Chapter 25: Deluxe Suite 06

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

“Anise, then what will happen to this clinic from now on…” Director said while looking shocked, then he looked at Father Austin, sullenly. 

But Father Austin only offered him a deal in return, “Fufufu, isn’t it getting interesting? Sultana-dono, you’ll keep quiet about this, won’t you? I’ll also ask Anise to leave some healing magic here before she goes. You’re still uneasy with just the wood she left before, right? You still need more, right? Sultana-dono, you want to take it a little easy, don’t you? Hmm? This is surely a great deal for you.

Woah, Father is great. 

Of course, I’ll quickly help him!

“Then should I put some magic into those big jars that I’m putting potions into right now? With that, you can get potions of similar effects even if it’s not exactly the same. I’ve never done it before, but I think I can do it. Yup, I can, I can. That’s why you can forget about me without any worry!”

I let go off Lek’s hand and gave the Director a salute. 

“That’s right. If you keep the ‘saint’ a secret, then our army is willing to support you monetarily. The famous healer is just going on a journey to hone her skills. Surely, she has,” Lek said, as his eyes sparkled suspiciously. Maybe that’s why his smile was so dazzling…

“Anise… are you abandoning this kingdom? You’re this kingdom’s saint, aren’t you?” Director Sultana still looked at me and said weakly. 

“No, won’t the saint of this kingdom will be back soon with the Prince? But you’ve been a great help to me Director Sultana, so I’ll do everything I can to help you.”


After all, this is the opportunity that I’ve been waiting for. How can I not jump at it? And, Lek is the key to me gaining favour in Farglow to gain a foundation for my future livelihood, I’ll never let him go. 

I’ve only been harmed by this kingdom! I’ve never been in their debt!

Well, I’m glad. Everything’s working out like I want it to. 

What? You should have told me earlier. Ufufu.

“But you’re also a saint, right? That technique from before is…” Director Sultana was still clinging onto hope. 

“Ah, apparently it seems it’s only an ability? But this kingdom didn’t want to recognise me as the ‘saint’.”

So, I guess I’m not exactly a saint. When I said that, Lek widened his eyes in surprise, “Huh? Why? Even with that level of ability?”

“Well, a lot of things happened.” 

It’ll be a long story. 

“It seems like Anise doesn’t have any regrets about leaving Origlow.” The Priest laughed again. 

“Of course, I don’t. I’ve only experienced hardship here! I’m lucky to know a soldier from the neighbouring kingdom. So, Lek,” I turned to Lek, smiled and said in a friendly manner. 

If you’re a soldier, then now! I’ll ask you about it! It’s my rule to say my hopes first!

I don’t have much time after all. 

“How high is your position? You can’t be an ordinary foot soldier, right? The thing is, I have a favour to ask. Is there any way for me to meet Farglow’s strategist? Yes, the famous ‘Farglow Shield’. You just have to introduce me to him as soon as possible!”

If I can meet him, then it would definitely be better to meet him. And I’ll promote myself by telling him, “Call me if something happens!” If I appeal my face, saint abilities and enthusiasm to the strategist and those around him, then perhaps they will surely remember me when the time comes. 

I’m sure a direct appeal is the quickest way to do that. 

I want to do it if possible. 

That’s what I thought. 

Lek’s face twitched when I said that enthusiastically. 

Oh, is it impossible? Well he is the most important person in the army. 

I looked around at everyone else and they were also pulling faces.

Hmm? Is it that reckless for me to ask? 

But you do recognise me as a saint, right? I’m a rare and precious animal, right?

Then can’t you introduce me to him a little? No?

Or do you hate the strategist so much that you have to pull a face…?

“… What kind of business do you have with our kingdom’s strategist? I recognise your abilities, but I said I want you to work for me. If you’re trying to win over the strategist, then you can forget about it. He’s not the type of person who will favour you just because you’re the saint. Give up if that’s your goal,” Lek said in a cold tone. 

“Huh? Favour? I don’t need him to favour me. Actually, I just thought I could help a little in the future. So, I want to meet him if I can. And I’d like to ask for a small favour in return. It’ll  probably be a small favour for a high ranking strategist.”

Hmm, do I need the favour of a person I don’t know? It’ll be fine if I’m appointed to a post. I’m not the type of person who falls in love with power. And did I ever say I like middle-aged muscle heads either? 

Generally speaking, I’m not in the mood to fall in love when my life is in danger. 

I just want to survive right now and have a safe and secure future. That’s all. So, “What do you want then? Say it now,” he said. 

“Huh~? To you? Right now? Will you introduce me to the strategist if I tell you? Alright, okay! I want them to guarantee my safety and identity at Farglow. I want to live a decent life in Farglow.”

I told you. You’ll introduce me to him now, right? 

I felt like I was being forceful, but I kept on pushing the topic. Well, there’s no harm in saying it. 

And if I think about it, he’s the kind of person who was entrusted with a secret mission, so he must be well known to the higher ups too. 


“If that’s the case, then you don’t need to meet with the strategist, right? You can live in Farglow without worries even if you just work for me,” Lek said. 

“Well, that kind of wouldn’t cut it…”

Because the strategist is going to die soon. 

But I might be able to stop him from dying. Probably. 

No, I have to stop him from dying.