Chapter 31: Audience 01

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the castle. Well, I haven’t explored the whole castle yet.

The glittering aura and pride of the people who work here is nostalgic.

We were standing in front of the castle before I knew what was happening. At any rate, we were ‘summoned by Prince Loire’ so the audience was top priority and sightseeing was out of the question. That’s why we were kept in a simple inn at the capital, as if we were locked up until the date and time the audience was decided on, but surprisingly, the audience was decided immediately.

I was secretly hoping that this audience would never happen somewhere in the back of my mind, but I guess things don’t turn around that easily. Reality is harsh.

But for the time being, if I’m in a desperate situation, I can ask Lolo to go on a rampage and run away. I’m sure I can survive if I just have Lolo… or so I hope.

Eh, I’m abandoning the other two? Lek is very confident and says he’ll be fine, so I’m sure he’ll escape somehow. I’m sure he didn’t come here without thinking about how to escape alone from the heart of the enemy nation. I’m sure Father will use his ‘blessing’ skill to its fullest and escape in peace.

I’m the weakest one. And I’m the one whose life is in danger. I want to make a plan for my safety if possible.

“Lolo is scary when she gets serious,” Father said.

But, “Meow.”

『Leave it to me.』 I don’t think it’s very convincing to be told this by a cat who found the most comfortable position and is lying around with one eye open. It’s not convincing at all…

See, even Father looks a little unsure…

But I still believe that Lolo can be a powerful weapon, and I have another weapon too; magic.

All I have to do is struggle to the death.

Besides, we’ve made our preparations before entering the castle.

I’ll be wearing a thick veil so that my face won’t be shown.

I put on the veil that Father had prepared for me. I can’t see very well, so I held Lolo in my arms and shared her vision.

“You can’t see well with that veil, right? It’ll be bad if you trip.”

For some reason, Lek couldn’t read my tense mood at all and was happily trying to get me to hold onto his arm.

Hah? I can see. You know this, right?

“It’s more natural for you to act like you can’t see. Let me guide you.”

Still, there was a playboy who winked at me while holding his arm out in a smug and familiar manner, completely oblivious to my hesitation.

It looks like you’re having fun, Lek. Are you that happy about entering the enemy’s castle?

Well, yes, you would be. It’s fine. I’ll just listen to what my employer tells me to do.

I grabbed onto Lek’s arm with the arm that wasn’t holding Lolo.

Yes, the Priest walking in front of us over there; don’t grin~.

“It’s nice to be young. It’s such a lovely sight to see.” I can hear you whisper since I’m sharing Lolo’s senses, you know.

We’re not flirting. Lek is only helping me walk. He’s no different than a cane. I’d love for Father to see me squint my eyes at him from behind the veil.

How can these people be so carefree when I’m about to enter a tense place where I’m putting my life at stake…?

We all stepped into the room where we were having an audience with Prince Loire while in this state.

The room wasn’t that big, but it was dignified, intimidating and overly decorated. I saw Prince Loire and his fiancée sitting side by side in gorgeous chairs that were slightly elevated.

Wow, amazing… They do have money…

Since I left a corner of this castle, I’ve been in simple carriages, a poor church, and a poor clinic which was built for practical use, so the first thing that struck me was how gorgeous this place looked.

But of course, the next thing I saw was Hime, the other person who owned this room.

She was dressed in gorgeous clothes and jewellery and was sitting majestically on the chair.

While I was working hard to blend into this world as a commoner, making potions and spreading my name, she seemed to have acquired the attitude and aura of a member of the royal family.

I even thought that there were lights dancing around her.

I don’t think her clothes are made of reflective materials, so she must be excluding this aura out of confidence and pride.

This was when I realised that our positions were completely different in just a few months.

I guess we’ve both carved our own paths in this world, each in a completely different environment and position.

All around us were people who looked like vassals.

We walked past those people and knelt down in front of the two on the platform.