Chapter 38: Lector Rathnan 04

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

“Anise… Lolo is a magic beast. She won’t get injured just from someone hitting her,” Father Austin said.

“But it still hurts, doesn’t it?”

I can’t forgive violence being used on my precious cat. I ignored the slightly uncomfortable General, and petted Lolo.

Pain, pain, fly away~.

But Lek was more concerned about Hime’s prediction of his death rather than his awkwardness with me. He spoke as if it was difficult to speak.

“Ah, Anise, I’m sorry for keeping quiet about it until now. I was planning on telling you once you told me why you wanted to meet me. I wanted to surprise you. But I didn’t get the chance to do so. And then you ended up being surprised in this way, since I didn’t tell you I’m the General. I’m sorry. But can you tell me why you wanted to meet me since you saw what happened already? What the hell was she on about? Do you know what she was on about, since you came from the same world as her?”

Umm, I know. But I couldn’t tell you about it…

But if I had been able to convince him to let me meet the General, then would he have told me that he is the General back then?

“Surprised?” He smiled as soon as he said this. 

I also realised that if I were in his shoes, then I wouldn’t tell him who I am until I knew the reason why I wanted to meet him. I wouldn’t talk about it until I found out exactly why I wanted to meet him… I also thought that way. 

Well, you can’t blame me for it…

I didn’t think he was the general, so I thought that the final goal was the General… Haha…

“Well, I’m also at fault for being stubborn… Hmm, I’m sorry. But at any rate, I didn’t suspect that you were him at all… So, I haven’t thought about how much I should say in front of the General himself. Even if you suddenly tell me that you’re the General, right…? Even if you suddenly tell me you’re the General…”

After all, you’ll just look at me like, “What are you saying?” if I told you that it’s exactly like she had said. But then again, it’s not often that you have to say something that’s difficult to say. What should I do?

But “Perhaps, is that why you wanted to meet the General?” As expected of the capable General; he’s very perceptive. 

In this situation where I’m being stared straight at by the person in question makes me feel like I can’t lie to him any longer. I have to tell him. 

“Ah, yes… Actually, that’s my reason. But if I met him, I might have told him, or I might not have told him… Well, I thought about making him owe me.”

Yes, I was going to save him when the time was near without letting him know that he was going to die. So, I actually didn’t think that I would have to explain it to him before… Hahah, my prediction was too soft.

I didn’t think someone else would tell him his future. 

“Don’t tell me… you believe the same thing? Don’t tell me you believe such an astonishing thing?”

Hmm, I can’t believe he thinks it’s astonishing. 

But even if he said it out loud, he still didn’t want to believe it. 

“So, it’s like that?”

“Well, it’s true… but it’s difficult to talk about… How can I put this…?”

What should I do if I say that he’s going to die, and he doesn’t believe me?

“I want you to tell me what you know. That woman lies too much. I don’t believe anything she says.”

Well, but if it’s already like this, then I’ll let him know everything. 

And I think he’ll believe me a little more now than he did when we met at Garland Clinic. 

Even if he doesn’t believe me, I’ve already decided to save the General a long time ago. That hasn’t changed. 

I’m sure what I’ll do won’t change even if he knows about it or not. 

That’s why I looked at Lek straight in the eyes and said, “… Well, she’s generally right. I stayed quiet about this because you wouldn’t have believed me if I told you from the beginning, but I can’t lie to you in this situation. And, at that time, I thought about saving the General, regardless of what he wants. So, Lek, if you really are the General, ‘Farglow’s Shield’, then I hope you’d let me stay beside you for as long as possible. At least until next spring. During that time, if something is to happen to you, then I’ll save you with everything I have. That’s why I wanted to go to Farglow. I want Farglow’s General to survive. If you allow me to be beside you, then I will use my abilities to save you as soon as something dangerous happens to you. At least, I’m competent in healing illnesses and injuries.”

Lek’s gaze met mine. His serious blue eyes shoot through me. 

And Lek, no General lector, frowned, and then, grinned as usual and said, “You’re so cool, I’m falling in love with you. Then, I’ll have you save me.”

“Okay. There’s no healer like me. I’ll absolutely do my best.”

It’s like a contract. 

I was given permission from the General himself to heal him in case of danger. 

“Oh, I didn’t know this but it’s beautiful. You two have a good relationship. It’s dazzling. Fuofuofuo,” Father Austin said, then clapped his hands. 

Now I’m a step closer to my goal, or so I want to believe.

“Now then, it’s about time we leave. I don’t have any more use for this place,” Lek said as he twisted his arms around.