Chapter 14: Garland Clinic 01

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

This Garland Clinic is one of the largest clinics around the area, and it is so to speak, a big hospital. It’s a busy hospital with a serious shortage of staff. 

I started working at the Garland Clinic the next day. 

Every day, many people come to this large, sturdy, stone building to complain about their health problems, and many people are working here to deal with them, treat them, cure them and if necessary, admit them to the hospital. 

Some employees were commuters, and for those who couldn’t commute, they were given a simple room with meals. The pay was reasonable, and holidays were taken in turn. 

I’m so grateful to be able to be provided with the necessities of life when I have no relatives. Hooray for being a live-in worker. 

… Well, it was supposed to be a good deal, but the clinic had a lot of patients and was busy. Holidays, what is that? Can I eat it? 

I wasn’t used to it at first, but I didn’t bother them, as much as possible. I didn’t have any complaints and I worked hard and did my best to take on anything and everything, probably because of the environment I was born and raised into. 

Before I knew it, they were short-staffed and I was removed from my front-line nursing duties, and began to work behind the scenes, making all kinds of potions. 

Huh? Was I removed because I was a bad nurse? Ab-absolutely not? Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and everyone makes a mistake on their first time, right? It’s not just me…. Right? 

I’m clumsy? I don’t like that word. 

Well, it’s most effective to have the right people in the right places. 

After all, it’s easier for me to focus on making potions rather than nursing someone since I wasn’t used to it, and my contribution while making potions was a lot greater too. 

In any case, the potions used in the clinic were mainly made by the busy director. He’s always too busy to make them, so there’s always a shortage, and the quality of his potions aren’t as good as mine. 

Yes, my potions are popular. Thanks to that, a lot of patients were cured at an amazing rate and the number of people waiting to be admitted to the hospital dropped dramatically. It’s nice. 

Apparently, they had only used potions on patients who were in serious conditions because of the potion shortage, and they could only help patients with minor conditions heal on their own. Everyone was happy that they could now use potions to heal patients with minor conditions, without hesitation, since it made things a lot easier. I’m happy. 

Well, the reason why more people were coming to the clinic for the potions is because… ah, there’s also that, right?

Thanks to that, I’ve been fetching a lot of vials of water and lifelessly chanting, 

“Lower fever.”

“Pain, pain, fly away.”

“Close the wound.”

“Sleep well.”

I began spending my days alone making potions in a room while grumbling. 

Well, most of my work was dividing the water, so my job finishes quickly as long as I can get that done. At first, I thought I would help with nursing during my free time, but every time I tried to help, I was gently told, “Ah, you don’t need to do that~. Just rest, okay? Ah, don’t touch that, okay? If you’re free, then make more potions,” for some reason. 

There are a lot of experienced people here since this is a large clinic, and they are working at full efficiency. Yeah, I’ll be a burden even if I try to help. 

But well, I’ll just focus on the work I’ve been given then. 

Whenever I had free time, I would often find myself relaxing and sitting on a bench in the backyard, right next to the potion making room. I don’t want to disturb the people who are busy working on the front-line.

… Probably. 

I won’t know until I try, but I have a feeling that I can heal a few dozen people who are currently hospitalised in the Garland Clinic. I’m certain I could at least heal a whole room. 

The more I used my ‘healing’ related skill for making potions, the more my head and body got used to the skill, and I felt like my skill level was rising higher and higher. 

So, doing something like that must be easy now. 

All I have to do is go to the room where the people are hospitalised and quickly dispel all the black smoke I can see. 

Of course, it would be quicker this way, and everyone would be happy.

But… that action would loudly declare, “The Saint is here.”

‘The Saint’. 

A national treasure. 

I heard a lot of things during my journey from the church to this clinic. 

Well, the conversations always led in that direction since I sold potions like that. 

The ‘Saint’ is a very valuable person and is protected as a national asset. 

Normally, when the Saint is found, she is kept under tight control and protected deep in the royal castle. 

But I definitely don’t want that. 

The royal castle of this kingdom has become nothing more than a den of enemies for me. 

Why do I have to go to a place where that woman and her followers who tried to get me killed are? 

I will be killed for sure if I were thrown in such a place. 

I may have changed my name, but my face hasn’t changed. 

But I’m sure if I somehow manage to change my face, they would find out who I am by talking to me. 

I have to stay away from danger. 

I must never set foot in the capital again.