Chapter 36: Lector Rathnan 02

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

I didn’t think it was possible, but apparently it was. 

“Protect? I’m not so weak that I need to be protected by you,” Lek replied calmly while smiling. But… 

“Yes, you’re not weak. You’re very strong. But you’re in danger right now. If you go back to Farglow, then you’ll lose your life soon. I have seen that future. I want to save you from that fate. Please take me with you. I can save you from your death. Please understand my desire to save you…” She said, then tears fell from her eyes. 

Huh…? You’re crying…?

But Hime, you’re getting married to the Prince of this kingdom, right? Eh, but you asked him to take you with him? Then what about the Prince? Are you abandoning him?!

I couldn’t follow the development of their conversation at all. 

However, General Lector remained calm. 

“Thank you for your concern. But I’m not going to die. I’m still alive and well, and my trusted subordinates are protecting me. I appreciate your advice, but I don’t need your help.”

In addition, he casually avoided Hime’s hand that was reaching out to him. 

I’m sure you’re very familiar with that move. But…

“You can’t! You’ll really die! You will have your last breath this winter. It’s already been decided. Please take me with you. Only I, the Saint, can save you. The ugly woman by your side isn’t good enough to save you. She doesn’t suit you. I’m much more useful to you than that woman and old man. Only the ‘Saint’ can save you from your tragic fate. Trust me, the Saint, and my power of prophecy”. 

Then, Hime clung to the General tightly. 

Amazing, how passionate. 

I can feel your spirit to boldly approach a cold person. 

But weren’t you aiming to marry the Prince? Don’t tell me that wasn’t the route you were aiming for?!

But she’s clinging to Lek with tears in her eyes. 

Hmm, it’s quite a moving scene. 

And there seems to be a lot of sparkles dancing around them. 

Yeah, Lek, you don’t believe her at all. Your face says that. You’re looking at her really suspiciously. 

You clearly don’t believe her. 

Your expression looks as if you’ve just been told something that makes you feel sick. 

Well, I knew this would happen. 

So, even if I told him my reasons in the deluxe suite at Garland Clinic, he would just give me the same look and identify me as a suspicious person. 

I knew it…

I couldn’t help but look away into the distance. 

I know. I had a feeling he would act like this. 

But even if I don’t say anything, that would make him think of me as a suspicious person too. 

I’m not cut out for scheming. I’m bad at making schemes. 

However, Hime seemed like she wasn’t able to give up and was still clinging onto Lek. 

“No! Don’t leave me here! Please believe me! I want to save you! That’s all I want…! I… I love you! Please believe me!”

But he seemed to have completely identified Hime as a spy. 

Lek, also known as the General, coldly tore Hime away in a business-like manner since she was still clinging to him, “You can’t try to sway me with such talk, ‘Saint’. I don’t need your help, and I will not be intimidated. Besides, I don’t believe in your ‘love’. If that’s all you have to say, then I’ll return to my people.”

With that, General Lector quickly left Hime’s room in a gentle, but firm manner. 

His rejection was clearly evident from the way he slammed the door shut right on Hime’s nose. 

But I reminded him that Lolo was there too with my thoughts. 

The scene that I saw through Lolo’s eyes was still Hime’s room. 

Through Lolo’s eyes, I could see Hime sit down dejectedly on her chair, then she ecstatically muttered, “What’s with him?! He’s tough. But the real one is still the most handsome. Ah, Lector-sama! I’ve finally… I’ve finally opened the hidden route! Now that this route has opened, I’ll conquer it for sure! I’ve always believed that Lecter’s route existed in this world. Wait for me, Lector-sama. I’ll definitely give you a happy ending. The others are small fry compared to you. I don’t care what happens to this kingdom as long as I can get my hands on you.”

“Ah… Lector-sama…”

Wait, what? There was a hidden route in that game?! 

And he’s the target of that route?! What’s with that game? Is he like the last boss?!

Oh my, I didn’t know at all. You must have played it a lot, Hime. Did you like the game that much? It was originally mine though…

“… Oh? A cat? When did you get here? Are you perhaps… Lector-sama’s magic beast…? Oh, come to think of it, the local Saint was holding you. Welcome~ Lolo-chan, what do you know about Lector-sama? Hmm? You can’t speak?”

Opps, Hime found Lolo.


But Lolo just sat in the corner of the room while looking uninterested; only her tail twitched in an annoyed manner. 

But Hime knew that this seemingly black cat is a magic beast and that her name is Lolo. 

Can she see Lolo’s name and title above her head? 

But it didn’t seem like she knew that Lolo’s ‘my’ magic beast.

So maybe the reason why she didn’t recognise me in the audience room earlier was because she saw ‘Anise’ above my head. 

Oh, it’s a good thing that I changed my name. 

Or well, maybe she was just distracted by Lek. 

Hime started talking to Lolo, “Say, do you know when that Saint, who was holding you, started awakening to her saintly powers? According to the report, her name suddenly appeared at the exact time when I should have awakened to the saint’s abilities. Does that mean that the original saint’s ability, that I took the time to erase, went to that woman instead of me? Why? Say, why didn’t it go to me even though I was summoned from another world after her? I’m the one to become the Saint next, right? So why is it that woman!?”

When I heard that, I was surprised for a different reason. 

Hime, is that why you tried to kill me? 

You knew I was the ‘Saint’ and wanted to become the ‘Saint’ in my place? You’d kill someone, and someone you knew on top of that, for a reason like that?!