Chapter 39: Break-Out 01

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

“So? What’s the plan?” The Priest said it in a way that sounded as if he was sneaking out of his house for a little while to have fun without his parents knowing.

“Well, they already know my identity, so let’s just charge head-on.”

“Eh, me? Okaaay, got it.”

Just when we had decided on what to do, someone came to summon us again. The door opened almost as soon as I had put my veil on, and an overbearing servant said, “That woman over there, the ‘Saint of Prophecy’ wants to talk to you. Come.”

Oh, Hime’s face has already been fixed? That’s quick. I guess there are healers in the castle. It’s not like she wants to talk to me. From what she was saying earlier, she probably called me to get rid of me.

No one wants to be pushed down the stairs. There’s no way I’m going.


I refuse!

“Sorry, we’re leaving. We’re done talking,” Lek calmly said with a bright smile.

“We’re out of snacks. It’s time to go,” The Priest said nonchalantly.

Then, I said to Lolo, “Lolo, just the legs.”


『Yes, nya~!』

 At that moment, Lolo ran through everyone at a speed that was almost invisible and wounded everyone’s legs, except the three of ours.

She’s so fast-.

She looked like a black shadow that was running around in an elegant manner.

Of course, Lolo’s target wasn’t only the man who came to call her, but also the guards and the other servants as well.

All the people who were within our sights were her target.

The wound was shallow, but it was definitely there.

I stood there silently while activating my ‘reverse’ healing skill.

Now! Burn, burn! Burn up!

Let the pain take away your consciousness!

Let the wounds hurt a lot! As if the wounds were a thousand times deeper!

Immediately, ominous black smoke rose up from beneath the feet of the people she could see.

Of course, everyone was in agony. They all collapsed to the floor, holding their feet and none of them could get up.

“Uoah… Looks like it hurts…”

I think Father Austin was a little taken aback, but I had done it flashy and brilliantly anyway. Weren’t we escaping head-on?

Whether it was brilliant or not was a little dubious, but as a result, we walked leisurely through the pain-stricken and rolling people to the exit.

After a wound has been inflicted, ‘reverse’ healing is used to amplify the pain to the max. This way, no matter how healthy a person is, they will faint in agony. But the wound was shallow, so it wasn’t life-threatening. That was what I had fussed about. I don’t like the idea of killing myself. I’ll have nightmares afterwards if they die.

But this is a really useful skill.

So, burn-, burn~.

As we moved forward, Lolo would quickly and reliably wound all those who got in our way, and I would constantly apply my skill to maximise their pain. Lolo continued to run around at a speed that no ordinary cat could achieve, and her appearance was almost invisible to everyone. As expected of a magic beast. Magic beasts are amazing.

It has been a while since I’ve exercised, and I felt like I was running around pointlessly, but it turned out alright in the end.

And although it looked like we weren’t doing anything at first glance, people around us began fainting in agony when we approached them, which made it look quite bizarre.

The people who had gathered around us after hearing the commotion looked at each other in fright before fainting in agony.

Occasionally, Lek would ask an agonising servant, “By the way, young lady, which way do we go to get out of the castle?” with his glittering ‘charm’, so we moved unhindered through the fainting people.

At first, I wondered why the hell they would tell such an important thing to this suspicious group of people even though they were charmed.

But apparently the pain in their legs made it difficult for them to make a quick and normal decision. The young woman in particular was surprised for a moment, before she carelessly pointed in the direction of the exit.

I don’t think things would go this smoothly for Father Austin and I even if we were able to use ‘charm’. It’s that kind of skill.

He’s really handsome. How convenient.

Things happened like this for a while and as we were walking towards the exit, people finally realised their legs were being attacked and people in armour started appearing.

Oh, they do have someone who thinks. Good work.

But from what Lolo had said, it’s probably…


I knew it.

Their armour doesn’t hold a candle to her claws.

Alright, burn-, burn~!

Burn brilliantly! Let the pain run all the way to your brain!


The armoured men went down easily. The others looked surprised to see this.

At last, there was no one brave enough to approach us.

The three of us walked out into the large hall that served as the entrance to this luxurious castle. We were almost through the front door when….

The last person standing against us was the prince of this kingdom, Prince Loire.