Chapter 101: Aftermath? 02

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

“Huh? I don’t know why though. But I’m glad I’m able to do it too. So that’s why everyone’s attitudes changed towards me, I see. I’ve been intimidating them without realising it. Got it. So, Lector, I’ve had enough of these sparkles, and I don’t need them out now, how do I get rid of them?”

Yes. It was useful when I needed it, but I usually don’t need this intimidating and dignified aura.

But, he said, “It’s not going to go away, unfortunately.” For some reason, he didn’t look disappointed at all, and his expression looked like the one he used when his ‘tricks succeeded’.

Eh, I have a bad feeling about this.

“What do you mean it’s not going away?”

You can make your sparkles come and go. Isn’t that how it works?

“Your skill level has suddenly risen to the upper limit. That doesn’t happen often, since you normally can’t do that even if you try. That’s why you collapsed because your body couldn’t keep up. It’s a good thing that the head of the medicinal office did his best, and that you made plenty of good potions, but your life could have been in danger depending on the environment.”

“Oh, does that mean my skill level has been capped? Well, I did do my best the other day, I guess. Hehe. But it’s a good thing that I made a lot of potions. I never thought that they would save my life. I’m glad. I’m glad. And? That wasn’t what I was asking.”

“Well, you can’t make them disappear because of that. Give up.”

“Excuse me?”

Lector explained that the sparkles naturally appeared when both the skill level and magic power one possessed were very high.

Normally, a royal member with high magic power obtained it by using a lot of secret techniques, money and time to bring their skill to a high level, but I already had high magic power, and my skill level also went up greatly since I unreasonably levelled it by borrowing Lolo’s magic, so it seemed that both conditions were met.

“Once your skill level has been raised, it can’t be lowered. In other words, there’s no going back.”


“When you raise your skill level through training, you also train to suppress the magic leakage. You only raised your skill level, so you’ll have to train how to control your magic leakage. So, you’re stuck with it until you learn how to control it. I’m even more dazzled by you than before, hahaha.”

Hmm? Then… Then…

“Wait, you knew and didn’t tell me?! You must have known that I’ve been troubled on how to get rid of these sparkles. You’re doing it again. You waited until I asked you about it. You waited until you told me about your title and social position, but why do you always have to wait to tell me everything else?! WHY?!”

Why does he always wait until I’m driven into a corner before doing something?!

You scoffed at me whenever I tried to produce this sparkle in the past!

“Yeah, sorry. The royals and nobles in this kingdom know about this. I was planning on teaching you how to do it when you raised your skill to a certain level. I was going to make sure you can make a choice. And the last time I saw you, there was still plenty of time. But you were already in this state when I saw you again. I was surprised since I didn’t expect you to reach such a high level all at once. It’s normally something that can’t be done on your own. You’re really amazing.”

Don’t laugh…

Despite what he had said, he had a ‘gotcha’ expression on his face. No, more importantly…

“Say, I can retract them if I practice properly, right? You’re going to teach me how, aren’t you…?”

I know how powerful these sparkles are.

I wasn’t just standing next to him all day.

It showed that ‘that person isn’t just anybody’.

It was a power that directly affected your instincts. The aura of a ruler.

It was very convenient to show a glimpse of it when necessary, but if you can’t control it and it keeps leaking out, then it would just be intimidation.

I don’t want to be a scary person who always intimidates people just by being there.

If it’s like this, then it would be way better to be a plain, worried mob than this.

“Of course. I’ll teach you everything I know, but it will take some time. Until then, it doesn’t matter how you disguise yourself. So, you’ll have to stay in this world. Give up and stay with me forever.”

He smiled.

It was a big smile… with happy sparkles… even these joyful sparkles… were attacking me…

“Give up…?”

“Yes. Unfortunately, the law of the kingdom states that the person must be protected if their ‘Heal’ is at that level. Before, your skill was at a level where I could cover it up if I tried hard enough, and if it was still at that level, then I could possibly free you like you wanted. That’s why I didn’t tell you much. But now that this has happened, you can’t stop being a ‘Saint’ anymore. You’ll never be able to leave the kingdom’s supervision.”

You’re pretending to be sympathetic, but why do you seem so satisfied?!

“I see……”

“And you don’t seem to realise this yet, but you’re famous now. You rode a magic beast at dusk and emitted a powerful healing light to heal the Farglow Army. You’re well-known throughout the kingdom as the ‘Saint who saved the Kingdom’. So, even if your magic doesn’t leak anymore, everyone respects you as a wonderful Saint.”


What’s with that?

Oh, but come to think of it, I used a ‘healing light’ at that time…

Yup, I did. My skills were glowing. So, I wasn’t the only one who saw that. So, other people could see it too?!

I was a bit desperate, so I only vaguely remember what happened… Now that I think about it, I do remember that happening…

“So, just give up and stay as my wife forever. It’s alright, I’ll take good care of you. Or do you want to be with another royal member? Even if you divorce me, you’ll be forced to marry another royal member by royal decree. Do you really think some guy whose face you don’t even know is better than me?”

Lector’s eyes weren’t smiling.

“Oh, no, hmm… that wouldn’t happen…”

I definitely don’t want that.

I’m sure that this person, who I don’t even know, can’t be better than Lector.

Is there anyone else besides this person who would treat me kindly and exclude such a sparkling aura that tells me he likes me, a commoner from another world with no family? No, no, I don’t think there is.

So, no matter how unsuitable we are, no matter how daunted I feel, and no matter how sorry I am towards me, if that was my only choice right now, then I would choose this person, of course. Obviously.

The degree of hardship was completely different. I always want to choose the best path, that is, the one that seems easiest and will make me the happiest.

“Then, please look after me from now on too, Wifey. I love you.”

My husband (apparently real) had a big, satisfied smile on his face.

He had on a beautiful smile, he winked and also happily leaked his sparkles.

I know that expression. It was the expression he made when his plans succeed. This…

I felt like there was a hint of pink in the sparkles that were coming from him, but I’m not sure what they meant…

“… Oh, yes… Me too… Please take care of me from now on… Please go easy on me…”

… Huh?

I feel like I’ve had this exchange before…

Oh, at the time when we started this sham marriage?

I really thought it would be ‘temporary’ at that time though.


Does this mean that this will continue for the rest of my life?

Is that what it means?!