Chapter 37: Lector Rathnan 03

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

I was stunned. 

“But in the game, he travelled happily with the Saint, but look at his attitude just now. Is it because of that Saint? Which means I have to get rid of that woman too. It would be really annoying if she became a real Saint by mistake… Ah! Let’s make it look like she fell down the stairs in a panic attack. That’ll get rid of her right away. Hmm~ let’s work together Lolo-chan~. Become the cupid of love for me and your master~.”

While I was stunned to hear about her disturbing plan, Hime walked up to Lolo in a coaxing voice.

It was scary that she looked as if she was having fun, going out on an outing. 

Hmm… am I destined to die by her hands after all? And so casually too. 

Maybe she’s not getting rid of me because she doesn’t like me, but because I’m in her way? She said she’d get rid of me earlier, right…?

I was escaping from reality a little. 


『I’m not his magic beast~.』

That’s what bothers you? That’s your reaction Lolo? 

But Hime didn’t seem to be able to hear what Lolo said. 

“Say, won’t you lure out that annoying woman for me? And then, you’ll have to show  how kind and animal-loving I am to him. So, let’s get along, alright? Ah, but I need to go on a silvervine again for that. Hey, do you like silvervine? If you work for me properly, then I’ll let you have some silvervine, alright?”

“Meow, meow.”

『I won’t work for anyone other than my Master. I don’t like to work in the first place~.』

But Lolo aloofly turned away with those words.

Well, she’s honest. I had a feeling that she didn’t like working. She only sleeps and asks for food. 

But Hime couldn’t understand Lolo’s words and got closer to her. 

“Oh my Lolo, are you in a bad mood? Come here, I’ll hold you.”


『Don’t touch me!』

But Lolo didn’t like Hime touching her and escaped. Then, “Don’t get so cocky! You’re just a magic beast!”


Hime suddenly hit Lolo.

Huh?! What is she doing?! That’s my cat?! Stop it!

Lolo’s small body flew off the ground easily and hit the door. Then just as she was about to hit the floor, she flipped over and landed. 


『This girl is getting on my nerves. Can I kill her?』

Lolo is angry. 

But you can’t. I know how you feel, but you can’t kill people. I don’t want to do something that leaves a bad aftertaste. 

And if I kill her because of my emotions right now, then I’ll just be like her. 

I think I can see a future where I will be hunted down for the crime of killing the ‘Saint’. 

I don’t want to have a bad aftertaste, be hunted down or have her die as the ‘Saint’. So I’ll tolerate her actions. 

Oh, but a scratch should be okay?

The moment I thought that “Meow.”

『Idiot, idiot.』

Lolo cried and jumped on Hime’s face. Then Lolo clawed at Hime’s face. 

Hime screamed and held onto her face. 

Then, Lolo jumped onto the doorknob, opened the door by herself and left Hime’s room.

Lolo… I’m sure you took it easy on her, but it looks pretty painful… 

Well, I’m sure she can have it healed if she has an armful of healers with her. 

In the end, General Lector and Lolo returned to the room at almost the same time. 

“Welcome back~. It looks like you’ve had a tough time?” Father Austin greeted them in a relaxed manner. 

“Oh, did you see it too? Do you mean to tell me that I’m the only one who isn’t communicating with Lolo?”

General Lector, or rather Lek, raised both his eyebrows in an exaggerated pose of shock and surprise. 

“No, no, I’m not communicating with her~. But I can tell what had happened from looking at Anise’s expressions. Was there some trouble, Lek?”

“Father Austin, you’ll help me out right…?” As I said this, General Lector looked at me a little awkwardly. 

By the way, my eyes are a little exhausted. 

“Oh my, oh my, did you come back, General?”

“Ah… Hmm… I’m back…”

He seemed to have sensed that I wasn’t in a good mood and responded a little timidly. 

Well… I also think I’m in the wrong. 

But I also think it’s a bit mean of him to keep quiet when he knew that he was making a mistake in front of me. 

I might also be at fault, but I’m still not convinced. It’s a bit unbelievable, you know?”


『I’m back~. She’s annoying~.』

As soon as I saw Lolo, I ignored the awkward looking General. I went to Lolo and picked her up.

“Welcome back, lolo! You did a good job holding back. Good Lolo. Oh, you poor thing.”

Then, I petted her small, black head. 


『Master can pet me as much as you like~.』

“Why? What happened to her? I know she was there. And you were watching, weren’t you?” General Lector asked in a reserved tone.

“She took her anger out on Lolo after you left the room. Ah, you poor thing…!”

That’s why I was hugging Lolo and ratted Hime out. 

Of course, I don’t plan on interfering with Hime’s General ‘route’. Hmph. 

I didn’t like that Hime had said conquer instead of pure romantic feelings. 

Because, to me, this person was no longer just a character in a game, but a human being with his own life. He’s a person with blood, is warm to the touch, has his own will and feelings.