Chapter 16: Garland Clinic 03

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

The large pots that Director Garland got me for finally arrived, and Father Austin was giddy even though it was still daytime while saying, “Ah, I’m so happy! I’m free with this! It was so hard on my old body. Ah, my back and neck hurts~.”

“… Father, it didn’t seem that bad from what I saw, but I’ll heal you as a thank you,” as I said that, I brushed away the black smoke that I could see from the Priest’s back and neck with one hand. 

This interaction between us has become a daily occurrence after work.

“… Thanks, Anise~. But I’m already old, so my body starts hurting easily. Ah, it’s tough and I don’t want to get old~.”

“Father, it’s too late for you to suddenly sound like an old man.”


Because I saw how easily you knocked out those thugs on our journey, you know? 

And, if your body does start to hurt, then I can quickly heal it.

Don’t you look healthier than the busy director who seems to be bathing in my potions these days? 

Well, Father Austin seemed happy to be free from his monotonous task, so if I can do this on my own, then I will. 

I thanked Father Austin with that thought in mind. 

I thought that Father Austin would cheerfully leave the room, but for some reason, he sat down on the chair by the window and observed my work. Why? He cunningly had Lolo on his lap. 

Oh, how nice. I want to bask in the sun with Lolo. It’s a special seat, since it’s warm there. Ah, so that’s why he sat down there? 

But it’s true that if I take a big pot and fill it with water, and cast various spells on it, one by one, then it’s surprisingly easy to make a lot of potions. 

From here on, I’ll have them transfer the contents into smaller containers. The task of dividing the potions into small vials can be done by each department or clinic. 

Oh, convenient, how convenient. It’s also lighter for the person who is transporting it. Why didn’t I realise this before? 

Was I fixated on potions being in small vials? 

I’m stubborn. 

“Anise, do you think you can make twice that amount?” When I was in a good mood and coming to an understanding alone, the priest who was smiling by the window asked me. 

“I can make many times more. I’m sure I can fill a whole room with potions.”

It should be okay as long as I can see it.

“Do you think you can enchant stones as well?”

“Stones…? Should I give it a try?” I said. Then, I went out to the garden to pick up some stones to practice with. 

Hmm. What should I enchant it with? 

Should I enchant it for wounds or for fever? What should I do? 

I thought and the Priest spoke, “Can you enchant it to cure fatigue and energise people? I feel kind of bad for Sultana-dono since he’s so busy. We used to skip work a lot together in the past, and he must be under a great deal of stress from working all the time like that.”

Okay, if I’m going to give it to the director then I should enchant it with ‘sleep well’ and ‘energise’… wait, can’t I just make a healing stone which will improve his condition overall? It isn’t a bad idea to flatter the person who hired me either. 

Wait… The Priest just casually mentioned the past. 

Where did they work together? It couldn’t have been on the battlefield, right? 

Well, whatever. I know that Director Sultana is working endlessly without sleeping, so it would be nice if I could be of some help. 

I immediately channelled magic into the stone, “Cure fatigue and become energetic.”

It was my first time enchanting a stone, so I held up my hand just to be sure. 

I understood why all healing-related items were distilled in the form of potions since it was hard to channel magic into stones, but I somehow managed to put a bit of magic into the stone. Healing magic might be hard to integrate into solid things. 

But it feels like there’s still some space left in this stone. Then, “Sleep well,” “Cheer up,” “Concentration.”

I got carried away while practising and added a whole bunch of other effects, then the stone suddenly broke in half. 

Huh? Oh, did I forget to look for extra space in the stone? Stone is so hard to understand. 

“Oh dear… Fufufu. It looks like you’ve channelled in too much magic. The stone has met its limit. But you’ve enchanted it with a lot of magic, so I’ll give the big one to Sultana-dono, and I’ll keep the small one.”

Huh~? While I was tilting my head and looking at the broken stone, the Priest came near me and took the broken stones with him. 

Yes, he’s really cunning. Well, it’s fine since I want them both to be healthy. 

I wonder if it’s hard to channel magic into something other than water. 

But can’t cleaning and fire magic be channelled into stones and tools? 

I wonder if the affinity changes depending on the magic. Does that mean that healing magic has an affinity with soluble things like water?

Come to think of it, I’ve never really pursued ‘what I can do’ or ‘how I can use’ my magic. I’ve only ever thought about ‘how much I can do’. 

Rather, I often don’t know that there are such methods until Father tells me to try it. 


Well, making potions is going to be a little easier after today, so I might as well try out things in my spare time.