spite when they couldn’t undo it. That’s why I kept Lolo’s situation a secret. If you hadn’t been able to undo the seal, then it would have been better for you not to know about this, right?”

“But… So that’s why she’s so wary…”

“Meoow.” 『But it’s been a long time since I’ve spoken~. Ah~. Talking makes things far easier.』said the person, or cat, in question. Then, she stretched as if this conversation had nothing to do with her. 

What’s this ‘seal’? Just how bad was she in the past for her to deserve that?

“Lolo… What the heck did you do?” I muttered.

But, “Meow?” 『Who cares about stuff like that. I’d rather eat.』She replied carefreely. 

Magic beasts… What are they? Haha…

“Meow.” 『Food.』

Hahaha… Why do I have a bad feeling about this?