Chapter 27: Deluxe Suite 08

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Editor: SenjiQ

Lolo spoke suddenly. She had been lounging around in the corner of the room until now.

Well, her attitude hasn’t changed even now.

“What? Don’t tell me they’re from the capital?!” I panicked.

Isn’t this bad?


『I don’t know, but they look arrogant so that might be the case.』

“Why did they come here? Are they searching for someone? Are they here for money? Or are they here for some kind of work?” Lek, the neighbouring kingdom’s soldier, frowned and said.

“Well, they’re probably here for someone. We’re broke after all. I’m sure they can find work elsewhere. The reason that they’ve come to such a rural place like this must be because their objective can’t be completed elsewhere,” Father said, then looked at me, so their objective must be me.

Yeah, I think it’s highly possible. Lek is hiding his identity and Father Austin isn’t doing anything here. I’m the only person here who is having her name spread far and wide.

By the way, Director Sultana was turning pale in silence.

I can’t be caught when I’ve gotten this far!

But as I was deciding whether to run or not, Lek said nonchalantly, “Oh? This sounds interesting. I’d like to meet an envoy from the castle.”

“No, it’ll be troublesome.”

Hey, what’s with that curious look on your face?

“They might be here to pick up the saint, though?”

“No way! Even if they’ve come for me, it would just be to kill me! They’ve already tried to kill me once before! They’ll definitely kill me this time if they find out that I’m still alive! I’m sure they won’t be fooled next time!”

I’ve finally gotten to this point! I’ve worked so hard to get to this point!”

“Hmmm…?” Lek looked at me in surprise.

I picked up Lolo just in case.

If I feel like I’m going to lose, then I’ll have Lolo scatter those arrogant people. Then, I’ll run away.

Argh, this was my chance!


『Oh yeah, give me your hand.』Lolo said as if my panic was nothing to worry about. Why is Lolo also acting like it’s not a big deal?

Am I the only one panicking!?

I thought as I held out my left hand and did as I was told.


『This is proof that you’re my master. It’s very convenient to have this, so I’ll put it on you~. I didn’t give it to you until now since it’s annoying, but I’ll do this just in case.』

I looked at my left palm where Lolo had placed her paw in surprise and there was a glowing paw-shape print on it that flowed for a moment then disappeared.

What is it? An invisible paw stamp?

“Meow, meow.”

『This way, we can still talk even if we’re separated to some extent, and you can see what I’m doing. I should have done this from the start~.』

Eheh, how carefree. Hey, wouldn’t you have been able to tell me about this situation a little earlier if you had done this in the first place?

But well, it does seem useful, so I’m grateful.

Apparently, Lolo’s senses are very sharp, and she can feel the movement of the people in this clinic buzzing through her when she concentrates. Apart from the scene I can see with my own eyes, I can also feel Lolo’s vision.

Father Austin and I were tense, Lek’s eyes were shining and Director Sultana looked pale and frightened.

Director Sultana whispered, “What the hell…”

Well, I can understand his concern. He spent his entire life working at this clinic. And yet, it’s a nuisance to be noticed by the capital.

I could feel the movement of the group of people coming towards me, as if they were kicking up a storm, through Lolo and knew that my peaceful life had come to an end.

I have a feeling that I’ll be leaving without being able to put my magic into the potion pots as I had promised.

I promised him I would, so I wanted to do it.

I thought for a moment and approached the large luxurious wooden bed in this deluxe suite. Then, I cast healing magic over the entire bed.

I didn’t have time, so I did it all at once. It’s made out of wood, so it won’t last as long as the pots, but it’ll last for a while.

I hope this can help make as many potions as I’ve been making. I hope that the effects are the same. I hope the potion variety is the same.

Heal. Heal people. Quickly heal people.

Heal, heal.

The whole bed glowed for a moment then stopped.


“Director Sultana, the entire bed has been enchanted with healing magic. From now on, you can let sick people sleep on this bed or break it down and put it into water to make potions. I will make this my parting gift to you. Thank you for taking care of me! Ah, I would like to pick up my unpaid wages sometime, so I’ll like you to keep it aside for me,” I said to Director Sultana and the messengers from the capital knocked violently on the door.

They had no intention of waiting quietly in the reception room. I could sense that they didn’t want to give us any chance to escape. I already have a bad feeling about this.

“Excuse me. Is Director Sultana here? We’ve heard that there’s a healer named Anise-dono here too. We have an urgent matter from the capital. Please let us in.”

I knew it! They’re here for me!

And they’re from the castle. Bingo.

He said ‘healer Anise-dono’ so that means the rumours about me have reached the capital.

Escape? What should I do?