Chapter 11: Lost Village 05

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

“My, my. By the way, listen Anise, only the ‘Saint’ can use healing magic to such an extent. So, if you were able to heal people the way you healed Lolo and I, then there would be an uproar about the Saint appearing. If you don’t want to be called the Saint, then you have to think of a different way to do things.”


『The Saint is having a lovey-dovey trip with the Prince before their wedding right?』

“That’s right… For example, how about making potions that can heal people?”


『Oh that sounds good. Salves, cold medicine… and some disinfectants?』

“That all sounds great, but before that. Lolo, why are you casually joining in on the conversation?” I had to say to Lolo, who was sitting triumphantly while meowing. Weren’t you sleeping all the time since things had nothing to do with you? She’s this much of a conversationalist?!


『Isn’t it fine? Three heads are better than two, are they not? I’m happy since I haven’t talked in a long time.』

Well… that might be true.

“Hey, by any chance… have you been able to understand what I’ve been saying all this time?”


『Of course~.』

Is that so? Yep, she did. I looked up at the ceiling. 

I was complaining about everything because I thought she couldn’t understand me, but she understood everything I said? I’m so embarrassed.

Can you please stop with that…?

“Now, now, Anise. Lolo’s voice can only be heard by people with high magic power, so you don’t have to worry about her blabbering to other people. Instead, I’m more surprised by how high your magic power is since you were able to heal her eyes and hear her voice. Aren’t you the ‘Saint of Prophecy’? You have enough magic to be. But well, if you want to hide it then that’s fine too,” Father Austin said. 

This was something I’ve been thinking about for some time.

“You think so too? I’ve been thinking that might be the case…. Ah, but I don’t really know since Hime might be able to use healing magic as well. However, I don’t want the royal castle to know about me just because they’ll come after me again if they find out. I know it’ll be difficult though.”

Yes. I want to be known for healing. I need to be known. 

But I don’t want Hime to know. 

In that sense, I felt that making potions was a good idea. 

In this world, stones, tools and liquids (aka potions) that contain magic are commonly distributed. 

Everyone in this world sells the magic they’re good at in those things, and uses them to make a living.

“Hmm… Only a Saint can heal things like this directly, but there are others who can heal minor wounds. Well, it’s something you become able to do when you learn other magic. But your ability will be useful in a clinic. I can introduce you to a clinic as a healer. Do you have any places that you prefer? A big city perhaps?”

That’s what I’m talking about! A priest is awesome and knows a lot of people.

I immediately expressed my hope, my honest opinion. 

“Then can I trouble you for a place in the neighbouring kingdom? The kingdom with who we’re at war with.”

“… Anise, do you have a death wish?”

“Well, it’s normal for you to think that.”

Yeah, well. I knew it was a bad idea. I had a little hunch. 

But is he saying no or not?

“You know we’re at war, right? There are no diplomatic relations, and the border is watched at all times, so if you cross the border, you’ll be arrested or worse, killed under suspicion. It’s impossible,” Father Austin said with astonishment. 

“I thought it might be something like that.”

I’ll be asked why I want to go to the neighbouring kingdom, and they might suspect me of being a spy no matter how I answer. I don’t think it’s possible, but they might torture me during the questioning process…. I absolutely don’t want that to happen. 

“Well, I’m sure you can manage to make it work if you had some kind of social standing or money. But sadly, I don’t have any connections like that.”

Social standing… yup, I don’t have any at all. I’m not even sure if I’m a citizen of this kingdom. I’m someone without any relatives or money. I have nothing at all. 

“Then I prefer somewhere that’s close to the neighbouring kingdom’s border.”


『You’re so obsessed with the neighbouring kingdom~.』

“I believe that my chances of success will increase if I’m by the border, and even if I become a little famous for my healing power, rumours will be slow to reach the capital because of the distance.”

“That’s true… Then, I believe that Garland Clinic will fit your needs. I have some acquaintances there too. I’ll go with you too, so I’ll ask them about it. This is getting interesting. Hohoho,” Priest Austin said. 

Father is a kind man, but…

“Is it alright for you to leave this place? I can’t trouble you even more, I believe writing an introduction letter will be enough. I’ll also need a map.”

Father Austin smiled at me and said, “Do you know why I can hear Lolo’s voice? It’s because I also have high magic power. It’s not just a normal amount. It comes from one of my skills, ‘blessing’. Strong luck is amazing. Even in a dire situation in the battlefield where all my allies were defeated in an instant, I managed to survive and only lose one leg.  Just the other day, I was taking a leisure stroll and I ended up picking up the Saint who healed my leg. Everything is destined to go well for me, no matter what I do. I want to come along with you this time. It’s best for me to do what I want, when I want. This church will be entrusted to someone else. There are others who can take care of it. But there is no substitute for the Saint.”

He gave me a rare wink. 

The Priest holds a very envious skill. 

Which means…

He lives life with a great amount of luck. 

I wonder if his luck will rub off on me if he comes with me? I thought but became immediately discouraged since I was wrong. He couldn’t save the people who were next to him on the battlefield, now could he. 

Suddenly, I had mixed feelings as I imagined him in the past as the sole survivor of a horrific battlefield. They were all comrades.

He was lucky to have survived, but maybe he wasn’t happy about it at all. 

He must have gone through a lot in his life. 

“You’ve also healed all my age-related problems, so I’m sure I’ll live a long time. I should enjoy my life. I believe it would be quite fun to follow a Saint like you, hohoho.”

You’re laughing quite peacefully right now, though. 

But I can say the same, can’t I? 

If I follow this blessed Priest, then I might be able to see all sorts of good luck too. 

That sounds kind of interesting and I want to see it. 


『Then we have to prepare~.』

Then, the two of us, plus a cat, immediately left towards the Garland Clinic, located along the border.