Chapter 12: Journey 01

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

As it turned out, our journey went very well thanks to Father Austin’s knowledge of things, and his familiarity with travelling. 

Besides, come to think of it, it’s dangerous for a woman to travel alone. We still needed to be careful in terms of security. It might be possible for me to immobilise attackers again, like before, but at any rate, the fact that this skill is ineffective against a healthy body is worrisome as a weapon. 

In that sense, it was very reassuring to have a man, even though he’s an old man, as a companion on this journey. 

During our journey, we bought small bottles, put water in them, and made potions. 

Well, all I did was just tell the water in the bottle to ‘heal people’. As the priest advised, I made it very moderate, without putting in any effort at all. Apparently, if I hadn’t done that then I would have ended up with an unnaturally superior potion. 

After all, Father was surprised at the potions effect when I made it for the first time.

“Anise, you’re making it too effective. Your magic is leaking out. This one vial could cure a platoon of people who have fevers. Only the Saint can make such an excellent potion, so you shouldn’t make them like this. You need to make them a little more… let’s see, you need to dilute it a hundred times more,” he said. Then, for a while, Father procured a mountain of vials and the two of us spent time dripping a drop of that potion into a vial of water whenever we were alone at the inn. It was quite a hassle. 

The priest bought the vials. He would use his ‘blessing’ skill to the fullest extent to buy the vials cheaply, and then he sold the potions I made for a very high price. 

Before we knew it, I was the one who was making the potions and the priest was the person who sold them; we had a great division of labour. 

Of course, some of his skills may have come from his life experience, but it was amazing to watch as his powerful ‘blessing’ skill snatched us vials at a bargain and saw him happen to be acquainted with rich people who suddenly fell ill. This happened quite often, and of course, I sold my potions to ordinary people who needed them as well, so my potions always sold well. 

I was prepared to travel with no money, but thanks to this, I was able to earn more money than I had expected, and the places we stayed in were pretty nice as a result. 

‘Blessing’ is an amazing skill. 

I heard from Father Austin that this was usually how it was when he travelled. 

It’s just that when you really look into it, the serious and pious priest is selling things with indescribably honeyed words. 

“But we have your potions this time, so it’s much more convenient to get money. It’s much easier to understand the effects of your potions than my ‘lucky charms’. The results of your potions are immediate, and you have more customers. It’s really nice, hohoho.”

When I see him happy like that, it made him look like a kind old-man, but those words made him seem like a cunning businessman. 

He didn’t act like this at the church… 

What if that was just an act? He seemed to be very spontaneous now.

Well, it’s true that if he was a priest like this on a regular basis, then some people might develop a crack in their faith. 

Oh yeah, right after he picked me up for the first time, it was raining hard enough to wash the blood off my body, and I remember being treated well by the innkeeper who took pity on us when we were soaking wet. 

Oh, I see… that might have all been a benefit of his blessing skill…

It really is an enviable skill.

As we travelled like that, I got more used to making potions under the guidance of the priest, and I became able to make them very easily. 

He said that normally potions didn’t ‘heal everything’ either, so I was able to adjust them to work for different kinds of symptoms, such as ‘healing wounds’, ‘reducing fever’, ‘help with sleep,’ and so on.

Well, it was a simple task since all I had to do was let my mind wander while telling the water, ‘heal’, ‘get rid of fevers’, ‘sleep well’, and so on. The priest would criticise me if I focus too much on a potion. 

Even so, it’s rare to be able to make many different kinds of water, so the fact that there is a wide range of products available seems to have helped business thrive. 

And, “Oh… You don’t look so well, what’s wrong? Hmm, I see. I see. That must be very painful. I know what you mean… In fact, I have a special potion that’s very effective. It will help you get rid of your painful symptoms right away. This is how I’m able to travel in such good health. Well, can I share a bit of this potion with you if you’re in that much pain? It might be a bit expensive, but of course you can try it. Would you like to try it?” Father Austin assumed airs and acted like an effulgent good-natured old man. Indeed, it was suspicious that he sold things while feigning kindness but that isn’t to say that his business didn’t help some people. 

Of course, it’s me who finds the sick and injured at Father’s behest. Well, that isn’t a difficult thing to do. I just have to flip the switch and look around. It’s surprising how many people are suffering from ailments in this world. 

But as expected of Father, he’s used to travelling or used to life, and he’s not afraid of anything. 

The way he naturally changed from a kind and virtuous priest to a silver tongue businessman is just wonderful. 

Thanks to him, I’m still able to eat full meals today, so I don’t have any complaints. 

A comfortable trip is a good thing, isn’t it? 

By the way, Lolo has only been meowing『Food』these days. She’s a free cat, not a free person, who wanders about freely, so she isn’t useful on trips, yes.