Chapter 26: Deluxe Suite 07

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If the strategist dies like in the scenario, then I’m sure Farglow will lose just like in the scenario.

The scenario won’t change no matter how strong Farglow is. After all, the heroine of the game is on that side. Don’t underestimate an opportunistic game. It’s always the heroine/protagonist who makes the impossible possible.

And if things go according to the scenario, Origlow’s Hime and the thick-headed members of the castle will be laughing their heads off.

I will surely be hunted down and have to live in hiding for the rest of my life in this world.

I don’t want that. I absolutely don’t want that. I don’t even want to think about spending the rest of my life running and hiding while watching them be happy.

That’s why I’ve decided to defy that fate, even if it means using everything I have.

I’ll change the game scenario.

This world isn’t a game to me; it’s real.

The only thing that worries me is that Hime is already changing the scenario a little. In the game, the heroine’s engagement was announced after the war ended. What the heck is shifting the original scenario?

But at the very least, I can’t imagine her destroying the scenario where the kingdom she controls wins the war, so I’m sure they’ll start attacking at once in winter. I’m sure that won’t change.

If the strategist dies, then the scenario will surely start running towards the original ending.

I’ve come to realise that maybe Hime was trying to keep me quiet so that I wouldn’t be able to pass information to Farglow, since I’m the one other person who knows about what will happen.

They say dead people can’t talk, right? If that’s the case, then that’s just great; that degree of her trashiness.

But with the way Lek was talking, if Farglow took him seriously, then Origlow wouldn’t have a chance. Origlow wouldn’t be able to win if it wasn’t for Farglow’s confusion over the sudden death of their strategist.

If that’s the case, then should I tell him about it now and ask him to take all possible measures?

I thought about that for a moment, but I didn’t think that Lek would believe me if I told him that right now, since we don’t know each other well enough and I’m from Origlow.

From his perspective, I’m someone who is willing to abandon her home and family without helping my kingdom to defect to the neighbouring kingdom. If I were in his shoes, then I wouldn’t be able to trust such a person easily.

Besides, if I were to make a prediction about someone’s death, I could be seen as crazy or dangerous in many ways.

All the more so if that death belongs to the head of his organisation and of a man that is probably in good health at the moment.

I don’t expect him to believe me at all.

If I want him to believe me, then I would first have to gain his trust, to the point where he would believe me no matter what I say.

I don’t want to accidentally make a disturbing prediction and be recognised as a dangerous person.

With this, I don’t need to meet the strategist.

Things can’t always be prevented even if I ask him to take countermeasures. After all, he still died in the scenario even though he is supposed to be well-protected.

It’s also a pity that a man who is said to be very talented died so quickly because of a mere convenience scenario. He didn’t do anything wrong.

I’d like to save him if I can.

Yes, it’s my principle to grant favours. The more favours I grant, the brighter my future will be! I’m sure of it.

Lek was looking at me suspiciously, but I’m not going to lose.

My life and future are at stake.

Hang in there, me!

Father Austin suddenly said in a relaxed voice as I silently renewed my determination, “Well then, I’ll follow you~. I don’t have long to live so I have to see fun things while I can. Fufufu.”

Why don’t you sound like an old person at all?

Hearing this, Lek said, “I’ve heard about you too, Father Austin. You have really good eyes for finding this saint. Of course, you can come, but I can’t offer you much in the way of compensation, is that alright with you?”

As expected of an employer, he’s very firm.

“Fufufu. I don’t care about compensation. I’m just following along. No, no, you two have a good feeling about you. Being around young people like you two makes me feel young again~, isn’t it fun~? Ah, young people should be free to do what they want. I’m getting old, I can’t see very well and lately I’ve been losing my hearing, so you don’t have to worry about what you two do~? You can flirt as much as you want~.”

What? Is that why you’re acting like you’re old? What are you thinking?

No way.

Good feeling? What are you seeing for you to say this?

No matter how you look at it, aren’t we the reverse of Beauty and the Beast. Are you blind Father?

Do you think such a popular and handsome man would make a plain woman who has no family his lover?

If you want to observe a young man and woman flirting, then you’ll be disappointed. I don’t know what you’re expecting. I don’t have time for this, no matter how great the man is.

I’m too busy trying to survive. Now isn’t the time to be flirty!

I glanced over at Lek after my eyes were glassy for a bit, but he was looking at Father with the same eyes I was looking at him with, ah I thought so.

Ah, yes, I know, I know.


Yeah, well I know. A handsome man can choose any woman he wants, and they have to be of high standard… haha.

I’ve never been popular in my life anyway, so I know my place…

It was the first time I felt a little familiar with his honest face, and I also felt bitter rof some reason.

Well, I’m sure he’s not a bad guy. Honesty is a virtue.

It’s not his fault.


『I’m sorry to interrupt you while you’re all being friendly, but it seems we have guests. They seem very important.』