Chapter 100: Aftermath? 01

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

The next time I got up, everything was over to my surprise.

Even the war was over.

Well, that was Lector. His nickname as ‘Farglow’s Shield’ was real.

From what I heard, an angry Lector shouted, “Peace?! I don’t care! I’ll destroy them now!!”

Immediately after I collapsed, the Vice General happily told me later that it was quite a sight to see the usually calm and smiling handsome man shouting that while turning red with anger.

I heard they were considering the possibility of negotiating a peace treaty, but they easily abandoned that idea and launched all the strategies that they had planned and quickly overpowered Origlow.

Furthermore, the most surprising thing was that Lolo turned into her big Cath Palug figure and ran around the Origlow army while roaring, creating a hellish scene of screams…

It was said that the Origlows, who were afraid of Lolo, lost their will to fight and were defeated. Then they readily raised the white flag.

Huh…? Lolo did…?

How scary… She’s dangerous…

Hey, what did you do while I was unconscious…? You’re not going to tell me you can do whatever you want since your Master isn’t around, right?

Come on, it’s the owner’s responsibility…

But it seemed that my (temporary) husband was the one who instigated her with a big smile on her face.

“Lolo, I’m saying this as Anise’s husband. Go! Go and rampage all you want! It’s time to take revenge for your Master!”

“Meow~~~!” 『I can kill them right~~~? With pleasure~~~!!』

Hey… Why did Lolo obey him…? No, she was just going along with him… Lolo said it was convenient for her… In other words, she wanted to go wild…

And to my surprise, she said lightly in her kitten form with a strangely refreshing expression, “Meow?” 『Well, I want the silvervine.』

Huh, you went wild for that…?

Magic beasts are scary…

And now she was completely controlled by Lector with the silvervines.

For the first time, I finally understood what the people around me meant when they said, “Lolo is scary.”

She was really dangerous when you let her loose. The archmage who sealed Lolo in the past was remarkable…. What a dangerous child she is…

But why was such a dangerous child relaxing on my shoulder now?

“Meow?” 『Because I love Master~? It’s nice to have a Master who doesn’t cry at my real appearance. 』

It seemed that she missed me a lot.

Well… I guess it’s fine. She’s usually very cute.

I have been asleep for a very long time, and it was nearly spring.

I had lost all my strength from sleeping for a long time and being fed only my stockpile of potions, so I couldn’t get out of bed when I woke up. I could get rid of my fatigue, but I couldn’t build up my strength.

Then there was the relentless General who happily came to visit me every day while bringing work with him.

“Can you take a look at these documents for me?”

Yes, I’ll work if I can, even if I’m bedridden.

Wow, what a wonderful boss.

But it seemed that he was also very busy with the post-war processes, and he looked a little worn out, so I’ll help him if I can.

Let’s see.

“Hmm…? What’s this?”

I saw a familiar name there.

“This is the marriage oath of Loire, the former prince of the former Origlow, and his fiancée, Hime, the ‘Saint of Prophecy’. Origlow was officially annexed by Farglow. And the former royal family of the defeated kingdom, Origlow, was stripped of their royal rights and exiled to the frontier on the other side of Farglow. In addition, that dangerous fake saint was made to marry Loire, who has become a commoner, and their whole family will be monitored for the rest of their lives.”

Oh, you forced her to marry him? Power is amazing.

“But will she accept that?”

“It doesn’t matter. If I give her a choice between execution and surveillance, her answer will be obvious. Actually, I thought about executing her immediately, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a clear connection between her and the series of events that will allow me to execute her, no matter how much I dug around. Everyone who can testify is either dead or missing, so I can’t get any testimonies at all. Despite this, she’s extremely popular with people in the former Origlow court and the former Origlow citizens. There is a lot of opposition to Origlow being annexed by our kingdom, so His Majesty the King has decided not to provoke them any further. Well, that may change when the situation calms down.”

“Yeah, it is their royal family and Saint after all. I see… so these documents?”

“Yes, I had the two fill it out under my supervision, but I want you to make sure that there isn’t anything wrong with it. Especially the entry about that fake saint.”

“I see. I think you might have made the right decision. Hime’s name is wrong. Her real name is this.”

I said as I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen nearby and wrote down Hime’s real name as I knew it.

She had written something similar but one of the letters was different.

It was a small difference, but it was possible that this one letter could invalidate the oath.

“Hmm, I’m glad I showed it to you. Thanks. I’ll have them rewrite it as soon as possible. But she’s still a sore loser.”

Lector smiled wryly.

“You’re meeting them in person? Is Hime still the same? Didn’t she refuse to marry Prince Loire?” I asked impulsively.

“You know it. If you want to see Loire turn pale because of that, then why don’t I invite you along? But I don’t want any more trouble, so I’ll send someone else,” Lector said as if he was fed up with her.


But Hime was ordered to marry someone else by the person she fan-girled after the most? That was a bit pitiful.

But honestly, I was a little relieved when I heard that Hime would be monitored for the rest of her life.

By the way, even though I was a little weak, I’ve just woken up and was still being kept in my luxuriously soft bed.

I could walk if I wanted to, but for some reason, the people around me have been very kind to me until I get a little better.

“In addition to you being weak, the General was going to kill us personally if something were to happen to you, so we used almost all of the coma potions that you made on you. I only have a few left. I’d love it if you could make some more when you get better.”

Even the head of the medical office was talking to me like that, but you can just say, “Madam, can you make me some more?” like you always do. That’s fine, okay? I’d be happy to make more for you. I can make it right away if you want.

I blinked when he was talking to me.

What was this?

But why do I feel that the maids and servants who were taking care of me in bed are smiling but keeping a certain distance from me?

Then I realised that Lector’s sparkles were clinging to me.

But why were his sparkles dancing around me even when he wasn’t around?

Did he just leave his sparkles behind? What’s with him? He had that kind of skill too? Handy.

I thought and asked him how he did it, but he smiled and said, “No, you did that yourself, Anise.”

Excuse me? I did?

“Huh?! What, why?! Oh, but come to think of it, it might have come out the last time I used my skills too. I’m so happy~. I’m capable~.”

I put my hands in the air and celebrated and sure enough, faint sparkles danced around.

No, I didn’t want that many sparkles…

Isn’t that a bit too much?

I got even more worried about the sparkles. I would get sick of it if too many sparkles appeared. It was getting irritating, so it was fine if the sparkles went away.

“Good for you,” Lector wringed his neck and looked at me with a dark smile as he said that. 

Hmm? Black? Why?