Chapter 22: Deluxe Suite 03

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

If he is someone from the castle who is trying to catch me, then I’ll instantly take Lolo and run away with her. 

I’ve put all my money in my room. I hope there will be enough time to go get it. 

I waited nervously for his answer. 

“Hmm, asylum, huh…” Lek smirked in amusement for some reason. 

“And secretly if you can, you say,” Lek said with an unusually serious look on his face when he saw how nervous I was. 

“Alright. I’ll help you. I’ll take you to Farglow when you save my patient.”


It seems like I’ve won the bet. 

It’s reassuring to have a rich man on my side. 

If he tries to trick me and kidnaps me somewhere, then I’ll let the strong Lolo run wild. I’m sure I’ll be able to escape danger with Lolo’s help. 

I don’t think more than twenty or thirty people will surround a little girl like me, right? No way, right? 

Then, we exchanged a firm handshake. 

I’m glad he’s reasonable. Rich people are nice and open-minded. 

I think I’m a step closer to my goal. 

I hope the neighbouring kingdom has heard of my reputation. That way, it will be easier to build my reputation as a ‘skilled healer’ or, you could say, a ‘Saint’ in the neighbouring kingdom. 

My mind began to move towards the future. 

I’ll get my calm and peaceful life!

I’ll acquire an identity and citizenship where I can live in peace!

Of course, I’ll make good on my promise in order to achieve this. 

I let Lek take me to the ‘deluxe suite’ for almost the first time ever. 


Deluxe Suite


This is the room the rich use; a room that requires strict screening and lots of money in advance. 

I’ve actually hardly ever looked inside this room before, so I couldn’t help but look around. 

Oh, it’s well furnished and the bed looks comfortable~.

But in that comfortable looking bed, there was a large man, who didn’t look like he belonged in this luxurious room, sleeping. He looks young, and he might have been muscular before, but now he looks a little haggard…?

And in this deluxe suite was Director Sultana and Father Austin.

Oh my, all the important people are here. This definitely is the deluxe suite. 

“Oh, I believed that something fun is about to happen. That’s why I invited Director Sultana here~. Fufufu.” The Priest is as perceptive as ever.

What’s with this person? Is this his ‘blessing’ skill or was his intuition unusually sharp to begin with? 

It’s fine if Father sees me do this, but is it okay for me to heal in front of Director Sultana?

I thought, so I asked the Priest, and he replied, “Isn’t it fine? He’s trustworthy and tight-lipped.”

Well, Father has a great deal of faith in Director Sultana and if he says so… then well, okay.

I have yet to see this person who has a ‘blessing’ and a lot of life experience mess up even if he acts carelessly. 

Besides, I stopped by my room earlier to collect all my belongings and brought Lolo with me, so if the worst happens, then I can run away.

I always want to leave an escape route. 

And, “I’ll examine you,” I haven’t used my skill on a person in a long time. 

However, he’s a big guy… this person…

“Hmm, his body is full of scars. And… there’s something that looks like a tumour on his waist. What is this…? Part of the lump… goes around his entire body… Umm, I guess it’s cancerous?”

I wasn’t a doctor or a nurse before I came to this world, so I don’t know much about this. But that dark lump is quite large and looks nasty.

He has been able to sleep thanks to my special pain relief potions, but his whole body seems fatigued, though I don’t know if this is because of the pain or because of the tumour. 

“Can you heal him?” Lek asked.

“I’ll try.”

I can go to the neighbouring kingdom if I heal him, so of course I’m going to do my best. 

I grabbed the black lump that I could see with my mind’s hand, and pulled it out with all my strength, then threw it away. 

It seemed a bit heavy, so I used both hands to pull it out as hard as I could. 

I also carefully swept away the thin, black smoke that was surrounding the space where the black lump had been. 

Hmm, I guess it was cancer after all. I could feel small lumps moving in other places as well, so I pulled them out as I found them and swept them away. 

Finally, I checked everywhere to make sure that there were no black spots; I also healed the scars and strain on his body and got rid of his fatigue. Yup, this is service. As expected, I’m a bit tired. 

“I think all the bad things are gone,” I declared. 

The big sleeping man’s complexion also seemed to have improved.

“Oh! Really…? If you really cured that incurable disease… then that’s incredible…” Director Sultana said in surprise. 

Father Austin smiled and nodded. 

And Lek, who had brought me here, looked happy. 

“Thanks. I owe you. I can’t believe it happened so fast. Incredible!” He said, then shook my hand. 

I was a little distracted from being relieved at having healed the man, so it’s a secret that I was a bit dazed by his handsome face. 

“Ah, you’re welcome…” 

No one feels bad about being complimented by a handsome man. Absolutely not. Anyhow, I was a bit happy that it was successful. I’m sure it’s fine for me to giggle.

“Now then…” 

But he immediately turned towards the big man on the bed and said, “Let’s wake you up, Galleon.”