Chapter 17: Garland Clinic 04

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

Then, I decided to channel my magic into various items whenever I had free time; stones, metals, woods, flowers, furniture, oil, and many other things.

As a result, I found that there were things that were easy to channel magic into, and there were things that were hard to channel magic into. 

As a general trend, the harder the object is, the harder it is to channel magic into, because it lasts longer. 

Metal is the hardest to channel magic into, and then stone, then wood. 

I tried channelling magic to make me more energetic into my food and eating it, and it made me really energetic. Yup, this kind of usage is handy too. 

If the principle is the same, then wooden planks and paper used in protection charms in my previous world would be relatively easy to enchant and grace, and they’re the right medium to use if I want them to last a long time. Oh. 

So then, would it work if I channel magic into a stone and then threw it into a well? Can the magic seep out of the stone? Would everyone feel energised if I threw it into the well that everyone uses? 

Hmmm… thinking about it doesn’t bring any harm.

I went to the garden and picked out a stone that looked like it would be easy to channel magic into. 

Lately, I found that some stones are easier to channel magic into than others. 

After thinking a while, I filled the stone with magic for ‘curing fatigue’. Just slightly. 

I didn’t cast ‘become energetic’ on the stone because I thought it would be like an energy drink, I used to drink a long time ago. I felt great when I drank it and did my best at whatever I was doing, but when the effects wore off, I felt sluggish right away and it was tough. Even if the staff at this clinic become energetic after drinking it, I thought it would be good for them to feel sluggish once they finish their work. 

First, I washed the stone and put it into a jug in my room and drank it. 

Well, you see, I could heal myself if something were to happen to me that would harm my health. 

It would be bad if I suddenly fainted, but I don’t think that would happen, right…?

Instead of being troubled by the results, I felt quite energetic and less tired. 

My neck and shoulders, which have been a little stiff, became lighter, and there didn’t seem to be any side effects, even if I stopped drinking. I thought my colleagues, who were suffering from back pain and troubled by headaches, would feel a bit better with this. Everyone would be happy if their fatigue gets better without them realising right? 

This is great, the workplace will become more comfortable with this! Everyone will be healthy and lively!

With that in mind, I casually threw it into the well in the middle of the clinic, which was exclusively used by the clinic. 

“Anise, what the hell have you done? Hmm? Tell me honestly.” That is how I am now being questioned by a seemingly smiling Father Austin.

“Hmm… I cast ‘become energetic’… into a stone and threw it into the well, with a plop…” I’ve already been caught, so I avoided his gaze while confessing. 

I’m sure that if I lie in front of this man who has a lot of life experience, then he’ll know. I don’t know why I had that feeling. I’m sure he already knows since he targeted me and took me to the director’s office where Director Sultana is. 

He’s an easy-going and friendly old man, but I know that he turns into a sharp-eyed, agile person when push comes to shove. Hey… I can’t lie when I’m so scared…

But why is he looking at me with such dismay…?

It’s true that illnesses and wounds in Garland Clinic have been healing quickly lately, and the staff has been getting more energetic, and there is a rumour that some kind of magic is being cast here… well, it’s widely known… and now cold sweat is running down my back… 

Director Sultana looked troubled, even as he heard our exchange and said, “So it was in the water…? Actually, people have begun saying that our water is special, and a lot of people from the neighbourhood have been coming and demanding that we share our water with them, and more and more people are coming every day. It’s starting to get in the way of our work.”

Huh, it’s become a big deal…?

Director continued with laughter and tears, “We’ve had more patients come from afar, who want to be admitted into our clinic. I’m afraid we won’t be able to treat the patients who actually live nearby.”

Ah… Work has gotten a little easier because of my mass-produced potions, but now work has increased again…

“I’m sorry… I did it out of curiosity,” I apologised as cold sweat dripped down my body.

“What shall we do, Sultana-dono? It will be hard to retrieve a single stone from the bottom of the well, and we’ll still be busy even if we remove it. How about we sell the water in front of the clinic and use that money to hire more people? I’m sure you’ll make a profit. Fufufu,” Father Austin said, with the face of a merchant. 

But Director Sultana is a good man and a serious one at that. 

“But we’ll be selling water that we’ve been giving out for free. That would stain our clinic’s reputation.”

“But wouldn’t it be easier for you if your clinic’s reputation gets tarnished a little?”

“No, but that would defeat the purpose of this place, which is to help people.”

They started arguing back and forward. 

Apparently, I’ve added onto Director Sultana’s burden, even though he’s already busy. I didn’t mean to do that, and I felt really bad. 

“Excuse me…” I spoke and the two of them turned to me at once. They’re a little scary…

But I’ll say it, “Should I make another stone just like the last one? I can throw it into the city’s well, so everyone can draw water from there for free. Then, won’t that make everyone gather there instead?”

Wouldn’t that make everyone happy?