Chapter 33: Audience 03

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

But if she really was a ‘Saint’ with abilities as good as mine, then why didn’t she just quickly heal the scar on the face of the person in front of her, and ask for help in return for that? At least, that’s what I would have done.

It would be a good performance to act in front of the retainers.

And wouldn’t it be better in terms of performance and popularity to heal wounded people directly by gathering them in a big group, instead of having her minions do it for her?

I’m sure that’s what she would have done with her personality, but if she didn’t then does that mean that she’s incapable of using healing magic herself? Maybe that’s why she’s trying to save her reputation as a ‘Saint’ by gathering ‘healers’ and controlling them.

Could it be that her prolonged trip overseas was to gather ‘excellent healers’ for that purpose…?

At any rate, the fact that there is no one in this kingdom who can use powerful ‘healing’ magic has already been investigated during the search for the ‘Saint’.

When I realised this, I believed that the ‘Saint of Prophecy’ who had been summoned was really me.

Well… even if that’s true, I don’t want to be treated like a ‘Saint’ right now at all.

This kingdom is the one who is waging war. I don’t think I can support a kingdom who is waging war against their neighbours because they want to expand their own territory.

I don’t want to be fawned over as a ‘Saint’ and made to participate in that war, and, in the first place, being fawned over by the people here no longer made me happy.

I’ve seen the real face of this country and the leaders who carelessly discard people just because they’re not the Saint.

Now I want to be in a place where people will respect me as an individual without the title of ‘Saint’; like in Garland Clinic, or in the village where people first took care of me in this world, Lost Village. Most people acted warm towards me even if I wasn’t the ‘Saint’. I would love to live in a place like that.

As I was thinking about this under my veil, Lek, who had been silently ignoring Hime’s gaze, suddenly began to speak in Farglow.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but this elder and girl are my subordinates. I have no intention of letting them go. And since I’m from Farglow, I cannot work for this kingdom. I’m sure Your Highness wouldn’t want to have someone from the enemy nation, who could be suspected of being a spy in the future, near your precious ‘Saint’.”


Other than the three of us, the people, who understood Farglow, immediately started chatting.

Well, we were near the border, so it wouldn’t be surprising for people from the neighbouring kingdom to be there. Yeah, I didn’t notice them at all though. But aren’t you suspicious at all, people of the castle? Really?

Lek’s sudden disclosure of his nationality was a signal that stated that this ‘infiltration was over’.

We had decided a few codes in advance for each of us to say when we’ve had enough of the place and want to get the hell out. In other words, we were forcefully ending this audience. By the way, I had planned on ‘panicking’ if I thought that Hime had found out my identity, and Father Austin’s chronic disease would act up if he thought things were going bad.

Lek had come to some kind of conclusion and thought that it wasn’t a good idea to continue with this audience.

This is quicker than I thought it would be, but I guess he’s had enough.

Well, that’s how it is, so of course things will turn out as we expected.

Prince Loire evasively said, “… Alright. We can’t get along with Farglow people. I’ll give up. But do you think you’ll get out of this castle in one piece, now that we know you’re from the enemy nation? Guards! Take these three to jail!”

Well, of course it would end up like this.

I’ve become a criminal again.

It seems like my affinity with this castle is at an all time low.

I thought we were going to force our way through as planned, but Lek, the one who had said the code, gave us a meaningful look, so we let ourselves get caught along with him.

Hmm? Why?

In the end, all three of us were locked up together.

“So, aren’t we going to run away?” I asked.

“Of course, we will. But I don’t know if we should right now. I want to know what they plan on doing, since many unexpected things happened.” He sat in his chair leisurely.

Really? Umm. What the heck are you expecting?

But I’ve come to realise that this guy, Lek, isn’t someone who acts without thinking, so he must have some kind of goal.

Anyway, I’ll obey him. Yes, I’m loyal to hierarchical relationships. I obey my employers as much as possible. I always check where Lolo is though.

By the way, Father Austin said while relaxing, “It’s not uncomfortable here, so I have no complaints. Besides, things seem to be getting kind of interesting.”

Well, Father Austin was right. We weren’t treated badly for some reason.

I don’t know if this is from Father’s ‘blessing’ or what, but I was prepared to be put in a filthy, dark prison, but we were taken to what seemed to be a room that was used for when nobles were held as captives. The room was spacious, clean and the furniture wasn’t bad.

I thought I would be in a humid room with insects, so I’m happy that we’re put in here instead.

But why?