Chapter 29: Move? No, Escort? 02

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Editor: SenjiQ

Unfortunately, we couldn’t talk much in the carriage no matter how long we were together.

For some reason, they didn’t seem to trust us, so we had a guard riding with us.

I wonder why?

Was it because of Lek’s rebellious attitude?

So, we swayed in the rattling carriage in silence…

…Is what I thought, but to my surprise we could talk all we wanted.

No, we were quiet at first. But Lek started talking in Farglow, and it turns out that neither the guards nor the person guarding us understood the Farglow language.

I observed them but it doesn’t seem to be an act. I could tell that he was frustrated because we were speaking in a language that he couldn’t understand.

Lek provoked him in Farglow, “This guard looks like he knows what I’m saying but he actually doesn’t. He doesn’t react at all. He looks like a fool like this~.” But the guard didn’t seem to think that he was being bad-mouthed at all since he was looking out the window and smiling in a calm manner.

Father Austin and I were laughing at what Lek was saying.

I seemed to be able to understand any language, probably because of my transmigration to another world. Come to think about it, I’ve been able to speak and listen without difficulty since the moment I arrived here.

It seemed that Father Austin had no trouble understanding the Farglow language.

Once we knew this, the three of us could talk all we wanted.

However, it was annoying how the guard kept trying to stop us from talking as if he felt threatened.

We’re not criminals you know.

Aren’t we being invited to the castle by the Prince? Summoned? Well, it doesn’t matter which it is, so let us talk as we want!

So, I’m not the same person as I was when I was being escorted as a criminal anymore~.

I’ve got experience in this after all!

So, I quickly put the guard to sleep.


All I did was direct my magic towards him.

The guard seemed tired from working every day. He fell asleep very easily.

Of course, if he starts complaining again once he wakes up then I’ll put him to sleep again. It’s great that he’s getting healthier and healthier each day. I’m sure I did something good. Yup.

Lek swapped places with me when the guard, who was sitting next to me, started dozing off and leant against me.

Oh my, what a gentleman…

I’m honestly happy. That was the moment my first impression of him improved.

But Priest Austin, who saw this, smiled and said, “Oh you’re so nice.” You can swap places with me too, you know?

Since we had plenty of time with nothing to do but talk, I decided to explain my situation to Lek.

Well, he is my employer, so he should know a little about what’s going on with his employee. Besides, after spending a few days with him in this carriage, I’ve learnt that he’s easy-going and is actually a nice guy.

At least he didn’t say or do anything rude, or lie to me and Father. I was surprised to find out that he’s always considerate, always a gentleman and always dependable. I’m sorry for thinking you were a shady handsome man.

So, I’ll be brief about my situation. I told him about being summoned, treated coldly, being banished and then about my assassination attempt.

“Did they slash you?”

“Yes, ruthlessly,” I said and indicated where they had slashed by sliding my hand from my neck to the opposite side of my body.

“If you were, then it would have been an instant death.”

“Normally, right? That’s why I flexed my body and healed myself.”


“… So, you don’t die if you’re the saint? That’s useful.”


How can you react like that when someone is talking about when they almost died? Useful, you say?

Ah, is it because he’s a soldier? He’s seen a lot of people die.

But I can’t imagine such a cool and handsome face in a bloody battlefield.

But then again, isn’t such a striking and conspicuous appearance unsuitable for a top-secret mission? At least, the women who see him won’t be able to forget about him that easily. He might even leave an impression on men since he’s so good-looking.

I wonder why his boss chose him. Is it because he’s outstanding?

“But because of this, it would be bad for me to meet the 『Saint of Prophecy』in the castle. So, I want you two to go if we have to go. If she finds me, then I’ll be killed on the spot before I can meet Farglow’s strategist. I absolutely don’t want that to happen. I’ve worked so hard to get to this point.”

Life is important. Very much so.

“So why do you want to meet the strategist so badly? I’ll lose sight of you if we’re separated in an unfamiliar place.”

“I told you I can’t tell you why I want to meet him. It’s not something that I can say lightly because you won’t believe me anyway. My life is at stake here! I’m desperate! Ah, but I don’t want to be separated either.”

“My, my, it’ll work out. It’s fine as long as they don’t see you at the castle, right? It’ll be fine~.”

Our private conversation continued in the carriage.

We smiled in front of the guard. Our tone was light. We schemed while making it seem like we were only chatting.

Oh, this is nice~. But I don’t want to be killed. Ufufu. Oh yeah, it’s alright for me to get a bone fracture. How many should I break?

What kind of snacks do you want to eat at a picnic? Do bananas count as snacks? It felt like that.

Our days have been smooth and unexpectedly fun, but at some point, the guard finally stopped sleeping.

He seemed very energetic after a few days of good rest and started working hard to get his work done. It seems that light magic won’t make him sleepy anymore if he’s energetic and preoccupied.

Dammit. It was useful. But if I cast a powerful spell then it might be noticed.