Chapter 19: Garland Clinic 06

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

Oh yes, and speaking of things to worry about… Lolo, who looks like a kitten but is apparently a magic beast. 

Lolo-san looked cute and weak at first glance, and when she gets hungry, she actively gets involved with people, and gets food and snacks from people in the clinic. She’s enjoying her life as a cat. 

If Lolo keeps acting like this, then she can live anywhere even just by herself. 

But even so, she calls me ‘Master’, so I’m responsible for both my life and hers. 

I honestly worried a bit about whether I should take her with me or not if I have to flee from here. 

I would rather have Lolo with me than be alone. I can talk to her and it’s warm to hug her to sleep. 

But Lolo might be happier here where she is cared for, rather than live life on the run. 

One time, I went up to Lolo, who was sleeping in the window of the potion-making room where she had set up her permanent position, and said, “Lolo, I will run away as fast as I can if the soldiers from the castle come here to capture me. But if you stay here, as a normal cat, then you’ll be fed and cared for as you always have been, so if that’s better for you, then you can live here comfortably.”

I have to give her notice. It would haunt me otherwise. I’m sure Lolo can stay here if I give her my permission. I’m sure she will be sad if her master suddenly disappeared and didn’t think of her. 

But I’m sure I won’t have time to spare when I do need to escape. We should talk about this stuff beforehand. 

Lolo opened her golden eyes, turned them towards me and said.


『Run away? When? Well that’s fine as well, but I’m Anise’s familiar, so why don’t you use me?』

Then, she stood up, and stretched while continuing, “Nyaaa… Meoow.”

『If the soldiers come, then I’ll teach them a lesson. I’ll take care of them if I need to~.』

Hey? What you’re doing and what you’re saying are very different.

“Take care of them…?” I asked in surprise. 

It’s Lolo’s job to sleep, bask in the sun, and say ‘food’. She’s been acting like a normal cat until now. What does she mean by finishing them off? 

“Meow, meow.”

『It’ll only take me a second to beat two or three dozen humans. But it’ll be a bit of a hassle if you tell me to kill them.』

“Huh, were you that dangerous of a cat?”


『I’m not a cat, I’m a magic beast. I’m more powerful than even magicians. Hmph.』

Lolo smiled and puffed out her chest in pride despite being a cat.

“Oh my, that’s amazing.”


『If my Master tells me to, then I’ll get rid of the soldiers as soon as I find them.』

Clink, no wait. Put those claws away. Don’t tell me I’ll suddenly find a dead soldier in the clinic one day? 

I don’t know how to feel about that… She’s saying it as if she’s finding a mouse and catching it. 

Lolo is a very dangerous cat. Is that what a magic beast is? I’m not sure since they didn’t exist in my previous world.


“Well, you don’t have to finish them off, but can you let me know if you find them? Then we can sneak away. I don’t want to be a murderer. I can’t become notorious, definitely not.”

I have no idea how this little black cat would ‘take care’ of two or three dozen soldiers, but I’m pretty sure that Father Austin also said that she’s a magic beast, and she talks, unlike a normal cat… so I’m sure she’s not lying. Hmm, I don’t know if I want to see her in action or not.


『Well if that’s Master’s command. Well, I’ll patrol and see what I find~.』

The little black cat said to the confused me in a boisterous and brave tone. Then, she seemed to have decided that the conversation was over and let out a big yawn, before curling up into a ball and falling asleep.

Huh…? When will she patrol…?

When she’s in the mood? Well she is a cat. 

But my (she is mine, right? But I feel like she’s with Father more than me) cat, or rather, familiar, is more reliable than I thought she would be. 

It’s autumn and there were a lot of cooler days. 

I gently petted Lolo’s back while she was sleeping peacefully in the warm sun, and she felt surprisingly warm, and smelled of the sun. 

It was late afternoon when I was petting Lolo while absentmindedly thinking that she is just a cat, but I was a little glad to have such a strong ally.