Chapter 34: Audience 04

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Editor: SenjiQ

We waited with nothing to do.

Lek was relaxing happily and Father Austin was casually looking around the room for sweets.

Hey, what if those sweets are poisoned or something? Are they safe to eat?

For some reason, I couldn’t understand why I was the only one who was restlessly wandering around the room.

I’m not the only person who was identified as an enemy; all three of us were.

So why are they acting so relaxed…? It doesn’t seem like they’re trying to escape from here at all.

But as we were spending time together like this, a servant came into the room and for some reason, only asked for Lek.

What do they want with him?

I immediately told Lolo to follow him in my mind.

Then Lolo, who had been sleeping at my feet, stretched and slipped silently out the door that was about to close.

Why did they only summon him?

I had a feeling that it had something to do with Hime, since she was looking at him so passionately before.

I don’t want him to be persuaded or directly invited to join her followers. After all, he’s my most important link to the strategist, ‘Farglow’s Shield’.

I want him to take me to Farglow somehow, and I want to do it as peacefully as possible.

But this is like her camp. I haven’t been to the castle in a long time, but it still looked to me like it was full of people who worship the ‘Saint of Prophecy’.

Everyone in the palace looked at me coldly and indifferently, but they looked at Hime with respect and affection. It was as if they were all spellbound.

It felt like this was a distorted world with Hime as the main character.

If Lek were to be swallowed up in that twisted world and gave Hime a favourable reply, then I will have to flee immediately on my own. He knows about my past.

The place that Lek had been invited to, as seen through Loro, looked like Hime’s private room.

Oh gosh.

HER private room! PRIVATE!

It looks expensive and sparkly, and I can see a gorgeous pink and frilly bed behind her, so it’s obviously her room!

Oh, so she likes pink and frills? … Now’s not the time for that.

There stood Hime in a simple white dress that looked more ‘Saint-like’ instead of the glittery, luxurious dress she had on earlier.

She looked at Lek with moist eyes. She looked thoughtful.

Could it be that she not only acknowledged him but likes him as well?

But he’s her fiancé, the Prince’s, enemy.

She’s still engaged to the Prince of this kingdom, right? Is it alright for her to do this?

It’s not good for her to be alone with him, so why would she let him in her bedroom?

… I’m not going to see something… I’m not supposed to… right?

While I was surprised and my heart was pounding, Hime quietly approached Lek as soon as the door was closed. She put her hand on his arm and looked at him more passionately.

“Welcome General Lector Rathnan. I believed that you would come and see me one day. I’m glad to finally meet you… I’ve been waiting for you for so long. I knew who you were as soon as I saw you. You’re the General Lector, no Lector-sama, and I’ve been waiting for you.”

Lek only smiled when this was said to him.


Excuse me?

Er, did she say… General just now?

She said ‘General’ didn’t she?

I was really surprised, but I still remembered the time when I came to this world.

What she said had reminded me.

“I can see a person’s nameplate.” That’s what she had said at the beginning.

Does that mean she could see his title and name, which I didn’t know, from the beginning?

Was that why she was gazing at Lek in surprise?

Does that mean she saw his real name and title?

“Lector Rathnan, Farglow’s General.”


He didn’t tell her she was wrong when she said that. Rather, he smiled as if he acknowledged it.

So that means…


Don’t tell me he’s the strategist, Farglow’s Shield?

T h a t g u y?

That sparkling youngster?

I imagined the general to be a tough and rough middle-aged man.

… Say, does Farglow have a shortage in labour…?