Chapter 24: Deluxe Suite 05

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

You just have to keep your promise. Just keep it, okay? 

Send me to the neighbouring kingdom!

That’s all I ask. 

But, Lek said seriously as if he decided that a flirty personality wouldn’t do, “But, I’m not joking, we need a ‘saint’. Your abilities are amazing. Please help us. Of course, you’ll get a lot in return.”

He stared at me seriously. It’s cunning to casually dangle money.

Money is very important for my future to be stable. 

It’s worrying to be asked something seriously by a handsome guy who’s my type. Honestly, I almost felt like nodding my head while smiling before I could think of anything. 


This may be tenacious, but I have a purpose on which my life depends on, and it’s time-limited. I can’t just wander around and waste time with this handsome guy. 

I can’t recklessly give him an answer when I don’t know his purpose or identity even if he asks me to follow him. 

Of course, I can ask him. 

“Who are you anyway?”

Who are you? Yes, that’s the most important question. Obviously. Who are you and what are you trying to do?

If my goals match his, then of course, I might take him up on his offer. 

If his goals can be done quickly and I can cross the border because of it, then I’ll think about it. Money is important. But if he wants me to go to this kingdom’s castle for sightseeing, then I won’t go. All I can do is ask him to send me to the neighbouring kingdom. 

But when Lek heard my question, he looked confused and said, “Oh, I’m… I’m the neighbouring kingdom’s, Farglow’s…”

“What?! Neighbouring Kingdom?!” I was flabbergasted and asked him in return. I’m sure I look really shocked. Lek looked odd. Oh my goodness, a handsome man looking like that… No, this isn’t the time to be thinking about that. 

“… Yes, I’m a Farglow soldier, and I’m currently on a top-secret mission. And we currently need the ‘saint’.”

The neighbouring kingdom, Farglow. That’s exactly where I’m hoping to go. 

So why did a man from the enemy kingdom come to this clinic? Even if there’s a cease-fire, we’re at war. And he’s a soldier!

So that’s why he kept his identity a secret?

Can you do this…?

But this was too good of an opportunity for me. 

… Is this a trap? 

Is he pretending to be someone from that kingdom because I said I wanted to go there? 

I’m a bit suspicious of this development. 

I stared at his face in surprise. 

They say that people become slightly nervous or have some kind of inner turmoil when they tell a lie. 

And recently, I’ve been able to feel the tension, agitation and other mental states of people if I concentrate. 

I talked to him while looking for those signs. 

But I couldn’t find any. He is only nervous because he’s waiting for a reply. He seems a little excited… and thrilled? 

I must have looked like I was hesitating because Lek continued talking seriously, “Yes. Origlow is probably your homeland, so I feel a bit bad for asking you to help Farglow, the enemy kingdom. However, our kingdom’s army is far larger than Origlow’s. We’ve been on the defence up until now because of the King’s order, but the King has made up his mind this time. I think it’s better for both kingdoms if you help me settle this matter quickly, rather than letting it continue for too long. Don’t you want this war to end? There’ll probably be a big battle soon. Our kingdom won’t treat Origlow badly when we win. Of course, we’ll secure the safety of your family too. So please help us put an end to this war.”

His eyes are serious. His eyes told me that he wanted to persuade me at all costs. 

It seems like he really wants to bring me to Farglow. 

… I see, I know what he wanted to say. 

The neighbouring kingdom, Farglow, has only stopped Origlow at the border whenever they tried to invade. Is that why the Farglow’s strategist has two names, one of which is ‘Farglow’s Shield’? So that’s how it is.

And Origlow has been trying endlessly to start fights at the border for a long time since Farglow has only been defending, and the battle has continued. 

And he wants to drag me into this. 

I see, that’s great… 

This is what I’ve been waiting for…!

I immediately dropped the unsociable behaviour and gave him a radiant smile. 

Then, I grabbed Lek’s hand and shook it up and down. 

“I see, I get what you’re saying. I’ll help you out with everything I’ve got! Homeland? This kingdom? It’s not? Actually, let’s destroy it together! Everything’s working out! Yahoo!”

I can even cheer. 

What I want is right in front of me right now!

I’m glad I listened to him properly. Good job me!

Well done!


Oh? Lek is frozen with a stunned look on his face?

But he’s already accepted me, right? 

I’ll make him take responsibility for inviting me. Now, get on with it and take me to Farglow!

I’ve already said goodbye to this kingdom! 

“Thank you very much for your help, Director Sultana!” I turned towards the Director and said with a smile.