Chapter 20: Deluxe Suite 01

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

Recently, it seems that the rumours of Garland Clinic having an amazing healer are spreading more and more, and more people seemed to be visiting the clinic because of those rumours.

Rumours will spread at a rapid pace if they’re something unusual… Of course, I wanted this. Smile.

But I’m not sure if I will achieve my goal first or if the castle will be suspicious of this and come to investigate first. 

I had a feeling that I was about to find out soon. 

It’s been about two months since I arrived here. According to the newspaper, the Prince and his fiancée, the ‘Saint of Prophecy’, who had prolonged their trip, will be returning home soon.

However, shouldn’t they be busy since they’re part of the royal family? And yet they went on holiday? I wonder how much they liked that kingdom to prolong their stay. Well, I don’t envy them, since they will have to be diplomatic; that seems exhausting.

Even just imagining having to force a smile and be diplomatic is tiring. But now that I think about it, I wonder if it’s her calling, since she likes to manipulate people by making up stories like she’s breathing. 

If she hadn’t viewed me as the enemy in this, then it would have been fine, and I would have been happy for her. 

As expected, it’s probably useless to tell her to leave me alone since she had even hired assassins to get rid of me.

“Hah…” I let out a sigh. 

I quite like this job though. 

I get to use my special skill to help a lot of people and am appreciated for it. 

It’s quite a good place to work. 

It’s really a shame that I have to leave this place depending on the situation. 

While I was thinking this, I heard a voice, “Oh, the renowned healer-sama is sighing?” and looked towards the door while being somewhat bored of my day. 

Just as I had expected, there stood a handsome young man. 

He had beautiful shiny black hair and dark blue eyes. He’s tall and toned… he looks like a very handsome man. 

He’s here again. I’m surprised he isn’t tired of this. 

This man seems to be related to the patient who had come here from far away because he heard of the reputation of my potions, and is staying in the deluxe suite, but his handsome appearance instantly captivated the staff and other patients. He’s popular wherever he goes, but for some reason, he kept showing up at the potion making room.

For some reason, he tries to have light conversation with me and even invites me out for tea or dinner. Every time he does this, I feel like I could see his handsome aura or some sparkling halo above his head, and it’s very annoying. 

This place is off-limits, you know.

After all, potions are valuable.

This room is supposed to be off-limits and only a number of people can enter, but this man somehow gained permission to enter this room. 

What the heck, how did he do it? With money? Through flirting?

He visits this room often because he wants to become friends with the renowned healer, but I don’t think that’s necessary. 

He seems like he’s rich, since he can enter the deluxe suite and he’s using money like water to buy a lot of potions. He also seems to be ordering more effective potions instead of saving his money. Of course, I make them happily since my salary also springs up. 

This should be enough. 

Also, he stared at me as if I was a rare animal when we first met, and he looked at me from top to bottom while humming to himself. Anyone would hate to be treated like that, right? 

So, my first impression of him was horrible. Am I that rare? 

And that impression hasn’t changed at all, because of his attitude afterwards. 

“What did you come here for, Lek? I didn’t ask for you. Don’t tell me the potion I gave you last time isn’t working well? Or have you run out of them already?” I said with glassy eyes.

However, he said, “Whaat? You’re so cold. Everyone else smiles at me, you’re the only one who looks at me coldly. I think you’ll be the cutest person in this clinic if you smile just a little,” then pretended to act sad. 

Yes, he has a handsome face, but he’s flirtatious. He jokes around. Ah, it’s a pity. 

But this man persistently comes to the potion making room to talk with me every day, no matter how cruel I am to him, then he takes the potions and goes back. 

Why don’t you ask someone else to run this kind of errand for you? The women in this clinic are saying a lot of things to me because you visit this room and it’s annoying~.

I don’t plan on having any relationship with him. 

I don’t have enough room in my mind to squeal about his appearance like other people are doing. 

I don’t understand why people would get involved with this shady guy, who won’t even reveal his identity at all. He might be a conman, gangster, or a royal official. 

The director of this clinic must know the identity of this man, since he goes into the deluxe suite, but his surprising identity wasn’t divulged to us, the general staff. Too suspicious. 

Heaven forbid. 

If you just want someone to talk to then there’s lots of people in this clinic who you can talk to. I’m sure you’ll find someone beautiful, single, and with a good personality to talk to. Why do you keep bothering me when I’m cruel and have a mob-like face? Isn’t it about time you got bored of observing this rare animal? 

You won’t get anything other than potions no matter how much you flatter me. 

I have to stay here, make potions, sell my name, and wait for the neighbouring kingdom to summon me. 

I don’t want to get involved with too many people.

I’m desperate because my life is at stake. 

“Please leave if you don’t want my potions. I’m busy and you’re interrupting my work.” I stirred the big spoon in the pot like a witch and chased him out. 

I don’t want him to see me making potions. 

I believe that he shouldn’t see me sloppily making potions that are known for their effects right now. 

The only person who knows the truth about my potions is Father. 

I don’t have any business with this frivolous man.