Chapter 35: Lector Rathnan 01

Translator: blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

He did say that he’s a Farglow soldier…. Well, the strategist is a soldier too. 

But isn’t this a scam?

I sluggishly turned my head towards Father Austion, who was grinning while looking at me. 

The Priest sat down with wrinkles in his eyes.

“What is it? You look surprised. Did something interesting happen? Is he being seduced by that ‘Saint’? And is he reciprocating? Oh, how did he react? You can tell me. How? How? Is his jaw dropping to the ground?”

… What was I expecting? He’s an old man. No, now’s not the time for that.


“Hmm? Are you talking about Lek? Oh my, did you really not realise, Anise? And she knows who he is? Hoh, that ‘Saint’ sure is something.” I was half-pale with shock, but Father Austin said that without any surprise in his voice.


“What? You knew? So, why didn’t you tell me such an important piece of information? Why are you doing this to me?!”

Was I the only one who didn’t know anything?!

I was shocked that I had been tricked by Lek and that Father Austin had also hidden this from me. 

How can they all do this?! 

But Father Austin was calm. 

“But you would normally know who he is when Galleon said Lek’s name. Farglow’s General, Lector Rathnan, the Shield of Farglow. There aren’t many people who are as famous as him, so isn’t it your fault for not realising who he is? It’s common knowledge. I thought you were pretending not to notice who he is and was just playing along with him. You know, in a game of love, or something?”

Whhhaat? There’s no way I can play a game of love. I’m honest. I’m very honest! I didn’t notice at all that I was enchanted by him! Enchanted… huh, was I enchanted by him…?

But more importantly, was I supposed to recognise who he is from his name? 

No, I wouldn’t have. I mean, I’ve only ever heard of ‘General’ and ‘Farglow’s Shield’. Have I ever heard his name before? Maybe his name popped up in the game, but there was no way I was going to remember it when he isn’t even a capture target. The enemy’s general was no different from a mob to me at that time. 

I couldn’t possibly know his name. 

Well, it’s true that his name was revealed, so he would be suspicious towards a cheerful woman who says to him, “Can you let me meet the strategist? I’d love to make his acquaintance. Yahoo!” But, I had my reasons… Even though I didn’t tell him. 

Yeah, I didn’t tell him. I refused to tell him. Ah, I was acting a little suspicious…?

And if I insist on meeting him with that much enthusiasm…. Huh? Perhaps I was…?

My attitude was certainly a bit…

I vaguely remember myself as being too happy and excited. 

I don’t think… I looked like a dangerous woman who doesn’t have enough brains, or has an ulterior motive… right? 

Haha… what kind of clown am I…

No, but I didn’t think he was the strategist at all, you know. 

“And, Anise, if you didn’t tell him the reason why you wanted to see the General, then it would be difficult for him to tell you that he’s the one who you want to meet. And even if he was the direct subordinate of the General, it would be difficult for him to introduce you to the General, since he didn’t know why you wanted to meet him. You’re strangely stubborn about not telling us the reason. Lek also seemed baffled, and I’m not going to get involved in something so troublesome. Fufufu.”


So, Father Austin decided to stay quiet and watch from the side-lines. 

I certainly hadn’t told him why I wanted to meet the strategist. I know I had stubbornly refused to tell him when he asked me about it. 

I was going to tell Lek the reason why I wanted to meet the strategist after he trusted me a little more…

And now things are like this. 

But if Lek really is him, then I eagerly asked him to introduce me to the strategist even though I didn’t know his name, and always refused to tell him why I wanted to meet the strategist. Well, I was also a bit angry since Lek was asking me a lot of questions. 

Ah… I failed… 

I was troubled but didn’t even have time to be troubled because of the scene I saw through Lolo’s eyes. 

The General in question and Hime were still talking in the other room. 

“I’m not surprised. I’m famous, you know. But well, it does seem like there’s someone who doesn’t know who I am. More importantly, is this fine? You’re letting an enemy soldier into a place like this.”

Lek, no General Lector, recalled something and glanced at Lolo, then he turned back to Hime and smiled fearlessly. 

Ah, was he making fun of me just now? I didn’t realise who you were! I’m sorry!

I see, so he’s famous and his name is well-known… Dammit, I really didn’t know. 

I thought that he would be in a remarkable place in his kingdom because he’s the strategist.

So honestly, I’ve never been interested in what he looks like or what his name is. 

Why would someone with such an important position go wandering around in a place like this…?

“Oh my, I’m more than happy to welcome someone as lovely as you. And… There’s no better place to talk secretly than my private room.”

Hime gave him a meaningful look and moved closer to him. She casually placed her hands on his arms and shoulders and brought her lips to his ears. The glitter that I’ve been seeing a lot lately was dancing around them. And it seemed strangely sexy too?

“What do you mean by ‘talk secretly’?” But General Lector replied with a calm expression and quickly stepped away from her. Oh my, he wasn’t seduced by her at all. 

But Hime wasn’t agitated by his actions. She clasped her hands in front of her chest in a very worried, praying pose and then began to say, “It’s… It’s a horrific matter! I don’t know if you’ll believe me or not… But I’m the ‘Saint of Prophecy’, so I’m the only one who knows what the future holds. I want to save you. Would you believe that that’s all I want…?”

Then she looked up at General Lector with moist eyes. 

I frowned. 

She’s not going to tell him about his future, right? 

She’s not going to tell him that he’s about to die, right?